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Jonathan Aston Mock Suspender Tights

Jonathan Aston has had a few misses with their designs over the years, but recently they got their act together and are matching House of Holland both in terms of style and quality.

Jonathan Aston has had a few misses with their designs over the years. But recently they got their act together and are matching the House of Holland Collection from Pretty Polly both in terms of style and quality. This style revisits the theme of tights styled on stockings and suspenders, and the picture is full of promise, only a little less bold than Trasparenze.

The good news is that there are three sizes to choose from covering the full range of heights from 4’9” to 6’0” and weights from 90-205 lbs. (124-183 cm and 40-95kg). As for colour, all we have seen so far is black/black; so black they thought it worth repeating!

40 denier is the predominant weight of these tights. The straight lower leg and the high leg panty and suspender are this weight with the 15 denier parts being the upper thigh as you can see in the picture above and small panels on each hip between the “suspender belt” and the waistband of the “panties” below.

The panty section has flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The whole garment has a quality look and feels to it.

Sizing is accurate but not exceptionally generous. Some careful stretching will be required if you are a leggy 6’0”. You need to take care because it would be easy to carried away stretching the 40 denier lower leg and suddenly find you have put a thumb through the 15 denier part. Once on, the fit is excellent, and they are as comfortable as any 40 denier opaque.

We love the panty, suspenders and stocking top detail. It doesn’t try to look like the “real thing” it just takes styling tips from it. The result is that you get the allure without feeling you are being fobbed off with some imitation. Clever design well delivered. On the subject of the design. Although there is no label to tell you which is which these tights do have a front and a back to them. Make sure you look carefully before dressing!

Colour is right and even throughout. The panty is opaque enough that you do not need any other underwear.

A great fun alternative to 40 denier opaque tights that deserves a place in your hosiery drawer. Like when you want to feel a little sassier.

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