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Golden Gracia Micro Cotton Tights

Golden Gracia Micro Cotton Tights are warm!

These are the second tights we have looked at from the Golden Gracia collection. 130 denier seemed most appropriate for the weather, and somehow fitting for Russian tights.

The first two things you notice about these tights are the scent from the finishing process, which put us in mind of several Italian brands, and the very soft feel in hand. Despite being 130 deniers, there was no great sense of weight.

Construction is quite simple with straight legs finished with good quality toe seams. We were pleased to see that the weight and finish are uniforms from the toes all the way to the waistband. So many opaque tights look good on the legs and are spoilt by poor panty detailing. Gracia has done an excellent job. Not only maintaining the finish all the way to the waist but also incorporating flat seams and a thick, soft waistband. Smaller sizes have a cotton gusset, but our test pair was size 6, and so had a comfort gusset.

Sizing is by height and hip size. Much the most sensible way of sizing tights. Although if we were very critical, we could point out that the size chart only goes to size 5. Any thought of criticism was dispelled when we tried them on, they stretch and fit very well and extrapolating from the size chart we would say that the sizing is accurate to slightly generous.

The finish on the leg is a lovely soft matt with a smooth finish. The colour is perfectly even.

Perfect tights that manage to be warm and practical yet at the same time not in the least bit heavy, sensible yet stylish. An outstanding debut for Gracia.

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