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Bahner 20 Denier Light Support Tights

Bahner Light Support Tights are the support tights you need!

Mention support tights to most people and they will imagine something almost industrial and practically impossible to put on, but new support tights do not have to be like that at all. We are pleased to say that these light support tights from Bahner have the look and feel of 20 denier fashion tights.

Detailing is excellent with a lightly reinforced toe, entirely shaped legs, flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset in sizes Small to Large. Sheer to waist with T-band reinforcement in the panty for strength these are all that we love in sheer tights. Sizes XL and XXL have a comfort gusset.

Only when you start to put these tights on, do you notice the support, and then just in the area of the ankle, the support is very subtle. The light support means that they are only slightly harder to put on than regular sheer tights and once you are past the ankle there is no difference between these and sheer.

Sizing is pretty accurate for weight but generous for height, size XL should fit up to 180 cm or 5’11” we found they fit a 34” or 86cm leg and that is kinda leggy for that height. The fit is excellent even with a comfort gusset.

The look on the leg is sheer with a beautiful shine, subtly different from a 20 denier sheer but not heavier. There is no clue that you are wearing support tights.

Very well made, durable, attractive sheer support tights. The only slight issue we had was that there was perhaps too little support to refresh your legs through a busy day. That said there is a subtle effect and they look great, and they will last well.

If you never tried support tights, these would be a great way to see how you like them. Sheer look and steep price, so nothing to lose.

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