Max Mara Bombay Tights

How fine can a fishnet become before it becomes opaque or semi-opaque? The line is somewhere very close to these 40 denier tulle tights.
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Max Mara Berna Tights

Sometimes Max Mara naming can be confusing. The packet is printed with "Velato 13" on the front but the small label with size and colour also has the word "Berna" on it.
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Love Hate Opaque Patterned Tights

While some brands trumpet style, quality, exclusivity or a designer name, the focus with LoveHate is on unconventional and environmentally sound materials.
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Luisa Maria Lugli Love Line Tights

Hearts down the back of the legs of a pair of tights in place of the classic seam is not a new idea; it is a tried and tested one that we have seen done several times with varying degrees of success.
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Lores No. 563 Tights

Picking up these tights ready for review, we were struck by a thought. It is evident to anyone in manufacturing or retail that you need style numbers and stock numbers to track designs and inventory.
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Lores No. 416 Tights

Lores No. 416's rear, as is generally the case with Polish branded hosiery, gives a good idea of what to expect in terms of the construction
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Lores No. 200 Tights

One of the key trends of the season has been sheer tights with a “tattoo” motif, mostly 15-20 denier. At the other end of the scale, we have seen Zohara producing 120 denier tights with a printed on rather than a knitted-in design.
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Levante Ultimate Tights

“Ultimate” can mean many things. Hopefully, Levante doesn’t mean that they are the last tights they will ever make. Maybe the thickest, or perhaps they think they are their best, never to be surpassed.
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Levante Solare Tights

Solare is a style that is a constant in the Levante range, but that gets regular changes in design. The significant changes this time are a change from sheer to waist to a hi-line brief and an increase in denier from 6 to 8.
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Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

Levante has a reputation for making some great fashion tights, but they also produce some great sheer tights, sometimes with a twist. In this case, the twist is to combine sheer sandal toe legs with a heavy bikini style brief designed not as a control top but as a holding top.
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