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Golden Gracia Natali 20 Tights

Gracia Natali 20 Tights are incredible, especially for the price!

The design of these tights is pretty standard with no surprises. The legs are made straight with a reinforced toe. The sheer legs are topped off with a boxer style brief. The signs of quality above the basic every day are the transition band between the legs and the panty. This improves the fit, comfort and durability and flat seams and a gusset in the panty.

We could not detect any real compression in these tights. But they fit perfectly without a hint of bagging or sagging anywhere. The sizing is accurate, and the strength and stretch of the yarn mean you can take a few liberties with stretching beyond the suggested sizing if you like. The extra stretch is handy as sizes 5, and 6 have a comfort rear panel rather than a gusset, if you prefer a conventional gusset, as we do, then you could chance size four over size 5. Unlike some boxer style tops, this one fits as well as the legs.

Perfect even colour on the leg with quite a subdued finish, you would only see the shine in the packet photo under very particular lighting conditions. To the touch, the feel is reasonably soft.

Very well made 20 denier tights that are well worth the estimated price of £3.50. Sadly not yet available in the UK, but we are looking for potential retailers.

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