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Golden Gracia Podium 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Podium 20 Tights are
very well priced!

Most of the tights we have seen from Gracia are sheers but they produce a vast range of fashion designs too, and this is one of them.

The design is a subtle twist on the classic 20 denier sheer to waist. Made with straight legs finished with a reinforced toe detail the twist is that each leg has a floral pattern running up the outside from toe to waistband.

The panty section is in the T-band style, that is to say, there is a narrow strip of heavier material either side of the seams and between the sheer legs and the waistband. This seam reinforcement and finger band detail don’t detract from the sheer to waist look but greatly improve durability. The seams are flat, and the gusset is cotton lined.

There are four sizes, of which we tested the largest, the sizing and fit are spot-on, and there is a real feeling of strength and quality. As sheer tights they work very well; even colour, perfect fit, smooth finish. The pattern adds another dimension, being quite narrow and running to the waist it both slims and lengthens your legs. The pattern looked less floral and more abstract on our test pair, a plus in our opinion as it opens up the possibility of wearing with more formal office or business attire as well as casual and party clothes.

Our only gripe is you can’t yet buy them in the UK. But we are looking for an outlet for this well priced well-made line of tights.

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Gracia Olya 20 Tights

Gracia Olya 20 Tights are a rare pair of inexpensive tights!

In case you wondered Olya is a variation on the girls’ name Olga. Here the name does not refer to an incredibly talented gymnast from the 1970s. But to the essential everyday tights from the Gracia range.

As you can see from the picture, these tights are sold not on a card in a flat packet but in a small box not much bigger than a pack of playing cards. For everyday tights, this is incredibly sensible as it means you can safely carry a spare pair in your handbag.

The tights themselves are typical of most entry-level styles, straight legs, reinforced toes and a boxer style brief. We are pleased to see though that Gracia has not skimped on quality. The toe seam is well finished as is the seam in the brief. You don’t get a gusset, but at £1.65 we would not expect one.

The legs are smooth, soft and sheer with a look on the leg that belies their price. Fit is good and the colour is even with a matt finish.

Sizing is not generous and we would suggest that if you are borderline for size the size up would fit better.

Good value tights that would work well for everyday wear. They would be an excellent emergency spare to have to hand if something more exotic developed a run.

A note on pricing. £1.65 is an estimated UK price based on small volume imports of the smaller sizes (1-4) larger sizes (5-6) will be a few pence more expensive. Once imported in large volumes you can expect to see a drop in the price.

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Golden Gracia Natali 20 Tights

Gracia Natali 20 Tights are incredible, especially for the price!

The design of these tights is pretty standard with no surprises. The legs are made straight with a reinforced toe. The sheer legs are topped off with a boxer style brief. The signs of quality above the basic every day are the transition band between the legs and the panty. This improves the fit, comfort and durability and flat seams and a gusset in the panty.

We could not detect any real compression in these tights. But they fit perfectly without a hint of bagging or sagging anywhere. The sizing is accurate, and the strength and stretch of the yarn mean you can take a few liberties with stretching beyond the suggested sizing if you like. The extra stretch is handy as sizes 5, and 6 have a comfort rear panel rather than a gusset, if you prefer a conventional gusset, as we do, then you could chance size four over size 5. Unlike some boxer style tops, this one fits as well as the legs.

Perfect even colour on the leg with quite a subdued finish, you would only see the shine in the packet photo under very particular lighting conditions. To the touch, the feel is reasonably soft.

Very well made 20 denier tights that are well worth the estimated price of £3.50. Sadly not yet available in the UK, but we are looking for potential retailers.

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Golden Gracia Model Top 40 Tights

Golden Gracia Model Top 40 Tights is mega comfortable!

First impressions are excellent. These tights look and feel great as you take them on the card, smooth, soft and yet durable.

The good impressions continue under more detailed examination the toes have a well-finished seam, and there is the smallest of reinforced toes, the legs are unshaped. It is in the panty that these tights are a little different; the flat seams and cotton gusset are also well made. There is a narrow reinforced strip giving strength ether side of the seam, the real difference is in the waistband which is only 1 cm deep. Below the waistband is a 6cm deep finger band, although on these tights it should perhaps be called a hip-band as the “model top” design is intended to sit on the hips and it is this band rather than the waistband that holds them in place.

There are 6 sizes so regardless of your height and weight there should be size perfect for you. Sizing is accurate but not overly generous, fit is excellent. The perfectly even colour together with the satin finish makes for a very flattering look.

Our one gripe was an asymmetry of the reinforced areas either side of the seams. It didn’t spoil the fit or the look on the leg but it let down the overall feeling of quality.

The hipster “model top” really does work with current fashions, and unlike other hipsters, it is comfortable to wear.

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Golden Gracia Model Top Tights

Golden Gracia Model Top Tights is incredible!

“Model Top” is Gracia’s way of describing hipster tights, and with modern low waisted skirts and trousers, hipsters are an ideal way of enjoying the look, comfort and convenience of tights without having your waistband on display.

A problem with hipsters is that sitting below the waist; they can be prone to slipping down or at least giving the impression that they are. Gracia has overcome this by having a very narrow waistband. More a hem to tidy the top of the tights. And then, a deep stretch finger band to grip your hips gently. The rest of the panty is nicely detailed too with flat seams and a cotton gusset; there is a narrow strip of reinforcement between the seams and the sheer material of the legs.

The legs are light and sheer; unshaped they are finished with a reinforced toe that features a run stop so that holes in the toes do not run up into the legs.

The size chart gives six sizes to cover heights from 146 cm to 176 cm and hips from 88 cm to 132 cm so there should be a size for everyone. There is enough stretch and strength to go beyond the limits in the size chart if you wish.

You only appreciate these tights once you have them on. The fit is perfect as is the evenness of the colour. They feel delightfully smooth and soft. The “model top” hipster design is excellent giving a perfectly smooth transition with never any hint that these tights will move from where you put them, quite simply the best hipster tights we have seen.

Of course, you wear tights to show off your legs are and the shimmering gloss finish will really catch the eye and flatter.

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Golden Gracia Micro Cotton Tights

Golden Gracia Micro Cotton Tights are warm!

These are the second tights we have looked at from the Golden Gracia collection. 130 denier seemed most appropriate for the weather, and somehow fitting for Russian tights.

The first two things you notice about these tights are the scent from the finishing process, which put us in mind of several Italian brands, and the very soft feel in hand. Despite being 130 deniers, there was no great sense of weight.

Construction is quite simple with straight legs finished with good quality toe seams. We were pleased to see that the weight and finish are uniforms from the toes all the way to the waistband. So many opaque tights look good on the legs and are spoilt by poor panty detailing. Gracia has done an excellent job. Not only maintaining the finish all the way to the waist but also incorporating flat seams and a thick, soft waistband. Smaller sizes have a cotton gusset, but our test pair was size 6, and so had a comfort gusset.

Sizing is by height and hip size. Much the most sensible way of sizing tights. Although if we were very critical, we could point out that the size chart only goes to size 5. Any thought of criticism was dispelled when we tried them on, they stretch and fit very well and extrapolating from the size chart we would say that the sizing is accurate to slightly generous.

The finish on the leg is a lovely soft matt with a smooth finish. The colour is perfectly even.

Perfect tights that manage to be warm and practical yet at the same time not in the least bit heavy, sensible yet stylish. An outstanding debut for Gracia.

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Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights are something you need to wear!

The style name does a better job of describing these tights than the description does, these are 20 denier tights that are made with a bikini style panty.

The legs feel light and soft as you take them off the card, but the panty comes as a complete surprise as it is not merely a pattern to give the impression of panties but actual panties.

The legs are made straight and finished with a reinforced toe. The panty is a high leg style, so the sheer material runs right to the hip on the outside of the leg.

The panty is quite heavy, thicker even than a regular pair of briefs. It is styled high leg with a pretty patterned transition to the leg. There are flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is 3 cm deep and bright design with comfort and a smooth silhouette in mind.

What a treat to wear! The legs are light, smooth and soft with a beautiful subtle shine, perfect fit and perfect even colour. The panty fits snugly without actually being a control or shaping top; more importantly, it completely removes the need for any other underwear.

A real winner from Gracia, if they had included a sandal toe detail these would have been almost perfect; as it is, you will have to look elsewhere if you plan to wear open toe shoes. If you want bright, durable and classy tights for everyday wear, these take some beating.

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