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Fiore Talisa Tights

Fiore Talisa Tights are guaranteed to make you the life of the party!

Fiore continues to come up with designs putting a new slant on the classic sheer, Fiore Talisa tights sport a bold stripe down the outside of each leg…and sport is the right word as sportswear is the inspiration behind the design.

The basic tights are sheer to waist with flat seams, T-band reinforcement and a cotton lined gusset (sizes 3&4). The legs are unshaped, no doubt to facilitate the inclusion of the stripe detail and finished with a lightly reinforced toe.

The size chart defines five sizes, but we suspect only sizes 2-4 are made, these are intended to cover a range of heights and weights from 152-182 cm and 50-90kg. Usefully Fiore also includes guidance on hip measurement. The sizing is spot on, but if you are at the top end of a size guide, you may need a little patience to get all the necessary stretch.

We love the “go-faster” stripe, but you need to take care to get it perfectly straight, if you fail first time roll down to the ankle and start again, don’t twist. This stripe that is repeated up and down also helps to get the most out of the stretch available if you are tall.

The fit is excellent from hip to toe.

Once on the reinforced toe is hardly visible, but we still would not recommend wearing with open shoes. The side stripe goes from just behind the toe to the top of the thigh, pair with fashions that hide both ends for optimum effect. The design works very well, and that is mainly because these are quality sheer matt tights to start with; other fashion tights makers take note.

An absolute steal at a price, perfect for parties.

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Fiore Raula Tights

Fiore Raula Tights are trendy and inexpensive!

These tights come from Fiore’s Elite collection that up to now has been very impressive. This particular offering is a glossy 40 denier style which comes in a variety of colours; in the case of our test sample plum.

The packaging is high quality, and we love the styling in the photograph, very classy indeed.

By no stretch of the imagination are these lightweight tights you can feel every one of the forty deniers in the weight, but what you also feel is an excellent smoothness and softness.

The styling of the leg is very straightforward just a straight leg with a basic plain reinforced toe detail. Overall the styling is sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty, and a cotton lined gusset in the midrange sizes. Fiore has used the T-band styling that we have seen on many of their tights, that is a reinforced area either side of the body seam and around the gusset that merges in with a finger band, all designed to aid durability. A nice touch is a Fiore motif in the finger band on each hip. The waistband is a two-stage design with a deep transition (2.5cm) from the finger band to the shallow waistband proper (1.2cm).

Sizing is accurate, but we found that the panty was quite short so that you get more of a hipster fit; no bad thing but something to be aware of if you like your tights comfortably up on your waist.

There were a few very slight flaws in our test pair that meant the colour was not entirely even which was a pity as otherwise, the high gloss finish was visually stunning.

Not the best that we have seen from Fiore but at £2.99 still good value.

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Fiore Passion Suspender Fishnet Tights

Fiore Passion Suspender Fishnet Tights are so good!

Of our 100 plus reviews today only about ten have been fishnets, something of a surprise as they are very much in fashion at present.

Suspender tights have also been something of a rarity with only about six pairs reviewed.

As far as we can recall these are the first fishnet suspender tights we have seen.

With today being the hottest day of the year so far in England we had no trouble finding a tester for what should be cool and airy tights.

Fiore makes this style in sizes 2-4 only and our size four pair looked tiny.

Opening them out revealed a very shallow waistband of good quality and four suspender straps with a pretty lace edging. The straight legs are finished with a simple toe seam.

Putting suspender tights on can be a challenge but in this case well worth the effort. The high Lycra content gives lots of stretches and a great fit. The waistband sat perfectly on our model’s waist.  So long as your hips and waist are under 42” you should get these tights on without difficulty, the legs stretch easily to suit all typical lengths of the leg.

As cool and comfortable as we had hoped these tights feel as good as they look, and that is pretty good. Among the best suspender tights and best fishnets, we have tried, certainly something to get in your wardrobe for the summer.

If we have a criticism, it is that they are only available (via ‘UK Tights‘) in black and white. A natural shade would be just the thing for summer.

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Fiore Palome Tights

Fiore Palome Tights are a little underwhelming.

We were delighted when the UK importer of Fiore tights and stockings got back in touch with the offer of a new range to review; Fiore has consistently provided high quality and fantastic value for money.

Fiore Palome Tights are from the “Elite” range that we have not seen previously.

The packet as ever has a comprehensive description both in words and in graphics together with a size chart detailing the five sizes in the Fiore range.

First impressions are excellent; these are light, soft sheer to waist tights that feel sheerer than we would expect from 20 denier. The detailing is good with flat seams in the panty and the T-bar reinforced area either side of the seams and forming a transition between sheer panty and waistband. The finger band part of the T carries the Fiore motif on each hip. The waistband is unusual as it is made up of a very narrow right waistband (1cm deep) and a thicker transition band. The legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe.

Sizing initially seemed a little on the small side, but there is plenty of stretches if you take care to put these tights on in line with best practice. If they don’t quite fit then start again all the way from your toes stretching as you go, don’t pull. Your reward for patience is a fantastic fit like a second skin. Sizing is accurate but not generous, and if you are between sizes, we suggest you go up one size.

At 20 denier these tights are just a little heavy to disappear entirely, but the look is more like a 12-15 denier. The reinforced toe is indistinguishable from the rest of the leg once on. The sheen is eye-catching but a subtle satin-like look rather than a gloss look. Colour is perfectly even.

In our opinion, these tights are underpriced by at least £1. Brand quality at not much more than supermarket prices.

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Fiore Nicole Tights

Fiore Nicole Tights really show off your legs!

We had a few worries about the sizing of these tights, the chart on the packet suggested a size smaller than what we had chosen by referring to the usual size charts. These tights are made in three sizes: size two without gusset and sizes 3 and 4 with a cotton lined gusset.

The “feature” of these tights is that they combine the look of fashion leggings with fit and comfort of tights with a foot.

Unfolding them, you can see that there is no shaping in the leg nor at the heel. The brief section is topped with a 2,5 cm deep finger band with the Fiore-motif and a 4 cm deep waistband. Brief-seams are flat. The legs are finished with nearly invisible reinforcement at the toes, suitable for wear with open toe shoes.

Once on your legs, these tights do look like leggings, and they have a striking flowery pattern going from the ankle up to the finger band. The “leggings” part feels a little coarse on the outside but the look and feel on the legs leaves nothing to complain about.

In complete contrast, the ankle and foot section is smooth and sheer and shiny.

Overall the length and other fit are perfect, so the standard sizing is accurate. While the look is like leggings the comfort is much better, the foot holds the “cuff” in place, and because of this there is no need for elastic there, so you don’t get a ring around your leg. Having your foot covered makes shoes far more comfortable.

These tights look great with high-heels and a very short skirt. So go and buy them if you’re brave enough to show off your legs! They are a bargain for the price.

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Fiore Nadine Microfibre Tights

Fiore Nadine Microfibre Tights are fantastic for their price!

We haven’t commented on the quality of the packaging of many pairs of tights (after all, you wear the tights, not the packet!). But when you look at the price of these tights at £2.76 and then the quality of design, printing and manufacture of the packet you are left wondering if any money was left for the tights.

The detailed description on the back of the packet, cleverly shown in pictures to avoid translation into 10 languages, suggests very good quality design in the tights too.

The legs are made without any shaping but they run all the way to waist without any change in weight or denier (see below). The body seams are flat although not well finished at the waist. The pair we tested were size XL (note to the packaging designers when your size chart reads sizes 1 – 5 it would help to label the front of the packet the same way) and that meant a comfort rear panel rather than the cotton lined gusset of sizes 3 and 4.

The look on the leg is nice with good dense even colour and a matte finish. Once you have the tights on you can see a definite change in colour density about 5 cm below the gusset. Above the transition line, there seems to be far less stretch leading to a less good fit in the panty area.

Not the best tights we have seen from Fiore, but at £2.76 they are ideal for everyday wear in the colder months. But do avoid wearing them with very short skirts or very short shorts.

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Fiore Marisa Tights

Fiore Marisa Tights are dissatisfying.

Microfibre is something we are used to seeing in opaque winter tights, but this 20 denier offering from Fiore’s Elite range brings this soft fibre to sheer hosiery.

The feel in hand and the look straight from the packet are both exactly what we would have expected of an opaque; it is only when you consider how small they look that you realise how sheer they are made to look on the leg.

Construction is quite simple; straight legs finished with a light reinforced toe detail and then sheer all the way to the waist. The panty features fine cotton lined gusset (sizes 3 & 4 only) and flat seams. The waistband is a two-part affair with a deep finger band detail topped off with a right narrow waistband. Recent Fiore styles have featured a Fiore motif in the finger band, but on this style, the motif is in the sheer material of the leg placed on each hip.

As we said these tights looked small at first, but the 20% Lycra gives masses of stretch so that we can describe the sizing as accurate for hip sizing and potentially generous for leg length.

The fit is very close and comfortable with no bagging of sagging.

We had expected the look on the leg to be matt, but there was a definite sheen of the Lycra. Compared to regular 20 denier tights these look darker, more like 30 denier and we also had issues with banding in the colour of the black pair we tested. The banding may have been partly due to how much they were stretched on a long leg, but nothing we did could produce even colour over the whole leg.

A rare disappointment from Fiore, a pity as these is delightfully soft tights.

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Fiore Maggie Tights

Fiore Maggie Tights are great for a night out!

It is wrong to approach any review with preconceptions, yet we have seen so many styles from Fiore on the theme of sheer tights with an applied design that we almost feel we could write about these tights without opening the packet; but of course, we won’t!

That said there are no surprises. What we have here is typical Fiore, straight legged sheer to waist tights with very lightly reinforced sandal toes, T-band reinforcement, flat seams, and because our test pair is size four a cotton lined gusset. This, of course, is true of most Fiore sheer fashion tights, it is the design that matters.

Lurex thread is incorporated into the knitted in a pattern down the side of each leg, just enough to make it the absolute centre of attention. The pattern runs from just behind the toe to a few inches below gusset level, in the picture above you see the full extent. If we were to be picky, we would like to see it go a bit higher so that at an accidental rising of your skirt hem did not reveal the top and spoil the illusion of it being endless.

Sizing is defined regarding height, weight and hip size. We would typically recommend going by hip size and the height, but here we think you should pay heed to the weight guidance as the panty portion is not particularly generous. You can ignore the height guidance as the chart doesn’t differentiate very much and size four will fit way beyond 180cm.

The fit is excellent hip to toe, and the base sheer tight has a very good, even colour showing off the design perfectly.

Fun tights for a party or night out would also work as part of a more sophisticated outfit built around a little black dress and silver accessories too.

As ever the price is right, Fiore still offers some of the best value to be found in fashion hosiery.

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Fiore Lorena Leggings

Fiore Lorena Leggings are amazing!

As the weather finally starts to warm up in the UK, it is time to look at the alternatives to the opaque tights, so many ladies have been wearing since the end of last summer. There are a few ways to go:

  • Stockings with suspenders, cool, sexy but rather a lot of effort in the morning if you are not well practised;
  • Hold up stockings, which are great if they will hold up all day for you;
  • Sheer summer weight tights, our personal favourite;
  • This alternative from Fiore, footless tights. (Yes you could go bare legged, but if you think that is a good option you are on the wrong page!)

Notice we said footless tights, Fiore calls these leggings but that is just a linguistic anomaly, these are tights to wear with a skirt or shorts. 30 denier with a lace effect the intention is clearly to give maximum concealing effect with minimum weight; a smart choice!

Detailing is simple but well considered. Flat seams in the panty, plain cuff at the ankle and average weight and finish lace effect between. The packet says gusset in sizes 3 and 4 and our size 4 test pair does indeed have a cotton lined gusset to help with fit and freshness, but the packet also says boxer style reinforced panty which is incorrect; these are sheer to waist tights.

Sizing is spot on regarding hip sizing, we suggest you consider this rather than weight, and generous regarding length. Even if you are extremely leggy, you will be able to have the cuff at ankle level.

The 30 denier lace conceals skin imperfections as well as any opaque and if very much more stylish. Perfect for legs not quite ready yet to face the world after the winter.

Great fit, great style and a great price.

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Fiore Isabella Tights

Fiore Isabella Tights misses the mark.

The description of these tights did not prepare us for what we first saw on taking them from the packet, although close inspection of the picture would have given a clue; the ankle motif features five tiny crystals on each ankle. The crystal is perhaps intended to emphasise the rest of the ankle motif, but we found that the rest was so subtle, even with metallic yarn, that the sparkle of the crystal overwhelmed the motif.

The motif aside these are quite ordinary tights. Straight 40 denier microfibre legs attached to a reinforced panty that does not, in fact, have flat seams. The panty does, however, include the advertised cotton lined gusset.

Sizing is accurate, and the fit of the legs is very good. The legs have good even colour, and the soft matt finish looks as good as it feels. The ankle motif stands out better once the tights are at full stretch, but you need quite strong light to see it well.

A boxer style brief would not have been our choice for this design, it does not look very nice, and you will need to choose skirts and dresses that keep it well out of sight.

A crystal motif is quite a rare thing on what are very reasonably priced fashion tights, but we would have preferred Fiore to have spent just a little more making the basic tights up to a better standard.

A nice idea at a reasonable price but just not well enough delivered.

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