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Sarah Borghi Monic Tights

Sarah Borghi Monic Tights

It seems only yesterday that we were writing about the proliferation of tights taking inspiration for their design from stockings. So can this design stand out from the crowd?

First impressions are excellent; for 50 denier tights, these feel pretty light. This may be because they are more like 15 denier from mid-thigh to gusset with just two “suspender straps” joining the plain panty to the patterned legs. The legs have a tulle appearance with a leaf and flower pattern incorporated. Aside from mixing weights and pattern, there is nothing clever in the construction, straight legs and a simple toe seam with no toe reinforcement. The panty features well made flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset to help fit comfort and hygiene.

There are three sizes to choose from, fitting up to a height of 185cm (6’) and a weight of 90kg (200lb). The sizing is accurate, and you could even steal a few inches of height. The largest size will fit a 35” leg with ease. Fit is good too, these are comfortable tights. Importantly, they are easy to put on with the suspenders straight and correctly positioned.

The patterned leg is very classy indeed, and it conceals well without being overly heavy. Lace patterned tights can sometimes be uncomfortable, but the plain upper leg and panty avoid this problem. The more sheer upper leg also provides a cooler band between the warmer lower legs and panty.

Mock suspender tights will never pass for real stockings and suspenders. But the look here is as close as you can get to suspender patterned tights worn over sheers as you will find. The panty is heavy and opaque enough to give you a smooth silhouette and avoid the need for any other underwear. Sarah Borgi has avoided creating yet another contrived design. They have succeeded in bringing a touch of class to the genre. Based on this style, we would say that Sarah Borgi is a brand to watch.

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Sarah Borghi Alga Active Tights

Sarah Borghi Natural Alga Active Tights

We have been reviewing tights for over a decade, we have seen it all, and we don’t shock easily. But the woman on the front of the packet of these tights is naked! We have looked and looked, and she is not wearing tights.

Thankfully, this is not a case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. There is a pair of tights in the packet. And then comes the second surprise of the day, tights with a great look and feel of quality, shaped legs, perfectly finished sandal toes, sheer to waist, flat seams in the panty and a cotton-lined gusset. All of this for under £5. It is like we slipped back in time, in an excellent way.

Of course, we can’t pile on too much praise. The packet is misleading; it suggests a reinforced toe detail. More accurate we expect is that the largest size (5 or XXL) has a comfort gusset rather than a cotton-lined one. There are four sizes, aimed to fit from 4’11” to 6’0” (150-185cm) and 89lb to 200lb (40-90kg); sizes 1&2 are combined into one. Our test pair came in size 4, which is good as we prefer a real gusset that is more typical of the style as a whole. Size 5 only caters for extra weight, not height anyway.

Well, there had to be a catch. Once we had the tights on, it was clear that they were not sheer to the waist but had a boxer style brief. The brief is not very different from the legs, so we missed the demarkation when we first inspected the tights. Sizing is spot on with a bit of scope stretch lengthways if you are taller than 6’ or particularly leggy. The panty portion is made slim and with come light control, so pay heed to the weight part of the size chart. An indication of hip sizing would have been helpful.

There are just three colours on offer, black, bronze and sabbia. The bronze is very dark, so if you are after a natural look, we would suggest sabbia for the algae, vitamins and minerals. Well, they may be there, but all we could see and feel was very well-fitting sheer tights with perfectly even colour and a slight sheen to the finish. Anything extra is a bonus if it is there and it works.

If you want quality sheer tights at a great price, give these a try. If you see benefit from the algae, let us know. For more Sarah Borghi Tights, click here. For more reviews, click here.

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Samburu New St Tropez Tights

Samburu St Tropez

We frequently describe ultra-sheer tights as ‘summer tights’, but it is rare for the makers to use this term. Here they have used the term and named the style St. Tropez too, so you are no doubt that these are tights for warm sunny days.

Unlike some summer tights, these come in a range of colours to suit all skin tones. So if you are from a cooler, less sunny country and it is early in the season, you can pick a shade either to add a sheen to your skin, or one to add a little extra colour. Of course, you can go for the full summer tights effect and slip on a tan that looks like you just spent two weeks in the Caribbean.

Five sizes are available, all with unlined gussets. The largest size has a comfort gusset/rear panel that is 7cm wide at the waistband. As you would expect of 10 denier summer tights, these are very light indeed. The detailing is quite simple. Sheer to waist with sandal toes, straight legs and just the narrowest of reinforced strips on either side of the seams and around the gusset. The gusset is the same weight as the reinforced part of the leg.

The heavier material continues into a finger band to give the simple waistband a smooth, strong transition. The seams in the panty are unremarkable. We would have preferred a flat detail, but it is understandable why this was not done at this price. The sizing is accurate, and the fit is near perfect. There is a delicious sheen to the finish so that if you get the right colour, the look will be more of perfect lightly oiled skin rather than hosiery. Excellent summer tights that we are happy to recommend.

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Red Or Dead Valentina Tights

Red or Dead Valentina Tights

Featuring a floral pattern on the outer lower leg, these tights are perfect for the spring. This design will add an extra twist to your outfit and look great with skirts, dresses, and shorts.

Red or Dead are known for making fashion tights that make a statement. Known for their out of the ordinary designs for the younger woman. So when we picked up these tights to review and saw what looked like sheer natural tights through the window on the packet, we were pretty shocked. We should point out that Red or Dead tights are only available online. The packets are all identical, and at the time they arrived, we had not seen the photo above.

The tights are based on a fairly standard formula. 20 denier, sheer to waist, straight legs, a very lightly reinforced toe, cotton lined gusset and T-band reinforcement. What makes Red or Dead Valentina a stand-out style worthy of the Red or Dead name is a delicate floral tattoo on the lower leg with jewelled highlights. The little jewels we thought were crystals at first. But on closer inspection, they look and feel like spots of resin with glitter bonded in. A much better solution as they will not snag or otherwise damage the tights.

Once on, the reinforced toe is almost invisible, so you could certainly wear these tights with open-toe shoes. The legs look and feel sheerer than 20 denier suggests and have perfectly even colour and a slight sheen on the finish, the ideal background for the design.

If you ever fancied trying the look of a henna tattoo on your leg; then this is the perfect chance at a bargain price and a commitment measured in seconds. The effect of the design is that of a very expertly drawn pale henna tattoo under sheer tights; only the sparkly highlights give a clue that the tattoo is part of the tights and not under them.

Fit is perfect from hip to toe, and sizing is accurate. Although you may need a little patience to get these tights stretched to the limits of the sizing for length. Our tip would be to go up one size if you are in doubt or are long in the leg for your height. Great for any season and occasion, you can be sure your legs will be the centre of attention. We have seen the best tattoo effect tights because they look like a henna tattoo and our favourite style from Red or Dead to date.

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Red Or Dead Ursula Tights

Red or Dead Ursula Tights

One of the sexiest pieces in the collection, Red or Dead’s finest, the Ursula two-tone tights are here at long last. The combination of sheer and opaque proves a more than popular hit on the catwalks this season. Red or Dead have incorporated this fantastic trend and given it an innovative touch!

The wavy seam down the side of the leg looks seductive yet classy. A perfect accessory piece that will compliment any outfit for a special occasion. Get beyond fashion this season and invest today to get your legs noticed truly.

This design differs from most of the Winter collection from Red or Dead in that the colours available are black, grey, prune and white. The petrol blue included for other styles is omitted. The website calls the grey “light grey”, but it is not that light. The sizing appears a little different, too, as there are three sizes, small, medium and large. Stacey is modelling a pair in black for us.

The styling is very eye-catching. The back of the leg is a fine voile (very fine fishnet), the front is sheer, the denier refers to the back of the leg, the front is more like 15 denier. Between the two weights is a scalloped edge. The weight of the back of the leg is continued in a deep band below the waistband, which gains a floral lace design in this area. The seams in the panty are flat, and there is a cotton-lined gusset, details missing from some of the Red or Dead range and a welcome inclusion here.

The legs are unshaped, and the sheer front continues to the reinforced toe detail. Several companies have attempted a dual weight tight this season, but this is the design that we think works best. The sheer gloss finish front and matt netback contrast beautifully. The scalloped edge between the two is classy and much easier to wear than a straight line because minor wiggles are disguised.

The sizing is accurate, and the stretch is generous. Even the medium size could be stretched to fit someone for whom large should be the correct size. The quality is such that we never felt the fabric would fail. Far and away from the best of the Red or Dead range so far, highly recommended.

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Red Or Dead Una Footless Tights

Red or Dead Una Tights

The glamorous Una Tights, designed by Red or Dead, are an exact sentiment of the brand’s vibe. The fully opaque tights are almost leggings and include a beautiful sheer stripe detail throughout the leg.

This strong statement piece proves a prime example of the genuine individuality of the brand whilst demonstrating its high fashion influence. Easy to wear and on-trend, the Una tights are an essential piece to get you noticed this winter!

There are four colours available, Black, Brown, Prune, and Petrol. The size chart suggests three sizes, but our test pairs came in Medium/Large, and the lists are only small and medium. So we must assume there are just two sizes.

The first thing to note about this style is that it is footless. The leg is also finished with a simple plain cuff. The rest of the construction is simple, too, with unshaped legs, a simple seam in the panty and no gusset. What sets these tights apart, a pair of black stripes up the inside and outside of each leg and two sets of three hoops around the leg, one above the knee and one below. On the black tights, the hoops are transparent. On the other colours, they are black.

Take care to align the two legs, and this quite simple bit of detailing catches the eye and differentiates these fashion tights from plain footless opaques. The fit is good despite the lack of a gusset, and the sizing works perfectly. There is no need for a bigger size; just be aware that if your hips are over 42″, you may find the larger size too snug. Perfect with killer heels and a short skirt, our tip is to wear sheers underneath to finish the look. If you choose the black version, wear over the brightest coloured plain tights. You can find a real killer look all of your own by doing this.

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Red Or Dead Prudence Tights

Red or Dead Prudence TightsIf we have one criticism of the Red or dead range, neither the packets nor any other website tells us very much about what their tights are made of and how they are constructed. That at least gives us something to write about and speculate on. What we could ascertain from their website is that three sizes cover a range of heights from 4’11” to 6’1” (150-185cm) and weights from 88-198lbs (40-90kg); there are three colours, black, graphite and ocean blue. Our test pair came in large and black (or “Nero” as they would be called in Italy).

As you can guess from the picture, these are opaque tights that are sheer below the knee, but that is only part of the story. The sheer section is relatively short (around 9” or 23cm on the leg) whole foot is opaque. We would estimate the opaque parts at around 50-60 denier and the sheer at about 20. The legs are straight, and the feet are finished with quite a basic semicircular toe seam. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset.

Sizing is accurate, and the fibre mix contains a sensible amount of Lycra to help with both stretch and fit. This is undoubtedly a novel twist on the theme of Capri length opaques with a built-in sheer lower leg. The opaque foot both looks and feels like a fine sock. The sock is darker and more textured than the Capri top.

A clever design that delivers something close to the look of Capri tights and socks over sheers at a realistic price. Perfect with ankle boots or brogues. Innovative design, well made and accurately sized. One of our favourite ideas from the Red or Dead range.

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Red Or Dead Pippy Tights

Red or Dead Pippy TightsFirstly an apology for not providing any information on denier and fibre mix. Neither their packaging nor any website carries this information. All we can tell you is that they are made in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large, and you can have any colour so long as it is black!

The stunning Pippy tights will make an excellent addition to your hosiery collection. Red or Dead are giving you some footless fun in the summer sun with these funky tights! These tights can be worn dressed up with the Glam Rock trend or casual with a simple T-shirt or jumper. These are limited edition, and so please hurry to snap them up!

The size chart describes three sizes. We can only assume that the borderline between the two sizes is in the middle of the medium size. These are footless tights made with a black background on top of which there is a grey hoop pattern made up of alternate bands of three-wide stripes and three narrow stripes.

Construction is as simple as it could be, entirely unshaped, with a simple cuff at the end of the leg and a plain black waistband. A single seam in panty which is quite heavy and raised and despite the brand strapline of “Glorious Gussets”, this style does not have one.

Once you have these tights on, you can see that they were knitted in a spiral, as is entirely normal for hosiery, with the result that the hoops around the leg are out of alignment by one row of stitches, this gives the appearance of a line up the inside of each leg. The look on the leg, the fit and the feel are all pretty good. Our tip would be to wear with sheers under of socks over unless you have spectacularly pretty ankles. Even then, sheers would look best.

A fun and funky design but not £10.49, in our estimation. With that sort of money, we would have liked a few more quality features in the construction.

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Red Or Dead Gladdis Tights

Red or Dead Gladdis TightsThe beautiful Gladdis tights by Red or Dead are simply sensational. The delicate lace print cascades down to the ankle on either side of the leg. This creates an idyllic piece that can be worn with almost any outfit. A catwalk favourite, lace hosiery is an essential investment piece that looks fabulous and brings a touch of class to your outfit. The elegant and stylish design combines high fashion in a traditional approach. A perfect acquisition that is set to leave your legs looking fabulous!

We were a little critical of one of the other Red or Dead styles for only being made in one size. But we ended up loving the fit, as well as they look. So we did not make the same mistake again. These are one size, and we expect they will fit as well as the others. Only two colours are available black and brown, as modelled by Stacey for our photo gallery below. We are told that these are 40 denier tights, but they look and feel far more sheer than that as you take them from the packet. Much more like 20 denier. As you will see from the close-up photographs, the look on the leg is very sheer too.

Construction is sheer to waist with straight legs, sandal toe, cotton-lined gusset and flat seams in the panty. There is just the narrowest of reinforced strips on either side of the seam in the panty to give extra strength. The delicate floral lace pattern runs the full length of the leg, hip to toe on the outside and toe to gusset on the inside.

Sizing is quite generous, amazingly so for one size tights, an average leg up to 34” can be easily accommodated. Fit is very good indeed, with no bagging or sagging and a high degree of comfort too. The colour of the sheer material is perfectly even, and the pattern is distinct. That said, if you stretch these tights to the maximum, the pattern does not look its best. These tights score because they combine the classic, timeless style that will look good years from now with up to the minute fashion for this season. They will also work with a range of outfits on women of any age. Brown is our colour of choice, but you really should buy one or the other.

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Red Or Dead Dolly Tights

Red or Dead Dolly Tights

Add a touch of country girl chic with these fabulous Cowboy boot design tights from Red or Dead. Perfect for the cooler days of summer, these sheer tights have a unique boot design that will transform any outfit. We guarantee you won’t see tights like this anywhere else. Yet again, Red or Dead have produced an innovative design, tongue in cheek and eye-catching. Available in 5 different colours, these stunning tights are perfect for a wide range of funky looks. Hurry, though, as stocks are limited!

Red or Dead use the same packet for all their tights with only the closing label letting you know which style, size and colour are within. This certainly makes sense in controlling costs.

Size is where we would like to start our review. This style is available in only one size if you want the black or skin shade. The other three colours come in 3 sizes. The “why” of this is a complete mystery to us. It would be nice if a size chart on the website explained “one size” limits. There is no indication that we can find the fibre mix either.

Red or Dead is all about the design, of course, and this is an interesting one. The boxer style panty and the leg from the toe to just below the knee carry a tulle lace design. The leg in-between is the only part that is sheer 20 denier. The toes are reinforced, and there is a little shaping at the heel. The lace panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, and a deep plain waistband.

There is plenty of Lycra in the fibre to give lots of stretch and a good fit. We tested a black pair, and we suggest that the “one size” is medium with just a bit of flexibility on either side if you take care to stretch gently and evenly.

The “boot” styling is a lacy sock, but it works if you wear the right shoes (heels) and long slender legs. The boxer cut panty looks good and is not something you need to hide from view, but you will want to add a thing unless you are particularly bold. The sheer portion has good even colour. Whichever of the five colours, black, ivory, orchid, rose, or skin that you decide to try, your legs will be the centre of attention. Stocks of colours other than black are limited so buy now if you want some!

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