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Lores No. 563 Tights

Picking up these tights ready for review, we were struck by a thought. It is evident to anyone in manufacturing or retail that you need style numbers and stock numbers to track designs and inventory. Yet only a couple of companies carry the number through onto the packaging as the retail name of the tights. Most companies give their styles a name. Usually, something to provide a clue as to the fibre content or the finish. Sometimes, a seemingly random girl’s name. Seasonal themes based on places crop up a lot too.

Our first impressions are the soft microfibre tights look incredibly small even in the larger of the two sizes. The larger size is not intended to be huge by the way, just coping with a maximum height of 176cm and hips up to 120cm (5’9” and 47”), even so, that 12% Lycra will be working hard.
Detailing is very basic in the legs, which are straight and finished with quite a square toe. In the panty, the detailing is by contrast top class with both a cotton-lined gusset and flat seams.

Did we say that these tights looked small? At an absolute maximum stretch, our test pair would reach the top of a 30” (76cm) leg, measured floor to gusset. So take that size chart seriously and measure your legs if in doubt.

If they are big enough for you, these tights are a treat. Warm, soft and even weight and finish from hip to toe they look fantastic. The black on the black pattern is subtle and sophisticated and runs to the waistband so you can go as short as you like with your skirts or shorts. Close-fitting with even colour and a general feel of quality. No 563 is well worth its asking price, just so long as you are small enough to get into them.

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