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Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 Tights

We have loved the Pierre Mantoux tights we have seen up to now. But they have all been what could be described as “special”, being either seamless or summer tights with cooling fibres; this is the first standard sheer style we have seen.

First impressions are excellent. Indeed, there is a lightness and softness that belies the 15 denier weight. They feel far sheerer and delightfully soft. Could they have been wrongly described on the packet?

From the very lightly reinforced toes. Detailing is excellent through the shaped heels and up to the ever so classy waistband that carries the Pierre Mantoux motif. Sheer to waist with just the narrowest of reinforced areas on either side of the flat seams and around the cotton-lined gusset. Sensibly, a finger band gives a strong transition from the delicate sheer fabric to the elastic waistband.

A little care is needed with reading the size chart. If you are used to the 1-5 system used by German makers, here the XL size is size IV. We tested the large (III). There are sizes given for Italy, France, Spain, the rest of Europe. The UK and the USA all use similar numbers except for the US system, which uses height, weight and hip measurement.

We said similarly as although the notation is the same and the numbers in the same range. There is no correlation between systems size L (III) being 46-48 in Italy, 44-46 in France, 34-38 in Spain and 36-40 in the rest of Europe; so much for EU standardisation. The UK sizing refers to dress sizes that are most certainly not UK dress sizes!

Based on the US sizing method, the good news is that the sizing of these tights is 100% perfect, and there is enough stretch and strength to go beyond the suggested heights if you need to. Our advice is to work from the US sizing when buying.

The fit and finish are gorgeous. It’s like a second skin in black shows off every curve and contour of the leg with just a slight shimmer. We won’t have a price until our friends at UKTights get their stock in later in the month, but these are high-class sheer tights up there with the best; who cares about the price!

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All Reviews Philippe Matignon

Philippe Matignon Jalousie Tights

We miss seeing Philippe Matignon tights on the high street in the UK. But the brand is still widely available in continental Europe. It is particularly well represented in Italy and Spain in the major department stores.

Fashion in these countries is governed far more by the calendar than the weather. So even though it was 25°C when we were in Spain last week, some women had moved from summer sheers such as these to opaques. But many were still in their sheers.

Adding patterns to a sheer base has been a big trend in hosiery during 2010. But this is the only style we have seen so far where the pattern is restricted to the foot. The black on tan design covers the sole and over the toes and finishes with point heel detail. Otherwise, these are entirely regular ten denier sheer tights.

Normal but of high quality with a reinforced toe hidden in the pattern, shaped heels, flat seams in the panty and a cotton-lined gusset in all sizes. Sheer to the waist with no strengthening around the seams and gusset.

The tribal tattoo design on foot will be very much a matter of taste, it does look quite like a henna tattoo under tights, so if that is a look your favour, these are the tights for you. As sheer tights, these work, they feel much stronger than ten denier, and they look it too. We would have guessed at closer to 15 denier. The look on the leg is flawless with a subtle satin shine, certainly not a bare leg look.

Sizing is entirely accurate, but where the legs have generous length, the panty is on the small side, the waistband is set relatively low to accommodate summer fashions without showing.

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Philippe Matignon Intensite Tights

We thought you all deserved a treat, so here are two reviews in one day!

It has been some time since we reviewed any tights from Philippe Matignon as the brand was withdrawn from the UK market some years ago. Fortunately, one of our newly recruited reviewer friends lives in a country where they are still available. We are hopeful of seeing more styles from this quality brand in due course.

Philippe Matignon Intensite Summer ultra pantyhose with floral pattern and back seam design feel like ten denier. Fully shaped legs, a flat seam in the panty, sheer to waist, sandal toe, cotton gusset, comfort waistband.

As you stretch the tights ready to put them on they feel very soft indeed. A feeling that continues once you have them on. They feel so soft and sheer that you don’t even remember that you are wearing hose. Perfect for showing off with a mini skirt in the summertime. For no reason that we can see, the natural colour pair felt softer than the black.

As you can see from the pictures, the fit is perfect, and the pattern is a very sophisticated design that shows off your calf and ankle. The seam runs perfectly straight and flatters the leg. We love the flower detail at the top of the seam.

You do need to take care when soothing the tights up your leg to make sure that you get the seam straight. You can judge for yourself whether the pattern looks better on a natural or black background as Filodoro very kindly brought a friend for a similar picture.

There are five sizes from extra small to extra large. All except the extra-large have the cotton gusset, the extra-large size has a comfort rear panel. The style and quality of Philippe Matignon are as good as ever.

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