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Talflife Grey Tribal Tattoo Tights

Talflife Grey Tribal Tattoo Tights have such a unique design!

We can only write one review to cover all three of these designs as the tights themselves are the same with just the artwork being different. To write two reviews would be pointless. It’s like looking at two Rembrandt paintings and writing about the canvass they were printed on!

As plain back tights, they are nothing specially made. Straight-legged with a boxer style panty raised seams and no gusset. What they lack in detail they more than makeup for in providing a perfect background for the design.

Soft to the touch they feel beautiful on the leg, durably constructed to ensure you get to show off the design more than once. Make sure to hand wash gently!

The design is hand-printed by the artist, and the care shows in the precision and the intensity of the colour. Hand printing on stretched material means the design does not dim on your leg. It also doesn’t tear like some other printed tights design.

As for the designs themselves, there is a wide choice in addition to the two we are reviewing here, and we like them all. Whichever you choose you will get noticed.

The price of £20 a pair is a fair reflection of the work that has gone into the design. If we were to be picky, we would say that we would prefer better quality tights and a slightly higher price so we can enjoy the designs longer.

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