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Max Mara Berna Tights

Sometimes Max Mara naming can be confusing. The packet is printed with “Velato 13” on the front but the small label with size and colour also has the word “Berna” on it. UK Tights list these as Berna. These tights are lovely. Smooth, light and soft in hand. They flow from the packet and beg to be put on.

Entirely sheer from toe seam to waistband except for the flat seams in the panty and the gusset. The gusset is lined in size 1-3 and a sheer comfort gusset in size 4.

A delight to put on these tights blend with your skin like a summer sheer. The great fit aided by the shaping of the leg ensures not a crease or wrinkle. All that can be seen is perfect skin. Your admirers will be looking at your gorgeous legs, not your hosiery.

Sizing is spot on and fit is excellent. The comfort gusset is for once comfortable but a less snug fit than the true gusset. If you are between sizes 3 and 4, buy size 3. It won’t let you down.

A detail for those interested: the XL size has little reinforced areas adjacent to the seams on the outside of the seams, but nothing corresponding on the rear panel/gusset side. These make no sense until you realise that on size L and smaller they would be either side of the gusset. Proof, if it were needed, that L and XL are knitted the same size with just the gusset style varying.

Max Mara call these practical everyday tights, they are of such quality that they really should be for special occasions. But at £6.95 every day can be extraordinary with these Tights.

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Love Hate Opaque Patterned Tights

While some brands trumpet style, quality, exclusivity or a designer name, the focus with LoveHate is on unconventional and environmentally sound materials. They are not alone among Australian brands that are looking to be “green”. But by manufacturing locally rather than importing tights complete from Italy, they take the concept further than most. We have to start by being critical.

What we need to see laid out is the price, denier, fibre mix, the colours available and a size chart. On the plus side, this lack of information gives us more to say. You can’t tell from the look and feel of these tights where the fibre was sourced. So it is up to you to trust that it is an ecologically sound source if that is important to you.

Detailing is pretty standard for opaque fashion tights. The legs are unshaped and finished with a plain toe detail. The pattern on the leg is knitted in and runs up to just below gusset level where there is a change of knitting. The panty section is plain and features both flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset which we are delighted to see.

The test of any tights, of course, is how they look and how they feel to wear. We have no guidance on sizing. But assuming they are the typical one-size then they are quite generously sized if you use all the stretch, 32” leg and 40” hips being the realistic upper limit. Fit is good and thanks to the gusset and flat seams they are comfortable too.

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Luisa Maria Lugli Love Line Tights

Hearts down the back of the legs of a pair of tights in place of the classic seam is not a new idea; it is a tried and tested one that we have seen done several times with varying degrees of success.

Unlike some of the less successful attempts at heart seams, these Luisa Maria Lugli tights come in 4 sizes so whether you are a petite 4’9″ or a statuesque 6’1” there should be a size to fit you. Sizes 1-3 have a standard cotton-lined gusset. Size 4 (L) has a comfort gusset to give more room in the hip and bottom area.

First impressions on opening the packet are excellent, smooth & soft material with a slight shine. More detailed examination reveals that these are sheer to waist tights. The legs are also shaped at the heel and finished with a sheer sandal toe detail. The seams in the panty are flat and well finished with just a very narrow reinforced strip either side for strength. In the Large size, the V-shaped rear panel between the seams is considerably heavier than the rest of the garment. As 20 denier sheer tights, these score well.

Sizing is accurate, and there is plenty of stretch. This stretch could come in handy if the size chart suggests you need size 4 for height. But not for weight as we would recommend size three over a size 4 for the fit in the seat as the comfort gusset does spoil the fit.

The heart design runs from toe seam to waistband. The hearts are big enough to be made out but small enough and close enough to give the impression of a seam.

The heart seam is excellent fun and stylish contrasting nicely with the perfect even background provided by the sheerlegs. If you like the design, you can’t go wrong with this style. £7.50 is scarcely more than you would have to pay for a similar quality sheer.

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