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Cervin Paris Burano Tights

Cervin Paris Burano Tights look gorgeous!

You certainly can’t accuse Cervin of playing safe with the design of these tights, but of course, high fashion is a feature of Cervin Paris.

First impressions of the tights were almost an anticlimax, after seeing the photos we have here, as the lower leg was uppermost in the packet. We had to look closely to see the patterning on the opaque material.

Opening the tights out we could immediately feel the difference between the thick textured lower leg and the smooth, sheer upper leg and panty.

Visually, the lower patterned leg is around 50 denier and has a raised pattern from the opaque toe, around the shaped heel. Around two-thirds of the way up the leg is a diagonal transition to a sheer upper portion around 20 denier. Construction is then sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset

Some care is needed in putting these tights on. The sizing is accurate but not generous. The lower leg is solid and fits very tight; this encourages you to be quite robust in pulling them up. Repeating this treatment with the sheer upper portion will end in tears.

Once on your legs, the look is excellent although the diamond patterns in the sheer thigh did not quite match the rest of the tights for quality.

The look on the leg is most eye-catching and with the right shoes would give an impression of stretch boot worn over sheer tights, although with detailing at the knee that boots could never achieve.

A skirt short enough to show a little of the sheer upper leg is a must. Otherwise, you may as well buy a more robust and cheaper patterned opaque. Get the shoes and the skirt right, and you will have everyone’s attention.

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Couture Sheer Shine Tights

Couture Sheer Shine Tights is disappointing…

The Couture Indulgent Hosiery collection has three styles of sheer tights, Sheer 10 and Sheer 15 have a matt finish, and this style completes the set at 15 denier with a gloss finish. Some of our favourite tights of all time are 15 denier gloss finish, it is the sweet spot between too sheer to be durable and too heavy to give a bare-legged look, and the gloss tights tend to be the most durable and so the best value for money. Prices at £1.45 more than Falke Seidenglatt these tights will not only have to be right; they will have to be exceptional.

One small issue is that at the time of writing the only colours available are smoke and cocoa; there is no black and no natural shade.

Oh dear! The description on the box sounded great, but the tights are just not as described. Firstly they are not sheer to waist “all sheer panty section” meant sheer to waist with the other two styles in the range, but these have a matt finish boxer style brief. Our test pair, which is supposed to be Large, has the Extra Large style’s comfort gusset and a boxer style panty. Secondly, the seams in the panty are not flat they are just regular machine sewn seams.

The legs are as described, a lightly reinforced toe detail, shaped at the heel, shiny and quite light for 15 denier.

If this is a simple case of mispacking and this is what the Extra size is like, then avoid the Extra size and look for another brand if you need the size. Sadly we have no way of knowing if the smaller sizes do match the description on the box.

The fit and finish on the legs are very good, and the sizing is accurate but the way this XL pair is styled it is competing with supermarket tights at a quarter of the price. The finish has some shine, but it is quite subtle.

We will try to get a Large pair first to see if it is just the XL you need to avoid.

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Couture Sheer 15 Tights

Couture Sheer 15 Tights have created another great product!

With all the patterned fashion hosiery we have seen recently it would be easy to forget that sheer hosiery exists at all, luckily a review sample arrived for what we hope will be a high quality sheer to remind us of what we like most about tights.

These tights come in a nicely designed box which creates an excellent first impression, and that right impression is maintained when you first see the tights then feel them as they just glide off the card into your hand.

Sheer to waist of course with fully shaped legs and heel. The toes are finished with a lightly reinforced toe detail, although it is sheer it is quite easily distinguished from the leg so we would suggest that there are better options if you plan to wear open shoes.

The panty features flat seams and a narrow T-band to give strength at the seams, around the gusset and at the transition to the waistband. Simple, classic and functional.

Sizing is spot on but not overly generous, select the correct size though, and you will be rewarded with an excellent fit. Colour is perfectly even, and at 15 denier there is just the right amount colour density to make it clear you are wearing tights but not so much that your legs are completely hidden.

Pricing at £8.95 is pretty brave as it pitches this style into head-on competition with the likes of Falke and Kunert both of whom make excellent 15 denier hosiery. They say fortune favours the brave and if there is any justice Couture will do well with this style as it is a match for the German competition. Falke is our favourite brand for mid-price quality sheers but their 15 denier offering is glossy, and their matt offering is 20 denier…Couture has managed to fill the gap with this 15 denier matt finish style.

UK Tights have this style of colour called “Smoke”; this is a pale grey with a hint of purple. Not a typical tone but one that flatters the legs and a great compromise between natural and barely black.

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Couture Sheer 10 Tights

Couture Sheer 10 Tights is almost perfect!

It has been a while since we last looked at a pair of tights bearing the Couture name and in that time the brand has had several owners. In the past, Couture was synonymous with good quality hosiery, and we hope that this is a return to form.

The packaging is not a bad start, a full cardboard box with a picture and a small window on the front and extensive styling notes and sizing chart on the back. The tights are presented on a card inside a sealed plastic bag, and very sensibly this is all sized such that it will be easy to put the tights back in the packet after wearing and washing.

Even on their card and in the bag you can feel how little weight there is in these tights, out of the bag you realize what they mean by “superior handle” they mean feather light and gossamer thin.

Sheer to waist with very lightly reinforced toes and shaping at the heel the detailing is simple but elegant. Just the narrowest of reinforced strips either side of the flat seams and around the cotton gusset and a finger band for durability. The waistband is soft and straightforward.

The finish on the leg is flawless with perfect even colour, sheer enough to give a bare-legged look if you select the correct shade for your skin tone. The toe detail is only visible on very close inspection so these can be called sandal toe tights.

The sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent.

If we have a criticism it is that at the time of writing the only two shades available are smoke and cocoa. Both great colours, the smoke shade being particularly classy, but black and a few skin tone shades would be nice, please.

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Charnos Ultimate Shaper Tights

Charnos Ultimate Shaper Tights are a great all around product!

Charnos make these tights in Italy and make four sizes from Small to Extra Large. Our sample pair came in size small for ladies up to 5’4” tall and 38” hips. The sizing is such that Large is the tallest ladies and X-Large for those most full in the hips.

Flattens the tummy and lifts your bum while smoothing hips and slimming thighs.

In the Small size, they look quite bizarre as the large control panty is almost as long as the light sheer legs. The legs are made straight with a sandal toe and have a matt finish. The panty is designed like a pair of cycling shorts, long in the body and extending part way down the legs.

Closer inspection of the panty reveals that is made of some bands and zones, apparently intended to lift and shape rather than just squeeze. The flat seams and cotton gusset give an impression of quality, one that is slightly let down by the fact that on our test pair the controlling bands did not line up either side of the central seam possibly not enough to give you a lopsided silhouette, but disappointing.

We don’t have a tester who fits into the small sizing specified, so we tried someone larger, and we got a surprise. We can only assume that our test pair were wrongly packaged as they stretched comfortably to fit someone taller than the top end of the Large size.

The legs have a beautiful cosmetic powder finish and the brief smoothes and shapes without constricting. The transition from control top to a sheer leg is cleverly engineered to avoid bumps and bulges.

Sizing concerns aside these are effective and comfortable tights at a sensible price.

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Charnos Two Tone Cube Tights

Charnos Two Tone Cube Tights fall flat.

Overlooking the open packet, aka cardboard hanger, that these tights arrive in/on first impressions are pretty good. There is an impression of quality and a textured feel not unlike a soft fishnet. Stretch the material over your hand, and the original square geometric pattern is revealed, of which later.

As for construction, these are tights of great contrast, the legs are unshaped, but they are well made and made without a reinforced toe which makes them far more versatile when it comes to choice of footwear. The pattern stops just south of the gusset, and the fact that there is a gusset is the only positive thing we can say about the panty.  The plain panty is just rather cheap and dull; styled as it is anyone wearing these tights with very short shorts or a very short skirt is going to commit the fashion faux pas of having the panty section showing.

Another grumble about the packet. The size chart details four sizes, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, our test pair of tights are size M/L…which is what size exactly? A case of a standard packet to which stickers are added without any check as to whether the information on it is relevant. Come on Charnos you can do so much better!

Our test reveals that the M/L will stretch to cover the size range defined for “Large” in fact we found that a maximum height of 6’0” (183cm) together with a maximum hip size of 42” (107cm) could be accommodated simultaneously. Yes, the fit is snug at this maximum stretch, but that is no bad thing.

The most upsetting thing about these tights is that the legs look exquisite, smart, classy, stylish, slimming…even a little expensive. Taking the pattern to the waistband and adding flat seams would have added to the cost, but also put them into our must-have category.

If you keep the tops of your thighs covered this style would indeed be a good choice for the colder months of the year. An amazing design let down by inadequate attention to detail.

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Charnos Simply Bare Tights

Charnos Simply Bare Tights are an instant classic!

Fist impressions of these tights are a little confusing, looking as they do like a pair of cheap tights with a heavy and not in the least bit summery boxer style brief and unshaped legs.

It is only on closer inspection that you can see that the brief is a very open knit, clearly designed to give good ventilation. The seams, in the brief, are very nicely made, but not flat. The small gusset is cotton lined.

The legs are very light and stretchy and finished with a sandal toe.

Our test pair in “tan” looked very dark, almost chocolate until they were on, then the sheer leg almost disappeared, so you see just a slight sheen and a hint of colour rather than tights.  The feel as good as they look, particularly when you cross and uncross your legs; something you may find yourself regularly doing just to remind yourself you are wearing pantyhose.

Incredibly light – incredibly strong. The first pair of tights that lets your legs breathe. Perfect skin tones for sensational “summer legs” all year round and ideal for warmer weather. Also, enhance your natural skin tones.

The panty section does its job well, but you would not choose to show it off. Take care of just how short you go with your skirts when wearing these tights.

Ideal for summer but perfectly suited to giving your legs that freshly tanned look at any time of the year.

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Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights

Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights are the softest tights around!

There was a time, many years ago, when there was no such thing as a website where you could read about tights to find out what they were like. The only way for a gentleman to buy tights for his lady was for him to pluck up his courage and go into a department store and ask.

Why are we telling you this here? Well, all those years ago when our webmaster wanted to buy tights for his wife at Christmas these were the tights that were recommended. Those few notes jotted down at the time, and reproduced at the bottom of this page, are the first seeds of this site.

The tights have undergone a few changes over the years going from a boxer style brief to a lacy brief and then to sheer to waist construction in this latest (2008) version. The range of available colours has changed too over the years, and in the newest version, the denier increases from 10 to 15.

In all respects other than the brief detail this new design appears to be an evolution of Charnos Elegance Tights. No bad thing, when we last looked at those, we suggested they could replace Falke Seidenglatt as our favourite tights.

First impressions are that the new design is less glossy than the original, no bad thing as they were perhaps a little too much.

The feel in hand is very smooth and soft. The shaped legs look very classy, and quality is evident from the sheer sandal toes to the finger band that provides a durable transition between the sheer to waist construction of the legs and brief. The finger band runs into a narrow band of reinforcement that runs either side of the flat seams in the panty and around the cotton lined brief.

It was hard to decide which of the lovely colours to try first, in the end needing a pair of tights to go with a grey outfit we opted to try the silver-grey first. This colour more than most shows off the shine and lustre even before you put them on, the appearance is almost metallic.

Very little of the lustre is lost as you stretch these tights up your legs, and pull them you will have to, they are not overly long. But these are durable and stretchy tights, smooth them carefully up to your legs and you are rewarded with a fit like a coat of paint.

The feel is as smooth and glossy as the look suggests. They feel soft from the inside too!

Not quite so glossy and lustrous on the leg as the original sheer lustre tights, but much chicer and refined. All we need to do now is to find outfits to show off the other colours.

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Charnos Sheer Bow Tights

Charnos Sheer Bow Tights is super affordable and cool!

When we came to review these tights, we had a feeling of déjà vu, and when we checked, we had seen a style of the same name from another manufacturer, although we have not reviewed it. Now we won’t say who we think copied whom but this style is nearing the end of its time in the Charnos range and the other maker does have form!

So what makes a design worth copying? Or is it merely a case of what makes the design so good that two people think fit at the same time?

Indeed, this style is sensibly priced in the current market where fashion styles have suddenly started to sell for prices well more than £20. Charnos have found a few economies to hit this price point, most notably the sizing or rather the sizes available. Although the size chart details size Small, Medium, Large and X-Large our test pair came in small/medium and the other size available is Medium/Large.

Detailing is probably not in the £20 class but the straight legs are finished with a sandal toe detail, and the seams in the boxer brief may not be flat but they are well finished, and there is a cotton lined gusset. So everything we could expect for the price.

Sizing is accurate, and the 9% Lycra helps to give a perfect fit as well as helping to span two sizes in one garment. Fully stretched the bow details do look a little like slightly deformed butterflies up close but the overall effect from a few paces away is quite attractive.

The bow design will not be to everyone’s taste, but it has been well executed. Charnos unashamedly target the more “every day” end of the market and judged against this ambition we would have to say these tights are a success.

Fun, funky tights that look good without costing a fortune.

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Donna Karan “The Nudes” Sheer to Waist Pantyhose

Donna Karan Sheer to Waist Pantyhose is a must-have!

We first looked at these tights, more correctly pantyhose as they are from the USA, several years ago, our comments then were somewhat brief so now that our friends at Alex Blake have provided a new sample we are taking another look.

These are sheer to waist “Nudes”, there is also a control top version that we will look at in the coming weeks, and a tanga top version. The fibre mix is quite impressive, 42% is a biconstituent fibre of 51% nylon, 49% Lycra that is combined with 45% nylon and 13% Lycra to arrive at the 67%-33% overall mix.

Three sizes are made, covering heights 4’11” to 6’0” and weights from 95 lbs to 195 lb. As tends to be the case with American brands the tall and medium sizes cover roughly the same height range with the larger size providing for extra space in the hip and seat area.

Despite the passage of several years, the only noticeable change is in the packaging; the heavy polythene outer packet now seals with two sticky pads rather than a press stud.

Another feature of the packet is a swatch on the rear to show what the six available colours look like.

There is no denier quoted on the packet, but we estimate that there is around 7-10 denier. The first impression is that they have a crepe texture very much like ultra sheer summer tights. Unusually for American tights, they are made with flat seams in the panty and lined gusset.

The unshaped legs are finished with a completely sheer sandal toe detail, so these pantyhose are perfect for wear with open toe shoes.

The panty is finished with a very deep waistband 2” deep (5cm) and a finger band only slightly shallower.

Putting on ultra sheer hosiery is always a treat, the soft material seems to melt into your legs leaving just the colour and an even finish. When there are just masses of stretch to provide latitude on the sizing and a perfect fit the pleasure is redoubled.

There is just a hint of sheen to add to the impression of a healthy tanned leg.

Stunningly good tights, superb pantyhose, we love them! Best of all at the time of writing Alex Blake have them on sale at $9.60 a pair. Get on there and buy them before someone else does.

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