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Aristoc Wet Look Tights

Aristoc Wet Look Tights are the way to go!

These tights create an excellent first impression; smooth and soft to the touch, fresh and glossy on the outside and warm and sweet on the inside. Well made with flat seams, in brief, a cotton lined gusset; sheer to the waist for wear with all lengths of skirts and shorts.

Made in two sizes, S/M and M/L, both for heights 5’3” to 5’10”, the smaller for hips 34” – 42” the larger for 42” – 48”. It is a little confusing that these sizes are more significant than the Aristoc sizing for their sensuous seam-free tights we also looked at today. The straight legs of these tights do seem very long. In fact, they were so long that they were too long to give a good fit on any of our ladies.   The fact that both sizes are supposedly sized for the same range of heights is worrying.

As the ultimate test of the size, we had our webmaster (6’5”, 16 stone, big feet..well you get the picture) have a try of them. Even on his solid frame, the legs were some two inches longer than required!

The sizing is a great pity as the look and feel of these tights is gorgeous. They feel as though they would last all winter too they are so well made.

We then got a second pair of these tights to look at, and we are happy to say that the sizing issue appears to have been resolved. Still quite generous, but at least they are now sized for humans!

With the sizing resolved we could get a better idea of the other features. Very comfortable to wear except for the toe detail that needed a little fiddling to get the toe seam where it was neither visible nor an irritation. A right, even colour, although we did notice a definite line down the inside and outside of each leg, possibly a result of the open packaging, as this enhanced rather than detracted from the look we can let it pass.

The weight both in look and feel is heavier than 100 denier suggests, these are opaque tights. The look the black pair was more satin than wet, indeed less wet look than the original purple pair and entirely outdone by the Religion Wet Look Leggings we received in the last few days.

As durable, satin finish heavy opaque tights these work, but if you want the high fashion wet look, then the leggings are the way to go even though they are close to double the price.

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Aristoc Bodytoners Waist Toner

Aristoc Bodytoners Waist Toner is a must skip!

Please note: This is a waist shaper only, not tights.

Let us get this quite clear again…these are not tights! What they are, is a ‘waspie-style’ body shaper to improve your waist definition, designed to be worn with a pair of non-shaping tights.

Made in two sizes Small/Medium for UK dress sizes 8-12 and Medium/Large for UK dress sizes 14-18.

The construction is identical to the top part of the Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights we recently reviewed.

The sizing is a little curious as it seems not to be the same as the tights, the waist toner being sized a little smaller than the tights.

We found that for anyone with hips. And any waist definition at all, the bottom welt of the waist toner had a habit of rolling upwards and leaving a clear line under your clothes.

Whereas our testers wanted to keep the Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights, they couldn’t wait to take this garment off. Pay the extra few pounds and buy the tights!

But wait, there’s more!

As one of our ladies was trying to get out of the waist toner, she made an exciting discovery. Pull it down to that the welt is on your waist and the bottom band is below your bottom, and this garment does a very nice job of smoothing your tummy and bottom. Similar to a very short Lycra micro miniskirt.

Not what it was designed for, but it does an excellent job.

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Aristoc Bodytoners Waist & Tummy Smoother Tights

Aristoc Waist & Tummy Smoother Tights are ‘perfect’!

A note on sizing…The Aristoc Bodytoners range is sized quite differently to regular tights. All sizes are designed for heights 4-10” to 5’10” with only your hip measurement/dress size determining the size you require. You may find that although you usually wear large tights, you can wear the Small/Medium in this range.

First impressions are excellent, as these tight feel ever so light and soft to the touch. Only when you open them out entirely, do you notice the control top, which is beautifully soft to the touch too? The construction is most interesting; the body is finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. Well, we say body, there is a very little actual body as what we have in fact is a waistband about 13 cm deep. This is formed by doubling over the material, so there is no defined top edge.

The sheer legs are shaped at the heel and finished with nearly invisible sandal toes.

However, you describe these tights, the waistband free body, or hugely deep waistband, is exceptionally comfortable. They smooth the waist and tummy without constricting, and they stay perfectly in place all day, either on waist or hips. The legs fit perfectly and give a beautifully smooth, even, soft finish.

You probably guessed by now that we love these tights. The perfect combination of sheer eye-catching hosiery and gentle smoothing.

Did I say “perfect” three times?

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Aristoc Bodytoner Waist & Thigh Smoother Tights

Aristoc Waist & Thigh Smoother Tights are unique but flawed.

A note on sizing…The Aristoc Bodytoners range is sized quite differently to regular tights. All sizes are designed for heights 4-10” to 5’10”, with only your hip measurement/dress size determining the size you require. You may find that although you usually wear large tights, you can wear the Small/Medium in this range.

The first thing you notice about these tights is the beautiful sheer legs with slight shaping at the heel, which look great and feel soft and silky too. The second thing is brief; it looks like a pair of shorts for a 7-year-old, it’s that tiny!

The brief construction is impressive, there are the flat seams and cotton lined gusset that are common across the Aristoc Bodytoners range, but there is no waistband. Rather than a waistband, the whole brief section from waist to just below the gusset where the legs attach is doubled over. We saw a similar detail on the Aristoc Waist & Tummy Smoother Tights.

We were surprised that it was quite easy to put these tights on, the brief may look tiny, but it has enormous amounts of stretch. The legs look fantastic and with the sandal toe making them suitable for wear with any shoe.

The top of the brief can be worn anywhere between waist and hips, and wherever you decide to wear it, will stay put. Indeed, more smoothing than shaping there is no sense of being squeezed or constricted.

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Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights

Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights is another excellent staple Aristoc product!

Aristoc Ultra Shine is a classic style with a long history. As you will see from the packets and review below, it has been through a variety of packet designs over the years, but the concept, denier and fibre mix have stayed pretty consistent. Equally important, the price has remained pretty much the same as well.

In the latest incarnation, there are five colours; from a ‘barely there’ nude to a ‘dark tan’ illusion with black and barely black for winter and evenings. Unlike some Aristoc styles, the Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large sizing is maintained.

Sheer to waist with shaping in the leg at the heel and a lightly reinforced toe. The panty has a cotton lined gusset and flat seams. Either side of the seam is a narrow reinforced strip that continues into a finger band to give the transition to the waistband. You will notice that the toe is not an entirely sheer sandal toe as implied on the packet.

Sizing is accurate and, despite being only ten denier, you don’t feel there is any danger of ripping them if you stretch a little more than Aristoc intended. The fit is perfect, and the smooth, shiny legs have perfect even colour.

These tights should be a staple wardrobe item for anyone who likes a lit of shine on there hosiery, an instant classic.

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Aristoc Ultra Satin Tights

Aristoc Ultra Satin could shine as great tights if they were slightly improved.

The new Aristoc range has been an overall improvement on that it replaces. That in itself was nicely made and good value. These tights feel smooth and soft in hand and look more beautiful than their quote on quote “20 Denier”.

Construction is good quality and contains excellent flat seams, a cotton lined gusset and sandal toes. The waistband is a little over 2 cm deep. The panty area is slightly darker than the legs, although it appears to be of the same weight. However, it is important to note that this boxer styling won’t suit everyone.

The satin finish is lovely and quite suitable for any time of day. Leg length looks good, and the body seems very long. The fit is perfect, with plenty of stretches, the body length may be a fraction too long for some

The light support makes these tights ideal for any event where you will be on your feet. Either at work where the subtle sheen will add a touch of elegance to a suitor at a party where the sandal toes mean, you can wear them with strappy shoes.

You can not see that these support tights by looking at them, and the grip on the leg is so subtle that you can not feel it at first either.

Good tights that would have been great tights, if they were genuinely sheer to waist.

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Aristoc Ultimate Satin Tights

Aristoc Ultimate Satin Tights are the ‘Ultimate’ pair of satin tights!

The years have seen a blurring of the line between the middle market and premium tights brands and nowhere is this more obvious than with Aristoc’s “Ultimate range which is now close in price to continental brands like Falke.

The question, of course, is whether they match the quality.

I must say that they do provide a perfect finish to the leg, but the devil is in the detail.

For your £12, you get sandal toes with a very well finished seam, sheer to waist construction with flat seams in the panty, a lined gusset and what the continentals call T-band reinforcement.

The T-band detail provides strength on either side of the seams and around the gusset and a sharp transition to the waistband. Visually, it gives an impression of sheer briefs.

Regarding sizing Aristoc have opted for a full fours sizes from Small/Petite to Extra Large/Extra Tall. It is great to see that they have not been tempted by the two size option which tends to leave tights coming up short on tall girls.

The largest size will fit up to 6’0 (183 cm) tall and 224lb (102kg) weight according to the size chart. That stretch means that both can be accommodated together, but you get a good fit if you are tall and slim or shorter and of a fuller figure.

Our only reservation is that if you like quite a bright finish on your satin tights, then these are pretty close to matt. If on the other hand, you want the matte finish then these are a more durable alternative to the ten denier Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights.

Well worth the price and deserving of the “Ultimate” name.

The packet notes refer to “…a revolutionary yarn that prevents holes turning into ladder…” on the ten denier version this is backed up with a Lycra Fusion logo. But there is no such logo on this packet so we cannot say for sure that these tights will resist runs and we have no intention of ruining a pair to find out.

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Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights – Part 2

Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights are still as sturdy as ever!

Note: This is part 2 of the Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights, done after the redesign.

So how does the new design stand up to inspection?

Well, good news on sizing to start off with no fewer than four sizes to choose from covering heights from 5’0” to 6’0” and hip measurements from 34” to 54”. For those of you of a metric disposition that is heights of 152-183cm and hips from 86-137cm. There is guidance on weight too, but hip and height are more useful measures. There is some overlap as regards the heights each size will cope with but the hip measurements are in clear steps. To get the last 2” or 5cm of height, you need the biggest hip size, a pity for tall, slender girls if the sizing is accurate.

£12 for a ten denier sheer tight and no inner bag! Plus the card the tights are on carries a picture of the old packaging. Not a great first impression.

In detail, these tights are made with unshaped legs and a great unreinforced sandal toe. The panty features flat seams and a cotton lined gusset; for strength, there is T-band reinforcement either side of the seam and below the waistband.

All in all, a very significant change from the past version and far better detailing.

We tested the large size as this was the one correctly sized for our model’s hips, although for height extra large would have been appropriate. The soft sheer material has masses of stretch and length was no problem, our recommendation is to buy based entirely on hip size for optimum fit.

Soft and sheer these tights may be, but you never feel there is any danger of them ripping or holing. Regarding fit, feel and overall impression of quality we would have to like them to the very best seamless tights.

Aristoc has excelled themselves with this design, they feel sublime, and they look as good as they feel, perfect even colour from hip to toe.

Will they resist runs? Well, we are not prepared to hold a pair to find out, they are just too lovely. But they feel robust. The Lycra fusion technology seems to have overcome the past problem where run resisting tights just never looked or felt as good a regular tights.

If ten denier is your thing, you should buy these tights in bulk. We can’t wait to try the Aristoc 5 denier Ultimate Sheer!

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Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights – Part 1

Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights are revolutionary!

Ultimate is something new from Aristoc, we have become accustomed to ‘Ultra’ as a name for their sheer tights. Something else unique about these tights is that they are the first we have seen from Aristoc that claim to be run resisting topical, as we have seen other makers releasing similar styles and one of our team recently starting having a lot of problems with ladders.

Not to be confused with Ultra Matte (later Ultra Natural) which was a 15 denier style. Ultimate Matt is pretty much as sheer as tights go these days at ten denier. At first, these tights don’t look so sheer but then you realise that, straight from the packet, even the large size seems quite small so that massive proportion of Lycra in the yarn will be doing a lot of stretching. Stretched over your hand, you can appreciate their lightness, stretch and strength.

As far as detailing goes, we can just about let Aristoc get away with claiming sheer toes, they are in fact reinforced but the reinforced part is only about 12 denier appearance and quite small. At the panty end, there is a cotton lined gusset and a reinforced area in the form of a very brief everyday panty that provides strength around the gusset and seams and a transition to the plain waistband. The seams in the panty are raised but well finished.

We are delighted to see Aristoc offer these tights in 3 sizes, the two size scheme these have used for some styles in the past tended to disappoint. The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to take a few liberties if you are more significant than the suggested sizes on the size chart. One small issue though is that the panty is very long, so the waistband is likely to sit above your waist, not tights to wear with hipster skirts or trousers. You may want to go down a size if you are near the size boundary.

The sheer material has a perfectly even matt finish and fits like a second skin and although not a smooth satin finish it is smoother and softer than other runs resist tights we have seen.

We can’t comment on the run resist technology as to date we have not had a small hole that could run, and these tights look and feel too lovely to damage them deliberately.

Excellent tights that deserve a place in your wardrobe for everyday wear.

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Aristoc Sensuous Seamfree Tights

Aristoc Sensuous make up for the sizing with its exceptional quality!

Seamless tights are something we always look forward to seeing, expensive to make they appear all too infrequently. For a significant UK manufacturer to introduce a seamless style and a ten denier seamless at that, has caused a lot of excitement. So much to that, they jumped straight to the front of the queue for a review.

We were a little disappointed that Aristoc opted to make just two sizes, S/M and M/L. They are both made for heights 5’0” to 5’8” with the difference being the hip sizing; 36”-40” for the smaller size and 40”-44” for the larger. It is understandable though, much as we would like to see an extra long size for taller ladies manufacturing costs and sales volumes make this uneconomic.

The packaging gives no real clue that these are premium tights, and when you first open the packet you may think at first that you have just got a lace top hold up, then you notice that there are two legs!

Made in one piece from the very lightly reinforced toes to the delicious lacy waistband the construction of these tights is typical of other seamless tights, and like other seamless tights, they are made to the very best quality the manufacturer can achieve.

They feel very soft, and for a ten denier very strong too. It is lucky that they are strong as they look quite small and need to stretch a lot, and stretch they do, you can easily stretch them up a 36” leg. So good news for all the tall girls.

They feel soft on the leg and do fit like a second skin giving a nice even matt colour.

But back to sizing. That pretty lace waistband has very limited stretch, and our model with 42” hips could not get it past them. It seems like Aristoc has made a total mess of the sizing, or, as it entirely possible our test pair in an M/L packet were S/M size.

They are lovely tights that you should certainly try.

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