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Jonathan Aston Shimmer Dance Capri Tights

Jonathan Aston Shimmer Capri over Falke Fond de Poudre Tights

The packet has only general notes about Jonathan Aston and neither words nor pictures to tell you what they are like. Luckily we are here to help! The first thing you notice on opening the packet is that these tights look very short. They are designed as Capri length rather than footless, so this is expected.

The brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The legs are finished with a narrow cuff. A wideband with a slightly different shade is down the outside of each leg and highlighted with Lurex to sparkle.

We need not have worried about length. There is plenty of stretch to give an excellent fit in the panty and a good fit lengthways on the legs. The Lurex band is far more subtle than we expected. While you may not want to wear these tights to the office, younger women could wear them both during the day and for a party. It was suggested that these could be paired with the striped diamond net knee-high from Jonathan Aston. These also carry a stripe down the outside of each leg. However, the line carried through the meeting of Capri tights and patterned knee-high looked messy. We would recommend these tights with sheer tights underneath.

These tights fit well, look great and feel smooth and soft. A great addition to your Spring wardrobe. In the photograph, Sophie has paired the very funky Jonathan Aston tights with classic ultra-sheer Falke Fond de Poudre Tights for a brilliant look for any young woman.

We would not usually cover knee-high hosiery as a site dedicated to tights. Call them “pop socks”, and we start to think of them as the work of the devil. But we had a few pairs that came with these tights, and although they would not work with them, Sophie was willing to give them a try. Of course, provide a funky and fashionable woman knee-high socks, and she comes into the room wearing them as over-knee stockings. Boy, do they look good! Again worn with the Falke Fond de Poudre Tights.

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Jonathan Aston Leopard Tulle Tights

When we saw the word “Leopard” in the name of these tights, our first reaction was “Oh dear not another ghastly leopard print”. But then we saw “Tulle” and realised that the what we could expect was a lace design with leopard styling, an altogether classier proposition.

There are two sizes and two colours, black and golden Mediterranean tan, our test pair was black and the larger size. The size chart suggests these should fit up to 6’0” (183cm) and 170lb (77kg), and up to 205lb (95kg) if you are less than 5’7” (170cm). The design includes such quality features as flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The lace pattern runs uninterrupted from the toe seam to the waistband.

The sizing is accurate, and the 10% Lycra ensure that you get both plenty of stretch and an incredible fit. Don’t get too carried away using the stretch to fit into a pair that is too small for you though as the effect of over-stretching tights that are quite sheer is to make the pattern rather pale.

The pattern does not convince as a leopard look, but that is probably a positive thing, it is, however, an attractive pattern. Be aware though that this type of pattern is not slimming, so if your legs tend towards “chunky” then look for a plain sheer or a vertical pattern. The tan shade most certainly looks better than the black and will give you a standout look for the spring and summer. Exciting design, good detailing and well made.

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Jonathan Aston Vignette Tights

We usually start our reviews by looking at how a pair of tights is made and then go on to the sizing, fit and overall look. This time for reasons that will become obvious, we are turning the whole process on its head. Jonathan Aston has been one of our favourite makers of late. Jonathan Aston has been producing some really stunning designs and coming up with exciting new ideas.

The concept here is graduated colour, a smooth transition from dark at the toe to pale at the waistband. There is a choice of colours, but our test pair came in grey which we love; thank you Essex’s Legs.

Most of the colour transition is between ankle and knee, and the effect is visually stunning, there is no other hosiery like it. Add accurate sizing, comfortable fit, and a smooth, soft matt finish and all is well in our world. Look and feel is far lighter than the 50 denier weight suggests incidentally.

Which brings us to how they are made and why things are not quite perfect. Jonathan Aston creates the pattern by printing it on in much the same way as Celeste Stein produce their huge range of designs; this means making sheer to waist tights with unshaped legs that can be flattened for printing. (Not actually sheer to the waist, but the transition from leg to panty is hard to spot).

In the panty, there is a gusset but not flat seams which are unusual for Jonathan Aston these days. The only real negative is the same one that plagued all the Celeste Stein designs. No matter how flat you iron a pair of tights before printing each side you will always get a line down the inside and outside of each leg where there is no printing. The line is only visible close to, but it does distract from an otherwise gorgeous design.

Not a style you would wear with open-toe shoes. Why? Because there is evidence of the basic pale grey/white of the tights showing at the seam where the print has not reached. So not perfect, but we will be wearing our test pair to destruction!

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Jonathan Aston Strapped Tights

We always look forward to getting new styles from Jonathan Aston because they always take risks with their designs. Others such as Trasparenze offer high quality but tend to work to a formula, albeit as stunningly effective one; the Henry Holland range from Pretty Polly is the closest to Jonathan Aston but is safer and the quality doesn’t always justify the price. Jonathan Aston tights are very well made these days. They come in 3 sizes as you would expect of quality Italian hosiery. But perhaps best of all, from a reviewer at least, quite a few of the designs don’t quite work.

With this design JA has done for straight legs with no reinforcement at the toe, they are (aside from the strap pattern) sheer to waist. What they have done is make to identical halves and joined them with a flat seam in the panty and a gusset. Very cleverly they have incorporated the reinforcement either side of the panty seam into the strap design.

As I said, three sizes defined in terms of hip measurement and height. Size C fits up to 5’10 (182cm) and 48” (120cm) hips, size B is just a little shorter and 4” smaller in the hips. Sizing is a bit on the slim side so go up a size if you are unsure. The straps pattern will look most effective when least stretched anyway.

To get the most out of the available stretch, take care when putting these tights on and stretch carefully and evenly; you will need to take care anyway to get the pattern straight. I can almost guarantee that the first time you see someone wearing this design, the pattern will be twisted. Don’t let it be you!

The design works, but it is not slimming so avoid if you have heavy legs. We tested black on black. We would say buy black on natural. It will look much better. Well-fitting and comfortable but not soft to the touch, tights for looking at not tights for touching.

All together another winner from Jonathan Aston, but only just, which is where edgy fashion should be.

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Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights

The title of one of the Jonathan Aston Collections for Autumn/Winter 2011 is “On Show”, and the show is from Las Vegas with this the signature style and others being named after Vegas casino favourites such as Blackjack and Poker.

Sizing is unsurprisingly in line with the rest of the range. Three sizes to fit up to 182cm (5’10” according to JA but 6’0” by our calculation), 79 kg and 120 cm hips. There is only one colour, black.

We go a lot on first impressions, and here Jonathan Aston has done well. The brief is not a boxer style cut square partway down the leg but a brief with low cut leg, far more stylish. The panty is opaque and features flat seams and a lined gusset.

The upper legs are sheer and have a long ribbon “suspender” detail front and back. From mid-thigh downwards, there is a combination of opaque and sheer circular cut-outs with a wide stripe front and back. Shaped at the heel, the legs are finished with reinforced toes.

Take care to get the striped straight front and back, and you have a very sophisticated look. Not tights for girls with heavy legs though. The slimming effect of the central vertical stripes is more than offset by the horizontal elements of the design. If you have long slim legs that lack a little shape, then these tights will enhance the curves you do have.

Great design, great fit and accurate sizing to fit up to a 34” leg, we like these tights. The panty is opaque enough for you not to need any other underwear.

Not so linked to the casino as say. The Blackjack tights with their playing card motif but effective design and well-executed.

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Jonathan Aston Opaque Backseam & Heels Tights

Jonathan Aston has come on immensely as hosiery brand in the last few years. The current talk of the hosiery world is their FAST Collection. This style comes from the Vintage Legs Collection, which has impressed us before.

The packet gives no clues to the styling beyond the picture and a window showing the seam. What the package does have though is a size chart. Well done to Jonathan Aston for making three sizes to covers heights from 5’4” to 5’10” and hip sizes up to 48”. We have to suspect that the actual range will be bigger as many brands cover that range with one size.

First impressions on opening the packet are slightly mixed. On the plus side, the feel is excellent, smooth and soft combined with a feeling of strength and quality. On the downside, it is apparent at once that Jonathan Aston has not attempted at all to shape the legs in any way. That said these are £10 tights which are not expensive in today’s market. On the credit side, the panty features a lined gusset and is made with flat seams.

Another plus is the non-reinforced toe. The underside of the foot is made in the same contrast colour as the backseam. Grey on our test pair but there is a red option too. The foot detail tapers to a point to form the heel detail, and this then becomes the seam, all neatly knitted in and well defined. The seams run to the waist which removes any limits on style and length of the skirt and ensures the seams run straight.

Sizing is very accurate indeed, but with enough stretch for the largest size to cope with a 34” leg, so perhaps more than 5’10”. The Lycra does more to aid fit than provide stretch, and the fit is perfect indeed.

The heel detail looks good on the leg with no real clue that the tights were not shaped. The foot is long enough to ensure the heel detail is correctly positioned even on a long foot.

The finish is excellent, smooth and soft to the touch and perfect even colour. The grey seam is visually compelling on the black background.
If you like opaque tights but want a bit more style, then these are the tights for you, warm, concealing, stylish and sexy all at once

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Jonathan Aston Nordic Fair Isle Tights

If you are as old as our webmaster, it is quite likely that as a child, you had a Fairisle pattern pullover in your childhood.

Of course, the tradition goes back much further than the 1960s. To bring the style to 21st Century hosiery is a bold move by Jonathan Aston. As you can see in their packet, these tights look remarkably like a pair of socks. This is also reflected in the fibre mix.

The impression of socks is not lost when you take them out of the packet. It is only when you open them out that is finally clear that the two straight legs are joined by panty at the top.

The panty is finished with flat seams there is a comfort gusset (rear v-shaped panel) to help with fit. Like the panty, the toes are finished to a good standard.

Any thoughts of socks are dispelled once you put these tights on, they fit very well, they feel very comfortable and most important of all the look very stylish too. Whatever length you wear your skirts and whether you prefer boots or shoes in the colder months these tights will add that little something extra to your look. Wearers of essential opaque tights will be begging you tell them where you got them.

The cotton in the mix ensures that although these tights are warm, they will not make you hot and sweaty. Our only reservation is that the pattern stops mid-thigh. Going a little higher would have given a better look with the very shortest skirt and shorts.

Buy some before the weather gets too hot! Snow forecast for Easter by the way.

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Jonathan Aston Mock Suspender Tights

Jonathan Aston has had a few misses with their designs over the years. But recently they got their act together and are matching the House of Holland Collection from Pretty Polly both in terms of style and quality. This style revisits the theme of tights styled on stockings and suspenders, and the picture is full of promise, only a little less bold than Trasparenze.

The good news is that there are three sizes to choose from covering the full range of heights from 4’9” to 6’0” and weights from 90-205 lbs. (124-183 cm and 40-95kg). As for colour, all we have seen so far is black/black; so black they thought it worth repeating!

40 denier is the predominant weight of these tights. The straight lower leg and the high leg panty and suspender are this weight with the 15 denier parts being the upper thigh as you can see in the picture above and small panels on each hip between the “suspender belt” and the waistband of the “panties” below.

The panty section has flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The whole garment has a quality look and feels to it.

Sizing is accurate but not exceptionally generous. Some careful stretching will be required if you are a leggy 6’0”. You need to take care because it would be easy to carried away stretching the 40 denier lower leg and suddenly find you have put a thumb through the 15 denier part. Once on, the fit is excellent, and they are as comfortable as any 40 denier opaque.

We love the panty, suspenders and stocking top detail. It doesn’t try to look like the “real thing” it just takes styling tips from it. The result is that you get the allure without feeling you are being fobbed off with some imitation. Clever design well delivered. On the subject of the design. Although there is no label to tell you which is which these tights do have a front and a back to them. Make sure you look carefully before dressing!

Colour is right and even throughout. The panty is opaque enough that you do not need any other underwear.

A great fun alternative to 40 denier opaque tights that deserves a place in your hosiery drawer. Like when you want to feel a little sassier.

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Jonathan Aston Dog Tooth Tights

When we first saw these tights, we remembered we had seen Houndstooth Tights from Jonathan Aston before. So what is the difference? Well, it seems that these dogs have smaller teeth!

Two sizes are available and four very bright colours Ochre (yellow), Peacock (Green), Jewel (Pink) and Velvet (Purple). Quite a change from the one size back & white houndstooth.

There is some question about the denier of these tights, the packet says nothing, UK Tights say 40 and My Tights say 60 denier. These tights feel quite heavy. This is in part because two colours of yarn are used and there is a texture to the fabric. Quite smooth on the outside but noticeably “fluffy” on the inside. We would say the look and feel more 60 denier.

Construction is straightforward with straight legs and an unlined gusset. The pattern runs from the toe seams to the plain waistband.

If ever there was a pair of tights that needed to be on your legs to be fully appreciated, then this is it. They feel warm and comfortable and fit very well. The pattern is knitted in rather than printed on maintains definition and intensity of colour when stretched. The Peacock shade that we tested looks particularly sophisticated and being less vibrant than the other colours is suitable for wear anywhere and anytime.

For just a few pennies short of £10 we would have liked to have seen flat seams, but that is a small grumble. One of the best products that we have seen from Jonathan Aston. It is one that promises to be a wardrobe regular throughout the winter.

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Jonathan Aston Block Tights

All we can tell from the picture is that these are sheer tights with opaque knees; judging from the size of the packet the woolly socks and military-style boots are not part of the tights.

Jonathan Aston makes these tights in 3 sizes which are differentiated by height, weight and hip size. Sensibly they say “up to” for each measurement, it would be down to your judgement to decide whether you could trade a little on one to exceed another. More on that later.

First impressions on opening the packet are that of sheer tights with straight legs and a boxer style brief that look much longer than typical tights of such basic construction. Unfolding the legs reveals that the foot part is 40 denier as is the band around the knee, the panty although darker than the legs is not of the finish and quality of the opaque part of the legs.

There is no additional reinforcement to the toe area, and the seam is well finished. The panty features an unlined gusset, the seams in the panty are well finished but not flat.

The look is what a style like this is about, and it is here that we found a problem. It must be said, however, that we tested the largest size of someone taller than the recommended maximum of 5’10” with above-average length feet and legs. The overall fit was no problem at all with gusset and waistband sitting comfortably precisely where intended. The foot piece, however, only just reached the ankle bone, only just covering the heel; the knee strip didn’t even hit the top of the calf.

The sheer piece between the foot and knee was just 9” (23 cm) deep. The sheer upper section between knee band and boxer brief was 17” (43 cm). Sizes measured on the model. 35” legs are not unusual with girls of 5’10” however.

By our estimation, the opaque band at the knee is in the wrong place, the upper edge being pretty well where the lower side is intended to be.

The look is exciting, and the calf may also be a better place to draw attention to than the knee. The tights are well made and look good on the leg. The boxer style brief is a bit of a let down on tights at £8.00 though.

An exciting design let down my curious manufacture.

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