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Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights are something you need to wear!

The style name does a better job of describing these tights than the description does, these are 20 denier tights that are made with a bikini style panty.

The legs feel light and soft as you take them off the card, but the panty comes as a complete surprise as it is not merely a pattern to give the impression of panties but actual panties.

The legs are made straight and finished with a reinforced toe. The panty is a high leg style, so the sheer material runs right to the hip on the outside of the leg.

The panty is quite heavy, thicker even than a regular pair of briefs. It is styled high leg with a pretty patterned transition to the leg. There are flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is 3 cm deep and bright design with comfort and a smooth silhouette in mind.

What a treat to wear! The legs are light, smooth and soft with a beautiful subtle shine, perfect fit and perfect even colour. The panty fits snugly without actually being a control or shaping top; more importantly, it completely removes the need for any other underwear.

A real winner from Gracia, if they had included a sandal toe detail these would have been almost perfect; as it is, you will have to look elsewhere if you plan to wear open toe shoes. If you want bright, durable and classy tights for everyday wear, these take some beating.

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Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights

Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights are legendary!

Fact; seamless tights are expensive to make and costly to buy. Err, someone forgot to tell, Golden Lady because here we have a seamless sheer at just £5!

Three sizes to fit up to 185 cm or 90kg looks hopeful. Of course, we will try to manage both together.

Comfort waistband sounds like they took clues from the premium brands.

A marker to show which is the back. That hints at real care in the design and styling.

Feeling in hand is excellent. It’s slightly smoother than some seamless that have a crepe feel, yet not to the degree of a Pierre Mantoux Gloss.

Detailing looks very promising, just the lightest of reinforced toes, carefully seamed so that if you wear the right way around the flat seam is under your toes, sheer throughout without a hint of the lines you see on Wolford fatal, just a slight depending on the waistband on the hips.

Easy to put on you get a second skin fit from hip to toe. A great fit and utterly sheer too, not a line in sight anywhere. You are adding colour and texture to your skin, not clothing. At present, the tones are nude and black, but we live in hope.

There is the narrowest of transition bands connecting the sheer material to the plain waistband. The waistband is the only sign that these are not tights from one of the top makers, but it holds the tights in place and is comfortable.

More generously sized regarding length in leg and body than most seamless tights Golden Lady have not just opened up seamless tights to those on a budget but to taller/bigger ladies too.

These tights are a game changer. OK so they don’t follow the curves of your bottom as well as Wolford fatal 15, and they won’t last so well either but at £5 a pair there is no need ever to wear seamed tights again!

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Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights

Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights are glamourous!

Glamory makes tights for both men and women. But looks at the denier, fibre mix, price and even the size chart, and they are suspiciously identical. So, is it just a case of changing the packaging?

All three styles we have from Glamory are different finishes so we can’t know for sure. But we will look out for differences and similarities as we review.

Here with have tights that feel soft and smooth, a vast contrast to the harsh feel of the Men Classic 20 Tights. There are similarities though, reinforced toe, shaped legs and a boxer style panty with flat seams and an unlined gusset.

As we said the size chart is the same for all styles and all our samples came in size 44-46. Whereas the male example came up short, this style was sized precisely as expected.

Fit on the leg is excellent, the boxer style brief is knitted to provide as much room in the hips as possible so although accurate sized it is a very loose fit. This is amazing if you don’t like to feel constrained but disconcerting if you love tights that hold on. Incidentally, the description says “comfort gusset”, in size 44-46 at least this is a conventional gusset, not a rear panel.

The satin matte finish is very flattering indeed, and the colour is perfectly even.

These are tights for the larger lady, and we can recommend them for that alone if you need larger sizes. 44-46 equates to an 18-20 UK dress size, the largest size 60-62 to a dress size of 34-36 so this range starts pretty much where others finish.

And for the guys, well, their male and female styles are identically shaped. So, choose the finish you like and pay no heed to the gender implied by the packaging.

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Glamory Satin 20 Tights

Glamory Satin 20 Tights are excellent!

Sheers are very much the look of the season, and the satin look is one of the most eye-catching finishes.

Glamory tights differ from most in that they are specifically designed for ladies of a fuller figure, dress sizes 14-36 in the UK sizing; dress size would be massive in most ranges of tights. Incidentally, they do make tights for me too.

Our test pair came in the second smallest of the six sizes. (44-46 in German, 16-20 UK) So compares with a size 4 or ‘Large’ in Falke.

Detailing is typical of larger size tights with sheer and shaped leg finished with a reinforced toe that includes a run-stop, the panty is boxer style with flat seams, an unlined gusset and a plain waistband. The reinforced boxer brief is not our favourite aesthetically, but it does provide excellent stretch and strength.

Once on your legs, you can hardly see the transition from leg to panty, there is almost no change in weight just a change in the finish from quite a subtle satin sheen to Matt. Just take care not to wear with a skirt or shorts that are too short.

Sizing is spot on; just a little care is needed to maximise the leg length if you are tall. Fit on the leg is excellent with no bagging, sagging or creasing. Fit in the panty is good but inevitably not perfect with so much stretch provided. Good tights for those ladies who hate being squeezed by the top of their tights.

All in all very good sheer tights that look great and feel well made and durable.

As we said before Glamory makes tights for men too. Well, guys if you are shorter and heavy in the legs then the men’s styles might work for you, but otherwise, we would recommend this style.

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Glamory for Men Classic 20 Tights

Glamory for Men Classic 20 Tights should not be worn.

Tights for men do not come in for review very often, so they always pique a good deal of interest. In this case even more attention than usual as there is a rumour that these tights are Levee WoMAN tights reborn.

We quite deliberately did not refer back to our previous review of that style before writing this one.

Although these are tights for men the sizing is defined using lady’s sizing so large is German 44-46, and this is equated to UK dress sizes 16-18. Well, we are all for unisex pantyhose. But most men know their height, waist and inside leg and only a select few know their dress size. Those few are not the target market for tights for men.

Anyway, we know from experience that size L is the right size in other styles and brands for our webmaster.

So first impressions? Well frankly not great, there is a slightly rough and cheap feel to these tights that puts us in mind of the very worst Chinese made supermarket tights. Sure they have been shaped on board, and they have flat seams in the panty, but there is just no sense of quality.

A boxer style brief is usual on men’s tights, but usually, it is quite substantial too, filling in for underpants, here though is darker without feeling or looking more significant.

As for wearing them. Well, in the end, we didn’t as they were too short for our reviewer’s legs! Grab any other 44-46 tights from our collection and the fit is perfect Glamory has sizing issues. There are sizes up to XXXL. Hopefully, the makers can provide some accurate sizing details based on waist and leg measurements, until then it will be a sizing lottery.

All in all a huge disappointment, not least because of our high expectations.

Whatever the origins of these tights they are most certainly not the old Levee WoMAN designs reborn

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Givenchy Pure Body Tanga Tights

Givenchy Pure Body Tanga Tights are as great as the sheer to waist!

We have reviewed the sheer to the waist version of these pantyhose; now we have the Tanga top version for comparison. If they are anything like as good as the control top, we are in for a treat.

There are three sizes, and each provides for more height and weight than the next smaller size. Very much European/Italian sizing rather than American. No great surprise as these is Italian made tights. The range of heights and weights covered by each size shows the makers confidence in the huge percentage of Lycra in the fibre.

The look and feel is quite a surprise. For some reason, we were not expecting the very smooth and soft matt finish. Made with a sandal toe detail and shaping at the heel these tights ooze class, the Tanga style panty is classy too and quite heavy enough to remove any need for further underwear. The flat seams and cotton lined gusset are well finished and confirm the quality evident throughout.

There is no suggestion on the packet, but it is very apparent when you start to put these tights on that some of that Lycra have been used to give a little compression and not just stretch. The result is a delightful feel on the leg and a fit like a second skin. Sizing is accurate but not overly generous, particularly in the panty. If you carry a lot of your weight in your hips and thighs, then you may want to avoid these tights. The Tanga panty is not a control top, but it does smooth and shape a little. The perfect topping for the deliciously sheer legs.

Solid and well-made tights that manage to give a near perfect bare leg look. It is what some makers would call a cosmetic finish.

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Givenchy Body Smoothers Sheer to Waist Tights

Givenchy Body Smoothers Tights are fantastic stockings!

These tights are made in Italy in 5 sizes to cover heights and weights from 4’9” (145 cm) to 6’1” (185 cm) and 85-225 lbs (39-102 kg), possibly the biggest range of sizes we have ever seen in one style with minimal overlap between sizes.

The construction of these semi-opaque tights is top quality, there is a sandal toe detail, shaping of the heel and leg, flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset. They are described as sheer to waist, but the finger band is 6cm deep so a pedant would say they are not quite worthy of the description.

In the hand, the feel is very perplexing. The top of the leg feels light and soft. But by the time you reach the foot, the feeling is smooth, harder and altogether different, almost rubbery. On the leg, this translates to fantastic graduated compression. Very tight at the ankle but mere smoothing in the bottom and tummy area. Perfect tights if you have circulation problems or expect to be on your feet a lot.

The look on the leg is just that of a very high quality 30 denier with a subtle sheen and no hint at all that they are control rather than fashion tights. The fit is perfect, like a second skin. All that Lycra in the fibre provides control rather than stretch; you must get the get correct size to get a good fit, you won’t pull a smaller size to fit; the size chart is 100% accurate.

Perhaps not the smoothest or softest tights but certainly the best-graduated compression sheer to waist tights we have ever tested.

Total Control hosiery offers control and support in either the panty, the leg or both. Givenchy Body Smoothers massage and tone the leg letting you feel energised and revitalised all day long. A Luxury for your legs.

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