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Lores No. 416 Tights

The packet rear, as is generally the case with Polish branded hosiery, gives a good idea of what to expect in terms of the construction.

There are three sizes to choose from XS/S, M/L and XL. The range of heights and weights for each size is quite reasonable, so the doubling up should work. First impressions. Smooth and soft and at the lighter end of 40 denier hosiery.

The straight legs are finished with a sandal toe and sheer all the way to to the waistband except for the motif above the ankle. The panty has flat seams with just the narrowest of reinforced transitions either side. There is a small lines gusset in our size 3/4 sample. The packet graphics suggest the XL size has a comfort gusset/rear panel. The plain waistband is quite deep at 4cm.

Durable and stretchy are the two words that spring to mind as you put these tights on. The earlier sensations of smoothness and softness are dispelled entirely. The effort required to get them on is on a par with light support tights. But you never feel there is any danger of them ripping and you are rewarded with a skin-tight fit from hip to toe.

The waistband sits high on the hip rather than on the waist, although it will sit higher if you are towards the bottom or middle of a size. Sizing is more generous than the size chart suggests.

The floral motif is repeated three times on each leg. In the picture above, you can see the ones on the front of each leg. The other two are to each side at the rear. The motif looks like a small herb or young flower plant and does an excellent job of drawing the eye to your ankles.

One small issue, our test pair had a couple of knitting imperfections that result in fine dark lines. All in all, perfect, stylish tights that promise to be highly durable too.

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Lores No. 200 Tights

One of the key trends of the season has been sheer tights with a “tattoo” motif, mostly 15-20 denier. At the other end of the scale, we have seen Zohara producing 120 denier tights with a printed on rather than a knitted-in design. What Lores has done here is to bridge the gap a little with 40 denier tights bearing a motif.

The first surprise here is that the motif is not only darker/heavier than the base material, but it is also highlighted with a tiny amount of Lurex thread to make it sparkle. A smart and useful addition as otherwise the contrast with the 40 denier base would be too little.

Detailing is to quite a good standard. We have come to expect of Lores and other Italian made polish brands). Sheer to waist, flat seams in the panty and a lined gusset. The only hint at the economy is the unshaped legs. To improve durability, there are invisibly reinforced toes and a narrow reinforced strip either side of the panty seam.

As is typical with fashion tights these days the size range is limited to two, XS/S and M/L. These cover a height range from 152 cm to 176 cm and a hip range from 96 cm to 120 cm. The sizing makes no mention of weight. We tested the larger of the two sizes. We would suggest the sizing is more generous in terms of length than Lores claim but that 112 cm would be the maximum hip size that would fit with comfort.

Neither the softest tights we have tried. But the colour density is good and even and the Lurex ensure that the design stands out. Whether the design works would be a matter of personal taste, we prefer the smaller, more subtle motifs. There is no doubt though that these are well-made tights worth the asking price.

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Levante Ultimate Tights

“Ultimate” can mean many things. Hopefully, Levante doesn’t mean that they are the last tights they will ever make. Maybe the thickest, or perhaps they think they are their best, never to be surpassed.

These tights are supplied in an open packet. Extracting them from the pack reveals an opaque tight that feels quite light for 80 denier. If these were 30 denier or lighter we would call them sheer to waist, they are of average weight and finish from waistband to toe. The legs are unshaped, and the brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset.

I small curiosity in our test pair was a label sewn into the back seam. It was put in before the dyeing process so was a uniform grey with no words on it. I wonder what it would have said?

Colour is even without, and banding and the finish are beautifully soft to the touch. Immediately warm to wear. If they can wick moisture away from the skin, they will be ideal for an active day in cold weather. Maybe not “ultimate” but some of the best 80 denier tights we have tried.

Levante told UKTights that the Ultimate 80 are the Airskin Opaque under a new name. Of course, being told that an 80 denier tight is a 70 denier does raise a few questions. More questions were raised when we found that the Levante Ultimate 80 tights in size X-Tall (black) fit our tester perfectly. That same tester remembered that the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal) had been about the biggest tights they had ever tested in terms of the size of the brief.

We decided therefore to re-examine the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall and to compare this with Levante Airskin Opaque in size Tall and another pair of Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall to see if we had another case of Levante “mispackaging.”

4 Pairs examined:

  • Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal) – 11cm wide rear panel (measured at the waist), waistband 53cm un-stretched. Weight 60g 
  • Tall (Mocha) – Identical to Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (black) in every detail, waistband 44cm un-stretched Weight 55g
  • X-Tall (Black) – Identical to Levante Airskin Opaque in size Tall (Mocha) in every respect, waistband 45cm un-stretched, Weight 55g
  • X-Tall (Mocha) Big in the brief but less so than Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal). 9cm wide rear panel (measured at the waist), waistband 49cm un-stretched. Weight 65g

There is no mention on any of the packets about a rear comfort panel in the brief. Airskin Opaque is described as 70 denier and credit Meryl with the microfibre manufacture. No mention is made of Meryl on the packets for the Levante Ultimate 80.

The main visual difference between the Levante Airskin Opaque and Levante Ultimate 80 is that the Airskin Opaque appears to have been shaped a little at the heel during finishing. On the leg, you cannot tell them apart.

What we did find, and it is a slight worry, is that Levante Ultimate 80 in size X-Tall (black) had a cotton gusset, but the same tights in mocha had a comfort rear panel and were much bigger in the brief, although a little smaller than the Levante Airskin Opaque in size X-Tall (charcoal). That detailing should vary according to the colour in a given design is not good.

The change in denier from 70 to 80 is a mystery as the tights look and feel the same, the scales did tell us though that the 80 denier with the comfort rear panel was slightly heavier than similarly detailed 70 denier.

If you can get your size correct both styles look and feel great, and will last and last. 

We have no idea if the sizing anomalies go through the range, but if you are looking for long tights but don’t have large hips, you may want to ask your supplier to check that you are getting cotton gusset tights. Luckily thin can be done quickly without taking the tights from the packet.

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Levante Solare Tights

Solare is a style that is a constant in the Levante range, but that gets regular changes in design. The significant changes this time are a change from sheer to waist to a hi-line brief and an increase in denier from 6 to 8.

Not the first time with Levante, we found that the tights in the packet did not match the description on the outside. What we saw in the eight denier 2007 outer packet was a pair of the earlier six denier style tights described below. Incredibly sheer, Solare gives the legs a hint of sun-kissed colour while allowing your skin to remain cool. Light, transparent and ultra-cool. Sheer to waist, sheer toe.

This style was one of the very first we ever tested that was explicitly designed for summer wear. The 2006 version sees a reduction in the Lycra content and a significant increase in price. These tights feel incredibly light and slide off the card into your hand as soon as you open the packet.

Silky smooth and soft in hand, and beautifully made. Sheer to waist, flat seams, cotton-lined gusset and sandal toes. The legs and heels are nicely shaped.

Our test pair were X-Tall size, but even so, they were not overly generous in leg length, the brief section is quite long, so take care not to show your waistband over your skirt. With care, the legs were long enough for up to a 34” inside leg. But these are fragile tights so wear hosiery gloves and take care.

Once on these tights disappear, they are almost entirely invisible. They are not even betrayed by any wrinkling at the knee and ankle the fit is so good. When you touch though you are in no doubt. They feel lovely from both sides. Fantastic for summer.

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Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

Levante has a reputation for making some great fashion tights. But they also produce some great sheer tights, sometimes with a twist. In this case, the twist is to combine sheer sandal toe legs with a heavy bikini style brief designed not as a control top but as a holding top. It’s intended to allow you more flexibility when placing the waistband with a reasonable expectation of your tights staying in place.

The panty is finished with flat seams and a lined gusset and has unique stretch panels on each hip. The waistband is plain except for sets of 4 vertical stripes on each hip. These in case you did not know are an indication of size. Size 4 is designed to fit up to 6’1″ or 185 cm.

The sheer matt legs look and feel lovely, all twists aside these are sheer quality tights, ideal for cooler summer weather when you want the bare look without the chill. The panty is snug and works exactly as intended so you can wear as hipsters with low waisted fashions. Not a control top per se but tighter than your typical sheer.

Sizing is accurate. Frequently in the past, we have recommended Levante to taller ladies because they offered extra leg length, but these are like the size chart dictates. A question we were asked recently was whether you could machine wash and tumble dry tights? Well, we chucked these in the washer with some towels then tumble dried the lot together too. The result? Well, they came out perfect.

Before you try this yourself and blame us for your ruined tights, we have to tell you that these are quality tights and we used a Miele washer and tumble drier, a brand renowned for the smoothness of its drums.

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