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Levante Backseam Tights

Levante is one of the most prolific makers of tights. So, surprisingly, we have not seen seamed tights from them before. Their sheer tights are generally outstanding quality. The description reads like high end seamed tights while the price is very much at the bottom end. So are they any good?

First impressions are good, sheer to waist construction, a cotton-lined gusset and flat seams in the body. We were a little disappointed that the legs were not shaped at all; if we are picky, we could say that the toe detail was a missed opportunity, being reinforced rather than a sandal toe or a styled reinforced toe as seen on RHT stockings.

The soles of the feet are reinforced, and the reinforced area is shaped in a V to give a transition to the seam and the heel. If you have big feet, you may find that the heel detail sits a little low. But again we are picky.

Only when you put these tights on do you appreciate them, they fit very well from hip to toe. The seam details run to the waist, and the seam ran straight up the back of the leg without any adjustment. Smooth to the touch and with a silky shine to the finish these tights look and feel more expensive than they are. Beautiful sheer pantyhose with classic back seam and heel detail. They are made with the most beautiful Italian hosiery yarns combined with the strength and comfort of Lycra.

These are among the best value seamed tights that we have tried. Classy enough for that big night out, cheap enough for the regular night out with the girls.

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Levante Amore Backseam Tights

Levante makes these tights in 4 sizes from small to extra large and in two colours, ivory and black. Black seamed tights put us in mind of sexy evening wear. But the ivory colour of our test pair makes us think of weddings. As it must be said does the style name, Amore: Italian for Love.

If these are not the tights made for a girl’s big day then none are. They are far more than just seamed tights. Sheer to waist tights with a shaped leg and heel finished with reinforced toe detail, flat seams in the panty and a cotton-lined gusset. What is the end of the description for a basic sheer is the start here. There is a reinforced sole to the foot that runs through into the shaped heel. Above the heel, there is the classic Cuban taper to give a transition from the heel to the seam up the back of each leg.

To give that hint of passion and romance, the bottom of the seam has a heart detail in the pattern of the tights. Below it, a silk bow centred with a tiny pearl is stitched on.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent. These are durable tights that will take a little stretching if you are borderline for size. They are strong enough to not let you down on your big day. The seam runs to the waistband. It goes on straight and stays straight with wear.

With a slight shine and perfect even colour these tights look great. The seam, heel and bow detail taking this look to another level. If you are not getting married this summer, then buy a few pairs of these tights to put away for the future.

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Levante Airskin Opaque Tights

The fabric feels soft and smooth. The legs and heel have some shaping.

Typical quality Levante with flat seams. Extra tall size does not have a gusset, but a triangular back panel. The back panel does make for a very loose fit in the panty area. The toes are the same thickness as the legs, but at 70 denier can’t be called sandal toe.

These tights are very big and very long. I would suggest that unless you need the extra size in the panty area or you are over 6’4″ tall, the tall size would be quite big enough. In 2007 this style was replaced by Levante 80 denier Ultimate Tights.

Levante Ultimate 80 vs Levante Airskin Opaque 70

Levante told UK Tights that the Ultimate 80 are the Airskin Opaque under a new name. Of course, being told that an 80 denier tight is a 70 denier does raise a few questions. More questions were raised when we found that the Levante Ultimate 80 tights in size X-Tall (black) fit our tester perfectly. That same tester remembered that the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal) had been about the biggest tights they had ever tested in terms of the size of the brief.

We decided therefore to re-examine the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall and to compare this with Levante Airskin Opaque in size Tall and another pair of Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall to see if we had another case of Levante “mispackaging.”

4 Pairs examined

  • Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal) – 11cm wide rear panel (measured at the waist), waistband 53cm un-stretched. Weight 60g 
  • Levante Airskin Opaque in size Tall (mocha). Identical to Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (black) in every detail, waistband 44cm un-stretched Weight 55g
  • Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (black). Identical to Levante Airskin Opaque in size Tall (mocha) in every respect, waistband 45cm un-stretched, Weight 55g
  • Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (mocha) Big in the brief but less so than Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal). 9cm wide rear panel (measured at the waist), waistband 49cm un-stretched. Weight 65g

There is no mention on any of the packets about a comfort rear panel in the brief. Airskin Opaque is described as 70 denier and credit Meryl with the microfibre manufacture, no mention is made of Meryl on the packets for the Levante Ultimate 80.

The main visual difference between the Levante Airskin Opaque and Levante Ultimate 80 is that the Airskin Opaque appears to have been shaped a little at the heel during finishing. On the leg, you cannot tell them apart.

What we did find is that Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (black) had a cotton gusset. Still, the same tights in mocha had a comfort rear panel and were much more prominent in the brief, although a little smaller than the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal). That detailing should vary according to the colour in a given design is not good.

The change in denier from 70 to 80 is a mystery as the tights look and feel the same. The scales did tell us though that the 80 denier with the comfort rear panel was slightly heavier than similarly detailed 70 denier.

If you can get your size correct both styles look and feel great, and will last and last. We have no idea if the sizing anomalies go through the range. But if you are looking for long tights but don’t have large hips, you may want to ask your supplier to check that you are getting cotton gusset tights. Luckily this can be done quickly without taking the pantyhose from the packet.

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Jonathan Aston Leopard Tulle Tights

When we saw the word “Leopard” in the name of these tights, our first reaction was “Oh dear not another ghastly leopard print”. But then we saw “Tulle” and realised that the what we could expect was a lace design with leopard styling, an altogether classier proposition.

There are two sizes and two colours, black and golden Mediterranean tan, our test pair was black and the larger size. The size chart suggests these should fit up to 6’0” (183cm) and 170lb (77kg), and up to 205lb (95kg) if you are less than 5’7” (170cm). The design includes such quality features as flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The lace pattern runs uninterrupted from the toe seam to the waistband.

The sizing is accurate, and the 10% Lycra ensure that you get both plenty of stretch and an incredible fit. Don’t get too carried away using the stretch to fit into a pair that is too small for you though as the effect of over-stretching tights that are quite sheer is to make the pattern rather pale.

The pattern does not convince as a leopard look, but that is probably a positive thing, it is, however, an attractive pattern. Be aware though that this type of pattern is not slimming, so if your legs tend towards “chunky” then look for a plain sheer or a vertical pattern. The tan shade most certainly looks better than the black and will give you a standout look for the spring and summer. Exciting design, good detailing and well made.

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Zohara Medusa Tattoo Leggings

Zohara sticks to a relatively simple recipe, one size, 120 denier plain tights with a printed pattern; simple but effective. One variation they do allow is to make some of the styles both as tights or leggings. This style is the footless version of their Medusa Tattoo tights.

In terms of basic construction, the two styles are identical aside from one has the toe end seamed at the end. Sheer to waist with flat seams and a gusset, they are well detailed and well made.

Both garments are the same length too so if have very long legs, then the footless version would work best. The heavy 120 denier material is smooth and soft to the touch and promises warmth, comfort and durability.

There is no front and back to either style and whichever way you put them on, you will get a design down the front of your left leg and the back of your right. The only variation we noticed with our test pieces was that the pattern was printed higher on the leg on the closed foot version to make sure it started above the ankle.

Both styles stretch to fit even the tallest of women, and the fit is excellent. Even at the maximum stretch the pattern is well defined. The pale colour and artistic design are not particularly slimming. But if you are slim in the leg, they make a bold and eye-catching fashion statement.

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