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Hanes Silk Reflection Luxury Pantyhose Collection

We love the packaging of these pantyhose (pantyhose, not tights as Hanes are from the USA). A classically simple picture of the hosiery on the front and a full description and size chart on the back.

The good impressions continue inside the packet, soft, smooth hosiery and instructions for putting on your new sheer hosiery printed on the card.

The sheer of the legs are finished with an elegant sandal toe and have been shaped at the heel. The top of the leg runs high up onto the hip. The hi-cut panty carries a stunning floral lace design and is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. There is a Hanes label to show you which is the back and which is the front and although the label has no size shown on it the sizing is coded into the waistband several small ridges on each hip… three for size E-F as reviewed.

Hanes sizing differs from European sizing in that there is no overlapping on the size chart. Sizes A-B and E-F are designed for ladies up to 5’7 with the swap over for weight being at 140lb. Size C-D covers the middle of the weight range 120-160lb but is sized taller, up to 6’0”.

“Soft as Cashmere”, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The look is as soft as they feel, the cosmetic finish making these tights near invisible on the leg with a perfectly even colour. Stunning for 20 denier hosiery.

The pretty panty comes high on the body for a very comfortable fit. You may want to consider wearing some other underwear, as is relatively see-

The light control panty is so light that it is just not worth the name; it just hugs your curves and fits nicely.

The sizing is far more generous than the size chart suggests, there is lots of stretch and strength to cope if you are taller. Our tip would be to buy based on weight alone.

Maybe not quite “Luxury Hosiery – Perfected” but very close indeed. Fantastic value for the price.

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