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Charnos Run Resist Sheer Tights

Charnos Run Resist Sheer Tights are truly heavenly!

Sheer tights that won’t run or ladder are the “Holy Grail” of pantyhose, and about as likely to ever be found as the cup from the last supper too, but that does not stop hosiery makers at least trying to limit the damage caused by broken threads.

We don’t try to damage a pair of tights, but of course, with this pair, we do need to see just how durable they are and what happens if a thread should fail. There are four sizes of Small to Extra Large, Extra Large being designed more for width than height. The test these tights we gave a pair of Medium to someone much bigger than the suggested size with rough skin on their feet and sharp toe and fingernails and told them to do their worst.

The tights are made with sheer legs and a more massive boxer style brief. The legs are shaped at the heel and finished with reinforced toe detail with a good quality seam. The panty has well-finished seams and a cotton lined gusset.

You can feel the strength and the grip of the knit and the Lycra as you start to put these tights on, they feel way stronger than regular ten denier tights. They do have the look and feel of 10 deniers on the leg though, smooth with perfect even colour and a way of catching the light that only sheer hosiery can manage.

We are not sure if it because Charnos made our test pair in China, but the sizing seemed very much on the small side. The knit restricts the amount of stretch to some degree. When buying these tights go up one size if you are in any doubt at all about sizing.

The run resistance does work if a thread goes you just get a small hole and then a short darker line either side, which we suppose is the two broken ends running back a little into the knit. This positively prevents one snag entirely ruining your tights, but once you have one or two small holes, the look is degraded to the degree that you would not want them on display.

Well worth considering if you are prone to damaging your tights, just watch the sizing.

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