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Fiore Activa 20 Tights

Fiore Activa 20 Tights are phenomenal, even at the lower price!

This is the first product from Fiore that we have reviewed. The packaging in encouraging, a good quality nicely printed cardboard outer with the tights in a bag on a card inside.

The good impressions continue when you take the tights out, they look to have a good smooth finish, and they feel delightfully soft in hand. A close visual inspection revealed two minor flaws in our test sample, quite acceptable in tights at this price. The construction of these tights is quite unusual. There is a 3.5cm deep waistband, and then a 9 cm deep finger band, aside from some reinforcement either side of the central seam the tights are them sheer to the toes. The body seams are flat, and there is a cotton lined gusset, high quality features seldom seen on less expensive hosiery.

The legs are unshaped and look to have good length. A feature that we have never seen before on any tights is an extension of the reinforcement in the toe to provide a reinforced sole with unique detailing under the arch. An excellent idea that should improve comfort and greatly improve durability. (Helen is particularly prone to small holes in her tights under the soles of her feet, this could be the answer.)

Sizing is not generous, but the sizing chart is accurate. The reinforced toe, sole and heel is right and improves comfort. The fit on the legs is excellent, and the finish is smooth, soft and even, the manufacturing flaws we noticed earlier not evident on the leg.

The panty is comfortable and stays in place well, sitting quite low on the waist. The Fiore motif woven into the finger band is a nice classy detail.

Excellent tights that we have no hesitation in recommending both for how they look and how they feel. At £1.75 they are the bargain of the year.

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Falke Soft Merino Tights

Falke Soft Merino Tights are so supple and comfy!

First a confession. When we saw that these tights were a wool-cotton mix, and felt the sock-like texture handling them in their open packaging we put them aside for another day. Luckily another day has arrived before the end of winter because these are not summer tights!

Putting our preconceptions aside we are pleased to note that the quality is everything you would expect from Falke. The in size shaped and reinforced heel and toe detail may reinforce the impression of socks, but it should ensure a great fit and a high degree of comfort. The seams in the panty are flat and exceptionally well made. Sheer (well uniform at least) from toe to the very deep (7cm un-stretched) waistband so suitable for any length of skirt or shorts. Just one surprise in the construction, a comfort rear gusset in size 4 Falke, generally only size 5 has this feature while smaller sizes have a conventional gusset.

On the subject of size, there are three sizes to choose from, Small/Medium, Medium and Large. There are eight choices of colour too, mostly fairly subdues autumn/winter shades with red pepper for the brave and bold.

The combination of the knit and the small amount of Lycra provides excellent stretch and a remarkably good fit, not in the least bit sock like in any way. Sizing, as we would expect from Falke, is spot on with the largest size sensibly having a long foot to go with the long leg. Delightfully soft and comfortable and very warm without being hot and sweaty; pure Merino wool is claimed to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and this appears to hold true here although Falke makes no such claim.

Wool and cotton are natural fibres so with the best will in the world you will not get the perfect even colour that you get from synthetics.

Well made, comfortable, durable and cosy winter tights that are by far the best natural fibre tights we have seen.

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Falke Shelina Tights

Falke Shelina Tights are irresistible!

When looking at summer weight bare keg look tights, the standard against which we have measured all others is Falke Shelina. For years they have been the standard summer legwear for both members of the Tights Fashion team and the owner of a certain well known online hosiery store *hint UK Tights hint*.

Part of what made them stand out was that they were 100% nylon, no Lycra at all, stretching only because of the knit.

We were so busy wearing them that we entirely forgot to refresh the review when Falke changed the fibre mix to include polyurethane. In our defence we must say that the look and feel have not changed, the modified fibre does however significantly improve how they feel in hot weather, much cooler. It was the lack of warm weather in the north if England that caught us out and only a recent trip to the heat of Rome that drew our attention to the cooling properties.

So the 2012 version of Shelina is much like the previous ones, light, sheer to waist, sandal toes, flat seams, T-band reinforcement and a lined gusset. Perfect summer tights.

The fit is on the generous side of accurate with plenty of stretch for tall girls in spite of the lack of Lycra. You also get that essential “is she? Isn’t she?” bare-legged look with just enough shine for a healthy natural tan look.

Are they tights just for the summer? Well no, in fact as the weather cools these are the perfect way to stretch out your summer tan into autumn without catching a chill.  As things get colder still sheer tights are ideal for adding a layer under trouser.

Assuming they survive the winter, your Shelina tights will let you start the spring with a healthy tan too.

A firm favourite for a reason and still the summer tights to beat. Lovely sheer tights that are giving a perfect finish on the leg, invisible in the right tone.

Sheer gusset, very long in the body. Unshaped heel but a perfect fit. Feel far more fine and sheer than 15 denier, tights for touching as much as looking at.

My thanks to Bronwyn for letting me know how these tights perform long term. Sadly the durability of the pair she tested for me was not great, with threads pulling within an hour of putting them on. Other pairs of tights have performed well, even after being worn so many times. These are longtime favourites of ours that we have recommended for several years. If you can’t find them, Max Mara Premium 13 Tights look and feel very much the same as a similar price.

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Falke Sensual Touch Tights

Falke Sensual Touch Tights are worth the price!

When we saw the name “Falke Sensual Touch Tights” our first reaction was that this must be a new sheer style from Falke for the Spring; Oh how wrong we were! These tights are designed very much for the colder months, ideal for the current weather.

The packaging describes them as “silk-cashmere blend”, but with just 8% of each of these fibres, this is perhaps just a little misleading. That mix of natural and synthetic fibres wasn’t just plucked out of thin air; we must assume that each is there for a purpose.

There are four colours to choose from, all classic shades for winter opaques, black, anthracite, light grey and navy blue. A sensible choice as these premium-priced tights is aimed at the well-dressed woman who wants to look good but stays warm in more formal environments.

Choice of size is limited to Falke’s sizes, Small/Medium, Medium and Large.

Falke is a major producer of men’s socks, and this shows in the construction of the foot of these tights which have a fully shaped reinforced heel and toe, they even printed the brand, style name and size on the sole!

From the ankle to the very deep soft waistband the tights are of uniform knit and weight. As with the heavier Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights, the Large size has the comfort gusset usually only seen on size 5 Falke tights. Construction is pretty much identical to that other style.

There is no escaping the slight sock like the look of these tights, but they are soft, comfortable, warm and cosy. The ribbing of the knit is subtle enough to give a finish far more like a pinstripe than ribbed school tights, very classy indeed.

Sizing is slightly on the generous side, the foot in the Large size will be a real issue if you have dainty feet, go down a size if you are on the border between sizes.

£27.00 may seem like a lot for a pair of tights, but these are tights that you will have to wear out, they won’t ladder. But I pair now, and they should still be going strong at the end of next winter.

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Falke Sensation 50 Denier Seamless Tights

Falke Sensation 50 Denier Seamless Tights are perfect for cold nights!

When the Falke Sensation Tights arrived in 20 denier, and 50 denier versions in the middle of July we thought we would be reviewing the 20 denier and putting the 50 denier away until the autumn but the unseasonably chilly weather here in Northern England is perfect for 50 denier tights.

Light opaque seamless tights are not particularly standard, in fact, the only other style that fits that description comes from Wolford, and it is one of the few styles from them that we have not seen, so we have no idea what to expect.

Unlike most seamless tights these do have a definite front and back, Falke has included a label on the 5 cm (2”) deep waistband so that you can quickly tell back from the front, and it matters because the legs are shaped at the heel. The waistband is made of a geometric lace that will undoubtedly not disgrace if you happen to let it show.

Smooth and soft are the two words that come to mind when considering the material, closely followed by durable and stretchy.

There is no doubting the quality of the materials, nor the craft which is excellent from toe seam to the waistband, but that could be said of any tights from Falke, with seamless tights fit everything.

Various makers have tried different methods to make seamless tights with the significant differences coming where conventional tights would have a gusset. The very best are entirely sheer in this area, and we are pleased to report that Falke has gone for this top end detailing.

Only once you have the tights on, can you see the dark diagonal lines from the crotch area to high on the hip where the stitching changes direction? The darkness of line is emphasised by the fact that the front of the tights in the panty appears sheerer than the legs. By good design, the line sits in the crease where your thigh meets your hips.  The colour of the legs is perfectly even and has a matt finish with just a hint of sheen in direct light.

Seamless tights are frequently styled short in the body because of the way they have to be knitted; these are no exception the deep lace waistband being required to bridge the gap from hips to waist.

Sizing is accurate, and the fit is very good, the only slight issue we have is with the waistband which unless you have a pronounced waist or slim firm hips can be prone to rolling a little. What you do not get of course is any visible seam lines showing through even the most clinging of dresses.

These are well made, and durable tights that should last and last, perhaps not for everyday wear but they are a class apart from regular opaques and the way they follow every curve of your body makes you feel special.

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Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights

Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights are the best!

The vast extra expense in making tights without seams means that new styles are rare and many of the seamless tights we have seen in the past are no longer made with just a few manufacturers such as Wolford maintaining seamless tights in their range.

Falke is one of our favourite hosiery brands with their Pure Matt and Seidenglatt tights being their day to day wear when not reviewing other brand and styles. So a seamless style from Falke in 20 denier and a matte finish is a rare treat.

First impressions are excellent, the soft matt material is like a slightly heavier version of Wolford fatal 15 Hold Ups, and there is no better recommendation as that is the benchmark for seamless pantyhose. The legs are lightly shaped at the heel and combine a sandal toe and perfect flat toe seam for maximum versatility and comfort.

There are several ways of creating seamless tights and the method used here is very similar to Wolford with the direction of knitting changing through 45 degrees in the panty giving faint diagonal lines front and back. As is frequently the case with seamless the panty is knitted short with waist-high length provided by a deep waistband, in this case, a lace waistband like with Wolford fatal lace tights.

Falke only makes this style in sizes 0-4 (Small-Large), and the sizing is a little less generous than some of their other styles, but it is still on the generous side of accurate, particularly regarding length; the large size would fit a very leggy 5’11”.

The waistband does sit a little low and to get the best fit a well defined or at least firm waistline would be best. The waistband can be little prone to rolling over if you lack tone around your middle, in that no different to Wolford.

Colour is perfectly even, and the 20 denier matt material gives excellent colour density.

Inevitably the question arises as to which we would choose, Falke or Wolford. The Wolfords are softer and sheerer, but the Falke have a sandal toe and fit just a little better on the leg, it is quite impossible to choose.

As a final test to see just which was longer in the body, the two were tried together, one on top of the other. What told us was that there is nothing to choose at all regarding size and length in the body, but if you ever feel the need for something heavier than 15 or 20 denier then forget the 50 denier options and wear the Falke and Wolford together!

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Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights are perfect for those cold winter days!

Long terms readers of Tights Fashion will know that our site started out as private research to find the tights that had the best balance between look/feel/durability/price. You will also know that the Falke Seidenglatt 15 tights came out as our top choice.

This 70 denier version is a little bit more expensive and has a different fibre mix with less Lycra.

Again five sizes are covering up to 6’0” tall and 225 lbs. We tested size 5. Courtesy of UK

The customary Falke quality is apparent as soon as you open the packet, smooth and flawless. In the hand, these tights are silky smooth and soft.

Sheer to the waist and finished with a reinforced toe and flat seams in the brief area these tights ooze quality. In the largest size, the cotton gusset is replaced with a back panel to give more width. The waistband is about 1.5cm deep and is sewn directly onto the body of the tights with no transition.

Although the legs of these tights did not look very long, they stretched very easily, so much so that they were too long for our female testers. They are long in the body also, comfortably reaching the waist of our tallest lady. The size chart does appear to be quite generous so choose your size carefully.

These are incredibly smooth and soft tights that are an absolute delight to wear. They look fantastic too, the shine on the finish giving a costly look. Indeed our favourite 70 denier pair of tights.

What a pity the warm weather is almost upon us; buy these now and put them away for the autumn.

Update by Angelika “We took a special look at two autumn colours of this range: aubergine and tea-green. The aubergine colour is more striking, perfect for a night out as well as for a smart look by day. Tea-green is less eye-catching, but both colours are made with a wonderful lustrous shine, they have that certain something and never look like tights made for just ‘keeping warm’, although they do that job very well. As for wearing we have to say that they feel delightfully soft and smooth. They doubtlessly deserve their name ‘Seidenglatt’ which is German for “smooth like silk”. Even putting them on is as though they are sliding themselves on.”

No matter what colour you choose you will always attract attention with these fantastic quality tights!

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Falke Seidenglatt 15 Tights

Falke Seidenglatt 15 Tights really knock it out of the park!

We bought size large for our review. The size was spot on for our tallest tester. Falke sizing goes to XXL in this style and is accurate to generous; you would need to be a little bit larger to wear the XXL.

These fully shaped tights fit exceptionally well and have just a slight sheen, the feel is smooth with just a hint of hardness in the yarn.

More recently we tested XL size pair that came with the new packaging. These have a sheer back panel rather than the cotton gusset. Sizing is very generous, ideal for ladies with wider hips; length is as the L size.

These are exceptionally well made, durable and sexy tights and a firm favourite with everyone who has tried them. Suitable for both work and a night out.

Sometimes words are not enough, and you need a picture so we asked one of our models to pose for one so you can see just how fantastic these tights look on your legs:


We hope that you agree and can see why these continue to be our favourite tights.

In spite of the recent falls in the Pound (£) against the Euro (€), you can still buy these tights for under £8.00…and you should! (Sadly as of September 2013 they are about £12 a pair but still well worth every penny)

Fort Spring 2009 Falke have added some bright and bold colours to the Seidenglatt range, sadly we have only seen these in Germany so far but hope to see them in the UK soon. If you can’t find them here, the Falke Lopez Tights are also a great alternative.

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Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights

Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are entrancing!

If you want to know what luxury hosiery looks and feels like just open a packet of Falke Pure Shine 15 tights.

No surprise to us of course because we know Falke make superb sheer tights: Falke Lunelle UltraFalke Shelina 12 (for the “Is she? Isn’t she?” bare-legged look), Falke Pure Matt 20, for perfect even colour, Falke Seidenglatt 15 for a shimmering glossy look. Did Falke need another sheer style? No. Does this style add anything to their range? Oh yes!

Sitting in between Shelina and Pure Matt for weight and more subtle than Seidenglatt this style is perfectly conceived. Only slightly heavier than Shelina yet with far higher colour density, almost on a par with Pure Matt and Seidenglatt. The finish is shiny rather than glossy a perfect compromise between Pure Matt and Seidenglatt. Smooth and soft to the touch, these are the pick of the Falke range for how they feel.

As with all Falke tights, the Pure Shine style is beautifully detailed. Reinforced toes for strength and durability but then entirely sheer to waist. Shaped at the heel, but not reinforced, the fit on the leg is perfect. The panty features flat seams in all sizes and a cotton lined gusset in sizes Small, Medium and Large. The XL and XXL sizes have a comfort rear gusset. As ever with Falke the sizing is on the generous side of accurate and such is the quality that you feel you can take advantage of every bit of stretch; our tip is to stick to sizes S-L if you can and go for XL or XXL only if you need the extra width in the hips.

Tights Fashion staff wear Falke every day and have done for years. Pure Matt displaced Seidenglatt for daytime wear, but I think we have found a new favourite.

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Falke Monroe Tights

Falke Monroe Tights are a massive hit!

Jazz up any one of your outfits with these stunning striped tights from Falke. With a flattering vertical pattern, these tights will elongate your legs perfectly; what more could a girl want?

The pattern itself is made up of a combination of delicate mesh stripes and opaque stripes, which is very similar to that of a 30 denier. The stripes vary in width, around the leg, with some being thicker than the others.

The pattern runs from toe to waist, making them ideal to wear with your favourite little black dress.

Regular readers will know that Falke sheer tights are among our all-time favourites, their fashion designs are perhaps a little eclipsed by them so that it is easy to associate Falke with classic sheers and other brands with high fashion designs. This style and others we will be reviewing over the coming weeks remind us all that Falke do fashion too.

You don’t get much of the first impression of these tights, the first reaction is another matt finish opaque, but closer inspection reveals the vertical design of alternating plain and textured stripes. Falke quality is evident as soon as you open out the legs, they are shaped, and the pattern runs all the way from the toe seams to the waistband. In the panty, there are flat seams and a cotton gusset.

Falke makes these tights in 5 sizes from Small to Large, including what could be described as two half sizes of Small/Medium and Medium-Large. The combination of 12% Lycra and Falke quality mean that you can take some liberties with the sizing, but the pattern will look better if you get the right size.

The pattern is very flattering on the leg. The stripes are fine and open tulle that alternate, with the added twist, that as you follow them around the leg one gets wider as the other gets narrower with the result that the more open tulle dominates front and back and the finer tulle dominates on the sides of your legs. A smart and flattering design. That the stripes run straight over their whole length is a testament to the thought that went into the construction, a marked contrast with the Celeste Stein tights we looked at a few days ago.

Not only do Falke do fashion, they do it exceptionally well, but of course we expected nothing less.

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