Oroblu Repos 40 Tights

Oroblu Repos 40 Tights

We have criticised tights packets in the past for not giving enough information. There is no way you can level that criticism at these tights from Oroblu. If anything, we would say that the wealth of technical knowledge is so overwhelming that you could forget to consider how they look and feel.

First impressions are excellent, and the quality is immediately apparent when you open the packet. The appearance of quality persists as you take them off the card. They feel smooth and soft, yet strong and durable. Sheer to waist with shaped legs and heels and a reinforced toe. The brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset (sizes I-IV only, size V has a comfort rear panel).

The waistband is about 4cm deep and attached to the body with a narrow finger band which is contiguous with a narrow band of reinforcement on either side of the central seam. The toe is constructed for stable length and avoids compression of your toes, not tights to wear with open-toe shoes.

Our test pair looked relatively short, the 18% Lycra provided plenty of stretches, though. And we never felt any danger of ladders stretching them beyond the quoted size. You are left with no doubt that these are designed to support. The compression feels so tight at first that you doubt you can get them over your feet once you get them to your ankles, though they are a delight to put on and the feeling turns to one of a firm embrace on your legs. Very comfortable and a perfect fit from hip to toe.

You would never convince anyone that you had bare legs, these are 40 denier tights, after all, but by the same score, they do not look like support tights. The look is far more like a 30 denier matt fashion tight. The sheer to waist construction means you could wear any length of skirt or shorts. And if you wear them for a date, even your closest friends will not know they are support tights.

If you are on your feet a lot, these tights are for you, and even if you are not, the invigoration of your legs makes it worth trying a pair. As for the aromatherapy fragrance, they had the scent familiar on many styles of tights from Levante. Very good quality tights and a sensible price

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