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Cervin Paris Seduction Seamed Tights

Cervin Paris Seduction Seamed Tights is adorable!

The summer is over and the party season is fast approaching so what better time to look at that ultimate party accessory seamed tights. A number of makers try this style every year but what sets this one apart is that it comes from Cervin who have a long tradition in classic seamed stockings.

Despite the pre-1960s styling, Cervin has used modern technology in the form of Lycra, this won’t please the stockings purists but it should greatly improve the fit of tights compared to what the 1960s generation had to endure.

Bicolour for those of you not fluent in French means dual colour, more specifically in the case of our review sample chocolate brown detailing on natural tights.

The tights are essentially like any other high quality 15 denier sheer to waist finished with flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset. The panty features a deep finger band for improved durability and fit. The 3 thread back seam is added afterwards and runs from gusset level to the heel. It is at the heel that the design gets really interesting. The heel is a fully formed reinforced heel knitted in the contrast colour, the pyramid that gives transition from the heel to the seam is knitted into the natural material of the tights making it a shade lighter than the heel. The reinforced toe is again knitted in the contrast colour.

So how are they to wear? Sublime. The foot is sensibly sized so that even if you have larger than average feet you can still get the heel correctly positioned and the fully fashioned heel cups and caresses. The legs fit like a second skin, essentially a mat finish but with a hint of shine in the right light. Sizing is accurate but the Lycra has been used to give not fit rather than to give stretch so read that size chart carefully.

The look on the leg is stunning. The 3 thread seam is clear and sharp and runs straight as an arrow.

At first, we’re a little disappointed that the seam was not perfectly finished and aligned where it met the pyramid heel but on reflection, we decided that this simply added to the authenticity.

At last, the look of seamed stockings combined the convenience of tights…We love them!

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Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights

Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights are phenomenal!

It seems as though silk tights are like buses; you wait for ages for one and then two come along at the same time. Only two weeks have passed since we looked at our first ever pair of silk tights from Gerbe and now we have another, this time from Cervin Paris. To be strictly accurate this particular bus has not arrived, we have merely been told by Cervin Paris that they will be releasing two weights of 100% silk tights in September 2008, 15 denier and 30 denier. We have been lucky enough to get a pre-production sample of the 15 denier to look at.

These are incredibly light and sheer tights made entirely sheer to waist with lightly reinforced heels and toes, fully fashioned in the style of silk stockings. The seams in the panty are flat and very nicely made, and there is a lined gusset. The waistband is of the sewn-on elastic type often found on fishnets and high-end tights from the likes of Fogal and Gerbe. Cleverly Cervin has included a loose-knit finger band between the very stretch waistband and the almost non-stretch panty; this should prevent strain on the material at the stitching and avoid any expensive rips.

So what are they like to wear? If you are used to tights with lots of Lycra they will feel somewhat strange, but if you buy the right size they will fit very nicely, and the waistband will keep them in place. Our test pair was a perfect fit. The finish is very smooth and soft, and of course being silk rather than nylon they manage to keep you warm yet feeling cool too. They felt lighter and sheerer than the other tights she had tested for us this week, this was interesting she was comparing these 15 denier silk tights to La Perla Leger Tights at 8 denier and Falke Fond De Poudre Tights at 8 denier.

Colour is very even, but you do get a little creasing an ankle and knee when you bend your leg. Such is the finish of these tights that those creases look attractive, they shout “expensive hosiery”.

If you need or want silk tights, these are the ones to buy!

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Cervin Paris Pigalle Tights

Cervin Paris Pigalle Tights are amazing Suspender-Like Tights!

Part of the very latest range of “sexy tights” from Cervin Paris, these high-quality suspender tights will be available soon.

Sizes 1-4 in black will be the choice. Our test pair is in size two which should fit height up to 170 cm (5’7”) if you are a very slim 55 kg (120 lbs) or 163 cm (5’4”) if you are a slim 63 kg (135 lbs).

In common with the suspender tights from Leg Avenue and Pretty Polly, the legs are sheer, and the “stocking top” and “suspender belt” are heavier.

The toes are reinforced, so it is not an option to wear these tights with open toe shoes.

The waistband is broad and a lovely lace design. The sheer legs are smooth and soft with very even colour.

As yet we have not been able to check the fit as we have not had anyone small enough to get into these tights available. Like other Cervin hosiery, they appear to be a bit on the small side.

If you can get them in your size and you like the suspender styling, we would recommend you try these tights.

One of our readers had this to say:

“If you like suspender tights, you will love these! There is lovely lace patterning (not shown in the photo) in the reinforced panty below the lace waistband and at the top of the legs. The size guide seems accurate, size 3 – Large fitted my height (5’10”) since I am very slim [UK size 8]. Not sure if these will have the durability expected of 20 denier. But then again, you may not be buying them for everyday wear.”

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Cervin Paris Pauline Tights

Cervin Paris Pauline Tights is bold and brash!

Cervin is never scared to be bold, and these tights are designed like no other we have seen before.

It has to be said that these tights did feel a little rough in the hands when we first took them out of the packet, but as soon as open them out, we were more interested in looking that touching.

The Cervin waistband is of the sewn-on elastic type with the scalloped edge and woven in the logo that we have admired so often before on tights from Cervin and Gerbe and Fogal. Very classy and guaranteed to stay in place. The panty is finished with flat seams and an unlined gusset.

The patterning runs from the waistband all the way to the ankle where it gives way to a shaped heel and foot of standard 60 denier material. The foot is finished with a sandal toe.

The feather patterning is quite lovely, although the matte finish of these tights did not show it off entirely as well as a glossy finish may have done. The patterning is all over the front as far down as the knees, at the knees, it twists around the outside of the legs to finish just above the heel. These are tights to wear with classic hi heels shoes combined with a skirt that shows plenty of legs. Sexy enough for a big night out, classy enough for the office if you have the courage.

Sizing is exactly as per the size chart; fit is excellent. A real step up from basic opaque tights put a bit of fun into the colder months.

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Cervin Paris Opera Tights

Cervin Paris Opera Tights is an instant classic pair of tights!

If pictures on packets were the only criteria, these tights would be the best… what beautiful legs!

These are 100% nylon tights made in 5 sizes.

When you first see these tights on their card they look like they will be smooth and soft, so the first touch is quite a surprise, really quite rough.

The second surprise is that they are not sheer to waist. The sheer legs with their beautifully detailed reinforced heel are attached to a heavier boxer style brief. The brief is detailed with a rear comfort panel in all sizes with a lined gusset area. Seams are of course flat. The waistband is about 1 cm deep and highly elasticated.

There is not much stretch in the legs, and these tights are very much like classic nylon stockings to wear. Our test pair were in the natural shade “Gazelle”, and they are almost invisible on the leg, even the reinforced heel and toe seemed to blend in. You can only detect that they are there at all by the touch, or by listening for the lovely sound as the legs brush together.

The heavier, more elastic panty is needed to keep the 100% nylon sheerlegs in place. The fit from the rear comfort panel is a little loose if you are slim in the hips.

The legs fit very well, and the waistband keeps everything in place with no rollover.

What Cervin have done here is give a look and feel of classic nylon stockings but in a beautifully made pair of tights. Somehow they combined all the things we usually dislike, reinforced boxer brief, 0% Lycra, comfort gusset and made some tights that we like.

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Cervin Paris Esprit Couture Tights

Cervin Paris Esprit Couture Tights are incredible!

Thank you to Cervin Paris for providing the original artwork photo below to show how these tights look on the leg.

We liked the Esprit Couture stockings, so we have high hopes for the tights. Unlike the stockings, the tights contain 20% Lycra.

On the card these tights have the look of classic nylon stockings, only when you unwrap them do you see the brief and the waistband that reveals them to be sheer to waist tights.

Our test pair were nude in colour with chocolate detailing (as per the photo). There is a deep reinforced toe and a knitted in an entirely shaped heel that comes to a classic point and joins the back seam. The seam is a wholly stitched 3-thread seam, far superior to the seams on most seamed tights. The seam runs to the top of the thigh.

The brief is finished with a gusset and flat seams. There is a 2cm thick waistband with a 4cm thick reinforced band between it and the sheer legs.

The length of both leg and brief looks very good, probably made this way as the sewn seam will limit stretch lengthways.

The seam and heel are the sexiest we have seen on a pair of tights, and unlike many “fully fashioned” tights the foot is long enough to position the heel regardless of foot size correctly. In fact, if you have small feet, you may find the heel too far up your leg.

These tights fit beautifully and feel fantastic on the leg. The waistband sits well and provides a comfortable fit. A joy to wear and taken to another level by the classic detailing. High heels, a short skirt and a pleasant evening out are all you need to go with them.

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Cervin Paris Emilie Luxe Tights

Cervin Paris Emilie Luxe Tights are super high quality!

We have two 15 denier styles from Cervin Paris. These are more expensive and far more exclusive.

See Cervin Paris Vania Tights for their every day offering

The quality of these tights is apparent on the card. As you take them off the cardboard, they naturally flow. Ever so soft and smooth in hand.

The first thing you notice visually is the huge lined gusset that gives way to a rear comfort panel. Although there is no information on the packet, we suspect this is a feature of sizes 4 and 5.

The brief is finished with flat seams and topped by the Cervin waistband. This is the scalloped top design that we have seen on Gerbe and Fogal tights as well as other premium styles from Cervin.

These are sheer to waist tights with a twist. Cervin has managed to incorporate a reinforced toe and fully knitted heel without them being thicker or darker than the leg fabric. A lovely touch.

You would guess at a denier below 15 as you start to slip these tights on, they feel so soft and sheer. The toe is almost invisible, but the feel is quite dull to see, this is a good thing as it is ideally placed and adds a real touch of quality.

Leg length in size 4 is suitable for up to a 34” leg. Fit on the leg is excellent and the finish is smooth and soft.

The quality waistband makes sure everything stays just where you put it, and for once we like the rear comfort panel, it is appropriately sized and does not make the tights feel baggy in the seat.

Beautiful tights that are a joy to wear. Our only concern is that our test pair had a manufacturing fault in one leg, something we would hope not to see in tights of this quality

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Cervin Paris Corsica Tights

Cervin Paris Corsica Tights are the way to go!

The idea of combining a Capri length opaque with a sheer lower leg in a single garment is not new, Gerbe did it with Gerbe Corsair Tights, and Fiore did something similar with their Dolly and Nicole tights.

This style from Cervin Paris pitched at the same price point as the Gerbe.

First impressions are of a 50 denier microfibre opaque tight, quite heavy and soft to the touch. Opening them out you see the very high-quality Cervin waistband, sewn on and carrying their logo; we know that this will work very well at keeping the tights in place and be comfortable. Gerbe and Fogal use the same type of waistband, and in our opinion, the World would be a better place if all tights used it, better if a little more expensive!

The seams in the panty are flat and there is an unlined gusset to help with fit.

The lower leg is not sheer but is, in fact, a Tulle type construction, like a thin net. This is a little less soft and alluring than a sheer foot but should ensure that they last much longer.

The foot is shaped at the heel, and there is a plain reinforced toe. The toe detail will preclude wearing these tights with open toe shoes.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a stylish transition from the opaque upper leg to the tulle lower leg.

Cervin makes this style in 5 sizes, the size four we tested looked quite short. Tulle lower leg seemed to have minimal stretch, but the upper leg comfortably stretched to fit the height suggested in the size chart.

The fit was good with no bagging or sagging at the knee or ankle. Feel on the leg is soft, even on the tulle part. The look is classy and stylish too, but these tights do need the right high heel to set them off.

The design of the panty is leaning towards “hipster”. The waistband does hold the tights in place very well on your hips, and the lower cut will make these tights more suitable for wear with lower waisted shorts and skirts.

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Cervin Paris Christina Tights

Cervin Paris Christina Tights could do with some improvements…

Both the packet art and the additional photograph provided by Cervin make it very clear that these are far from ordinary tights. The sharp-eyed reader will have spotted that the other pictures are the original shots from which the packet design was made. So, no need for us to try to describe the tights to you.

But we will try anyway. The main body of the tights is the combination of sheer and fishnet in a single knitted pattern. This runs from the lightly reinforced toes all the way to the Cervin signature waistband.

The legs are shaped, and the feet are decorated with an attractive design.

The panty section is finished with high-quality flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. So regarding design and specification, all the right boxes are ticked.

The look on the leg is nice but not as eye-catching as in studio photographs. You would need to choose your shoes most carefully so as not to cover part of the design too.

The 10% Lycra provides a good fit but not much stretch. The size chart is accurate, but you cannot expect any stretch beyond the quoted heights.

On balance we would prefer either a sheer tight or a fishnet. The Henna design is a little lost; it would be a great addition to sheer tights though.

The price is a bit of an issue too. On balance we would spend that sort of money elsewhere, but well done to Cervin for challenging convention with a bold design.

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Cervin Paris Burano Tights

Cervin Paris Burano Tights look gorgeous!

You certainly can’t accuse Cervin of playing safe with the design of these tights, but of course, high fashion is a feature of Cervin Paris.

First impressions of the tights were almost an anticlimax, after seeing the photos we have here, as the lower leg was uppermost in the packet. We had to look closely to see the patterning on the opaque material.

Opening the tights out we could immediately feel the difference between the thick textured lower leg and the smooth, sheer upper leg and panty.

Visually, the lower patterned leg is around 50 denier and has a raised pattern from the opaque toe, around the shaped heel. Around two-thirds of the way up the leg is a diagonal transition to a sheer upper portion around 20 denier. Construction is then sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset

Some care is needed in putting these tights on. The sizing is accurate but not generous. The lower leg is solid and fits very tight; this encourages you to be quite robust in pulling them up. Repeating this treatment with the sheer upper portion will end in tears.

Once on your legs, the look is excellent although the diamond patterns in the sheer thigh did not quite match the rest of the tights for quality.

The look on the leg is most eye-catching and with the right shoes would give an impression of stretch boot worn over sheer tights, although with detailing at the knee that boots could never achieve.

A skirt short enough to show a little of the sheer upper leg is a must. Otherwise, you may as well buy a more robust and cheaper patterned opaque. Get the shoes and the skirt right, and you will have everyone’s attention.

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