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Pamela Mann 3 Big Bow Suspender Tights

One of the critical trends of the present and immediate past seasons has been the combination of sheer and opaque in a single pair of tights and the use of this to produce designs inspired by the style of stockings and suspenders. This is one of several designs on that theme from Pamela Mann.

As is common in the Pamela Mann range, these are one size tights; there is no guidance on the packet about what that one size is. So we will not comment on the accuracy or otherwise of the sizing.

There are three deniers to consider in this design. The lower leg is a true opaque of around 60 denier; this part of the garment is entirely unshaped and finished with outstanding quality and robust reinforced toe. The upper part of the leg is sheer (15-20 denier is our estimate), and this carries the three bow design front and back.

The panty is heavier than the upper leg and has the look and feel of the boxer brief standard on many lower-priced sheer tights. The budget feel carries on into the detailing of the panty as it has no gusset and lacks flat seams. The colour density on the lower leg is, excellent and the matt finish looks great. Sadly the upper parts are not good at all. The bow motif doesn’t work either as a mock suspender or as a design in its own right.

To make matters worse, these tights are made by joining two identical halves. And the top of the ribbon is not central. As you can see in the picture above, this means you cannot get symmetry and will always look like you can’t put tights on properly. The boxer style brief is a natural passion killer, and the lack of a gusset compromises both fit and comfort.

Sizing is quite generous, so even if you are tall or big in the hips, these tights should still accommodate you. This is not a flawed concept but is not well executed.

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Ose R20 Tights

We got a big surprise when we came to review these tights before we even opened the packet. If you had asked us about the Ose brand, we would have waxed lyrical about the high-quality hosiery from Italy, the sublime Ose Angel Seamless Tights. Then we realised that we have never actually reviewed any Ose tights before.

The name R20 caught us out too. Entirely how Ose came up with the name, we are not sure. Indeed it is the shortest name we have ever seen, but why R20 when the tights are 40 denier? Why not R20? The packet at least gives a partial description of the tights and a size chart explaining the four sizes available.

Heights up to 185 cm or 5’10” are catered for, although we are unsure why metabolic ladies can be 3” or 7.2cm taller than others. (The second time this week, we have seen inconsistent sizing between imperial and metabolic units).

So to the tights

No surprise at all. High-quality Italian tights! Sheer to waist with entirely shaped legs. The sandal toe detail is elegant and lighter than the legs. There is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toes from becoming ladders in the legs.

Stretching these tights over your hand to inspect them, you can feel the light support which is graduated from a peak at the ankles. The panty is finished with flat seams that have a narrow transition strip on either side for strength. There is a pretty finger band of 2cm depth and a 3cm deep waistband.

The cotton gusset appears only on sizes 1-3 (S-L), size 4 (XL) has the comfort gusset (v-shaped rear panel) that is common in Italian hosiery. The rear panel is heavier than the legs but not exceptionally so. Don’t rush putting these tights on. They need to be put on slowly and carefully. Not because they are in any way fragile, but they do cling to your legs and take a while to adjust if you don’t get it right the first time.

They cling excellently, of course, giving a perfect fit and a sensation of support on your legs that is caressing rather than constricting. Smooth them evenly up your legs, and you are rewarded with perfect even colour.

Sizing is spot on with enough stretch to go beyond even the bigger metabolic sizes suggested, a 34” / 86cm leg being easily accommodated. The comfort gusset provides extra space in the seat in the XL size. And for once, the fit and feel of the tights are not spoilt by this detail. Excellent semi-opaque tights that support your legs without any clue that they are not purely fashion tights.

If you are on your feet all day working or expect a long night out partying, these tights could be the answer to your prayers. Now we know why they call them R20. Easy to remember when you go to buy some.

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Pamela Mann 28 Heart Seam Tights

Pamela Mann produces a wide range of styles. Many of them affordable versions of styles, made initially as part of the range of one of the more expensive brands. This particular style is not copying any specific kind. But the idea of a seam made of hearts is undoubtedly not new. Some have worked, others have not.

When taking these tights out of the packet, you first notice that they are a combination of 15 denier sheer leg and much heavier boxer style panty. The legs are stretched and finished with a reinforced toe detail. Up the back of each leg from the toe to the start of the panty is a row of hearts, each about 1cm wide (unstretched). The panty is very ordinary with raised seams and no gusset.

Pamela Mann makes these tights like most of the others in their range as one-size. Unfortunately, the packet does not indicate what that one size is. Our tests suggest that they will stretch to cope with a slim to the athletic leg. With a 34” inseam and that 44” would be the upper limit on hip size, it’s quite generous for one size tights.

The heart design is quite effective, but the quality of our test pair was such that horizontal lines ruined the sheer look. These knitting faults should never have passed inspection. The panty does help you see why some people call tights “passion killers” it just doesn’t look great, and the lack of a gusset compromises fit and comfort.

Very disappointing and not where we would spend £8 of our money. And no, we don’t know where the 28 in the style name comes from.

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Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights

Ask our reviewers what type of tights excite them the most, and they will all have a favourite. Then they will say “and of course top quality sheers” before remembering sheer seamless tights and starting to recount when they first tried a pair. However, as you will see if you read our page dedicated to seamless tights, new seamless styles don’t come along very often and sadly seldom stay around long. So today is an exciting day, a new seamless sheer from Oroblu.

Called “Unique”, they follow a similar formula from other leading brands. 20 denier with 17% Lycra in the legs and 11% Lycra in the waistband. It’s made in four sizes to fit up to 5’11” (180cm) and 187lb (85kg). As the fibre composition hinted at, these tights are made in two parts the leg and crotch area, which are sheer, and a heavier waistband sewn on with a flat seam; not a construction we have seen before. The legs are entirely sheer to the toe seam and lightly shaped at the heel.

Unlike other seamless tights we have tried, these are far more like conventional tights in the leg, and they feel far more robust. Seamless tights tend to look short in the leg, and these are no exception, but there is simply masses of stretch, and a 34″ leg is easily catered for by the largest size. In addition, the strong stretch fabric fills you with confidence. Not much heavier than the Pierre Mantoux seamless, they are many times more robust.

What we like about seamless tights is the way they follow every curve for a perfect fit. These are no exception; the fit is second to none. The waistband sits on your waist even if you are of a fuller figure, and the clever shaping hugs the curves of your hips, as well as the sheer panty, follows the curves of your bottom.

Creative knitting means they are sheer below the waistband, not even the tiny lines you see on Wolford Fatal. Perfect even colour with a matt finish to flatter. Smooth and soft to the touch, too, once warmed up a little The sexiest seamless tights ever? Maybe Pierre Mantoux still hold that title, the most practical for everyday wear? Most certainly! If you are taller than average, then these are perhaps the first seamless tights made for you.

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Oroblu Stefany Tights

Tights that give the visual impression of leggings worn over sheers are nothing new. We have seen them several times over the past couple of years from several manufacturers. What makes these stand out is that they arrive just when the fashion world is looking back to the 1980s, the decade that inspired this look. Fashion is all about timing, and this is where style is now.

The initial visual impression is quite strange. The leggings part is heavy opaque, and well, just like a pair of leggings. Then the sheer parts hang down like two little afterthoughts seemingly out of scale being un-stretched. The construction is quite simple forward. The light sheer lower legs are straight and finished with a sandal toe. With just a few decorative bands and the top of the calf. The “leggings” are entirely plain and finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, typical of any good quality 80 denier opaque.

Oroblu make this design in three sizes. The sizing is accurate but with enough stretch to cope if you are slightly taller than the size chart recommends. The fit is perfect throughout, and we were particularly pleased to find that the change of weight below the knee was not noticeable. You can feel the difference with some control top/sheer leg hosiery, and there is visible bulging.

The Colour is perfectly even throughout, and the strong contrast between opaque and sheer does give the impression of leggings over sheers with just the five bands at the top of the sheer parts giving away the fact this is one garment.

Those five bands are the one area that caused us a minor concern. In case you are not aware, tights and stockings are knitted as a spiral tube. Most of the time, you would not be able to tell that each line of stitches was not a closed circle. And even where there is a change from sheer to opaque the slight “step” is not so easily spotted. If, however you try to knit in darker hoops that are just 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stitches deep, as these are, then the misalignment is quite apparent. Mainly as the “steps” are all lined up vertically.

Not a big issue from a distance. But again because of the way a pair of tights is made, by sewing to identical halves together. You will find that however you put them on, this misalignment will be on the front of one leg and the back of the other and highly visible to anyone sat opposite. That one small gripe aside, these are well made. Good quality and very stylish tights. They combine all the benefits of sheers to show off your shapely calf and ankle and opaques to keep you warm and protect your modesty. Sensibly priced at £10.95 too.

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Oroblu Shakira Tights

As you can imagine, after running this site for so many years, we have seen a lot of hosiery; and a lot of attempts to male something that stands out. So for us to be wowed by the design of a pair of tights is quite something. And that before we even open the packet!

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to release these tights from their packet though. The exciting pattern on the back of the leg can be prone to sticking to the plastic bag in which these tights are enclosed within the outer cardboard packet. Pull too hard and too fast, and the fine 20 denier material may get damaged. Beware too of sticking to the card. These are sheer to waist tights with just the narrowest t-bar reinforcement on either side of the flat seams and around the gusset.

The finger band provides a strong transition from sheer panty to the deep plain waistband. The legs were a bit of a surprise, being both straight and finished with a reinforced toe detail; at nearly £20, we anticipated a shaped heel and sandal toe.

Oroblu only makes this style in 3 sizes, and we thought that our L/XL size looked very short. With 22% Lycra, there should be plenty of stretch. But before you start pulling the legs to add some length, stop! Put your hand down each leg in turn. They are beautifully soft and run your finger up the pattern, and you will find it has stuck to itself in places, tease out all these little adhesions before stretching.

All the care and effort are well worth it. The fit is like a second skin, and the finish has a gorgeous sheen to it. As basic sheer tights, they are up there with the best. The seam detail adds another dimension entirely, and it looks likes 3d design that is part of your leg rather than part of the pair of tights you are wearing.

If you want tights to show off your perfectly “tanned” legs and cause the maximum envy among your friends, these are the tights. Not so much “following the newest fashion trends” as creating a new trend.

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Oroblu Riga Seamed Tights

A quick review of the various styles of seamed tights on the market reveals that most brands add the seamed design to one of their sheer (10-15 denier) styles. Oroblu chose 20 denier, something we have only seen before from Wolford. Not bad company to be in!

There are three sizes, small, medium and large/extra-large. Extra-Large is expected to cover an incredible range of heights and weights. First impressions are excellent. The feel in hand is smooth and soft like fine silk. There is a fluid quality to how they move. A more detailed inspection reveals a lightly reinforced toe detail. Far sheerer than the reinforced sole that runs around the shaped heel and ends with a pyramid detail.

The seam is quite delicate and has none of the traditional three thread seam impacts that we saw from Cervin recently. The seam runs from the top of the heel pyramid to gust below gusset level. The panty has a cotton gusset, flat seams and T-band reinforcement, all topped off with a plain waistband.

The strength, stretch and quality of these tights was very apparent as our model tried them on. All that Lycra has been used more for fit than for stretch. So a deal of patience is needed to get them on if you are near the top end of the sizing. To be expected with the L/XL size covering such a range. Take a little time, though, and you are rewarded with a superb second-skin fit, but watch the sizing. If you are near the top end of the L/XL size range, you may find them a little snug.

We are pleased to say a seam that runs perfectly straight up the back of your leg. The seam is clear, sharp and distinct too. The foot is big enough and has enough stretch for the pyramid detail to show over your shoes, even if you have larger than average feet.

A very flattering look on the leg with enough strength and durability for you to be able to keep bringing these tights out for all your “little black dress” parties through the colder months. Excellent quality, great style, great price!

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Oroblu Repos 70 Tights

We liked the Oroblu Repos 40 tights, and this 70 denier version certainly matches the former for the volume of information on the packet. These tights do, too; support, massage, aromatherapy, brew tea, wash the dishes (well, not entirely; we made the last two up to see if you are paying attention!)

There are five sizes available from Small to Maxi via Medium, Large and Extra Large; and three colours, Black, Music (purple, which is right on trend for the season) and Nude. We tested the Large size in black. 

First impressions. Well, there is none of the weight that we would expect of 70 denier tights. You would almost swear you had 40 denier semi-opaque sheer to waist tights in your hand. Both from the look and the weight. While considering the unexpected look and feel, another sense was awoken, smell. Not an easy scent to fully identify, but there is undoubtedly some lavender in there. Although thankfully not enough to make you smell like an old lady.

Detailing is of outstanding quality. Reinforced toes with a run stop detail from stopping holes spreading into the legs, legs shaped at the heel, sheer to waist, flat seams and in the most petite four sizes, a cotton gusset. The deep waistband is above a very narrow finger band. And there are little reinforced areas on either side of the panty seams.

You first become aware of the graduated compression when you start to bunch up the tights to put them on; it is almost unnoticeable at the top of the thigh but so strong at the ankle that you won’t get hands and foot in there at the same time. Our tester had to revise their tried and tested method of putting on tights and use just thumbs to stretch the material over their feet.

Fortunately, these are very strong tights made of suitable quality stretch fibres, and they will take some rough handling. All that stretch and strength means you get a perfect fit, and you can take a few liberties with the sizing too, but our advice is to take care to buy the right size for you if you can to avoid being overly constricted. 

There is not much support in the panty, but the lower leg compression is quite fierce but refreshing. Your legs will feel different within minutes. The look on the leg is that of a semi-opaque, and the colour is even if you take care to smooth the material evenly. Close to the heavy fibre is quite visible, but the finish looks smooth from a few steps away.

If you like slightly heavier hosiery and you are on your feet a lot, these are the perfect tights for you. They feel like they will forever be good value.

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Oroblu Repos 40 Tights

We have criticised tights packets in the past for not giving enough information. There is no way you can level that criticism at these tights from Oroblu. If anything, we would say that the wealth of technical knowledge is so overwhelming that you could forget to consider how they look and feel.

First impressions are excellent, and the quality is immediately apparent when you open the packet. The appearance of quality persists as you take them off the card. They feel smooth and soft, yet strong and durable. Sheer to waist with shaped legs and heels and a reinforced toe. The brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset (sizes I-IV only, size V has a comfort rear panel).

The waistband is about 4cm deep and attached to the body with a narrow finger band which is contiguous with a narrow band of reinforcement on either side of the central seam. The toe is constructed for stable length and avoids compression of your toes, not tights to wear with open-toe shoes.

Our test pair looked relatively short, the 18% Lycra provided plenty of stretches, though. And we never felt any danger of ladders stretching them beyond the quoted size. You are left with no doubt that these are designed to support. The compression feels so tight at first that you doubt you can get them over your feet once you get them to your ankles, though they are a delight to put on and the feeling turns to one of a firm embrace on your legs. Very comfortable and a perfect fit from hip to toe.

You would never convince anyone that you had bare legs, these are 40 denier tights, after all, but by the same score, they do not look like support tights. The look is far more like a 30 denier matt fashion tight. The sheer to waist construction means you could wear any length of skirt or shorts. And if you wear them for a date, even your closest friends will not know they are support tights.

If you are on your feet a lot, these tights are for you, and even if you are not, the invigoration of your legs makes it worth trying a pair. As for the aromatherapy fragrance, they had the scent familiar on many styles of tights from Levante. Very good quality tights and a sensible price

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Oroblu Intrigo 20 Tights

This is anything but a new style, but we have struggled to get a pair for review for some reason. On the first inspection, they have been worth the wait. There is an unmistakable feel of quality to these tights from Oroblu, right up with Wolford and Fogal. In your hand, they feel smooth, strong and more substantial than your typical 20 denier tights.

Detailing is first-rate with small, lightly reinforced toes, shaped legs, flat seam and a lined gusset. Sheer to the waist, of course, with strengthening either side of the panty seam and below the waistband. In the seaming that the extra shaping is provided, a slight V in the waistband and finger band draws the seem up between the cheeks of your bum. A detail we have seen just once before with La Perla Shape Tights.

When you come to put these tights on, you get a slight surprise, they feel almost like light support tights, and you need to be quite forceful to stretch them over your foot. You can be forceful, too, as these are perfect quality tights that have lots of stretches.

Fit is fantastic from hip to toe, skin tight and smooth. As for the shaping around your bottom, it works subtly but effectively defining your cheeks. Smooth and shiny on the leg with perfect even colour, the look is as good as the feel. The reinforced toe is essentially invisible once on.

No complaints about sizing, which is accurate to slightly generous. You may need to work a little to get all the length you need if you are very leggy. The stretch and strength are there, though.

Excellent tights that we can’t see any way of improving. Aside from a broader range of deniers and colours, maybe. Yes, we are greedy! We had a slight misfortune with our test pair. At the edge of the seam around the gusset, the fabric failed, perhaps due to the extra stresses caused by the shaping, but fortunately, the damage was restricted to the reinforced strip and did not run into the leg. And that is why that reinforcement is there!

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