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Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Tights

CDR Vidrio Tights is one of the best products I’ve ever seen!

In our opinion, 15 denier is the optimum compromise for every occasion; sheer enough for the evening, heavy enough to cover blemishes and imperfections, light enough for the warmer months, sturdy enough for everyday wear….you get the picture. Most of the premium brands include a 15 denier sheer tight with a finish described as brilliant/shiny/sheen/etc. So this is a very competitive part of the market.

First impressions are very positive; very light, soft and smooth in hand with an attractive sheen and sparkle.

Open them out, and the right impressions continue. Sheer to waist, legs shaped at the heel and light reinforced toes. Flat seams in the panty and a cotton gusset in smaller sizes, our size 5 has a comfort gusset just a little heavier than the legs. There is a very shallow finger band providing a transition to the 3 cm deep waistband.

On the leg, the look and feel are of more sheer tights, fit and sizing are excellent with enough stretch to take a few liberties with sizing. Our feelings are that the comfort gussets design spoils the fit in the seat so being able to slightly overstretch a size four rather than wearing size 5 is a good option if you need it.

The finish on these tights is most definitely a sheen rather than a shine. The look is one of perfectly tanned skin with a very slight film of oil, despite being 15 denier get the right tone for your skin and these tights will be almost invisible. If it were not for the reinforced toes, they would be perfect summer tights with open toe shoes.

A strong contender both regarding quality and price, right up with Falke Seidenglatt and Kunert Moonlight 15 Tights on our all-time favourites list.

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Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Tights

CDR Sevilla Tights are a great Lycra based product!

Italian made tights from a Spanish brand, typically Italian 15 denier but a slightly non-standard fibre mix of 82% Nylon/18 Lycra. A little more Lycra than typical Italian tights.

Lycra 3D and Lycra Satin Sheer, but not “fusion”, so when they say “resistant” on the packet perhaps they do not mean run resistant?

Summer tights in 5 sizes, the largest to fit up to a lofty 190cm (6’3) and an Amazonian 90kg (200lb).

All sizes have a gusset, in size five it is a comfort gusset or rear panel 7cm wide at the waistband.

First impressions; Small, vibrant colour and a crepe-like texture. Lycra 3D makes for a very different type of sheer.

Sheer to waist, lightly shaped at the heel, entirely sheer toe and flat seams in the panty with just the narrowest T-band reinforcement. Everything you might want in summer sheer tights.

They may look small but there is an endless stretch, and that makes them a delight to put on. When you release the material, it merges with your skin to give a finish like oil or an excellent varnish. All shine and colour, very little tights.

The look and feel are gorgeous for summer, and you would not guess they are 15 denier. It is incredible how that crepe-like texture in hand is transformed on your legs.

Our only criticism is that the comfort gusset is not that comfortable, but only our largest readers will not find size four big enough, so little need to buy size 5. The size chart is spot on.

Two of our favourite styles of tights are Falke Seidenglatt for the sheen and Falke Shelina for the summer weight and feel. Here with have tights that offer the best of both.

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Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 40 Tights

CDR Rubino 40 Tights are durable AND fashionable!

This is the first pair of tights that we have seen from Cecilia de Rafael, they are made in the EU by a Spanish company, but we had to source them from Hosieree who is the US-based on liner reseller. Displaying the style number in such big letters is quirky, but we like it, if you are shopping in a hurry or sending your man out for them it makes them very easy to find.

The sizing is very easy to understand; every size up adds 10 kg to the weight limits and 10 cm to the height. Size 5 will fit up to 190 cm tall and 94 kg which will be more than enough for all the ladies we know, and frankly most of the men too. Only our webmaster at 193 cm and 100 kg are bigger. Our test pair came in size 4.

First impressions are excellent, silky smooth and soft in hand. Opening them out you see they are made sheer to waist with just a narrow finger band giving a transition to the waistband. The seams in the panty are flat and very well made, in the case of the size 4 test pair there is a rear comfort panel of darker stronger material on smaller sizes there is a cotton lined gusset.

The legs are shaped and finished off with quite a significant reinforced toe detail that includes a run stop to prevent holes in the toe running up the leg.

Although not designed as support tights, you can feel a delicate squeeze on your lower leg as you put them on and this will help keep your legs fresh during the day sitting or standing. The Lycra in fibre provides a perfect fit and plenty of stretch.

There is a slight sheen on the finish which is incredibly flattering on a semi-opaque tight, mainly when the colour is flawlessly even.

So they fit well, look good, feel good. What else can we add? Oh yes, they feel firm and durable too.

If you are looking for a semi-opaque, you should at least try a pair of these.

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Cecilia de Rafael Miss 20 Seamless Tights

CDR Miss 20 Seamless Tights are ‘seamlessly’ perfect!

The same word can have a different meaning to different people. The word “tights” is one of the best examples; in the UK and other places, it includes the sheer hosiery known as pantyhose in the USA. Seamless is another example; seamless stockings are simply lacking a seam down the back of the leg, such a common situation these days that you seldom see the word used in the context, instead the stockings with seams are called seamed. What we have here are seamless tights, or if you like seamless pantyhose, and in the world of tights and pantyhose “seamless” means no seams at all other than at the toe and to attach the waistband.

Seamless styles are a rarity as they are expensive to produce and many women are just not aware of them; most manufacturers (with honourable exceptions) make a seamless style for a season or two them quietly drop it.

Cecilia de Rafael is the latest to launch a seamless style. It is made of 20 denier and can be bought in 4 sizes. The overall size range is from height 145 cm to 185 cm; the total weight range is from 45 kg to 82kg (4’9” to 6’1” and 99lbs to 180lbs).

Seamless tights in a large size can be quite shocking when you first open the packet, as they look ever so small. But they are designed to stretch so fear not! These tights are quite typical of the genre except that they have a little shaping at the heel.

There are a variety of ways of closing seamless tights and the use a method similar to the likes of Wolford, where the direction of knit changes to give, faint diagonal lines in the crotch area. By far the best method in the eyes of the aficionados.

The feel of these tights is like a beautiful microfibre, not particularly soft or smooth.

There is an art to putting on tights like these. The key word in this situation is patience. There is plenty of stretches, but it needs to be teased out. Never pull the material and if the tights come up short, roll them all the way back to your toes and start again, smoothing as you go. Once your legs are fully encased, you can tackle the panty.

Hipster styled the “waistband” will sit just on your hips unless you are very skinny or you bought a size too big. Slowly and gently is the key again, and you will find you gain a little more stretch as your body warms the fabric.

If this is the first time you have worn seamless tights, then you will find out why they are special the moment you have them on correctly. The fit is unique, as it follows every curve of your anatomy from heel to hip (and we mean every curve)!

The fit is perfect, so long as you follow our instructions, even if the sizing is slightly on the generous side.

The 20 denier material with its even colour and entirely matt finish is classy and flattering.

As ever with seamless tights, we have to recommend that you wear without underwear to maintain a perfectly smooth finish under the most clingy fashions.

The price is a bonus. The least expensive seamless tights are available today.

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Cecilia de Rafael Miami Tights

CDR Miami Tights are an obvious must-buy!

Some tights are made for a specific season, and some go further and even tell you on the packet which season. These, in particular, are summer tights. It is a bright sunny day, and we didn’t need any more excuses to try them.

We are testing size 4, which has a 7cm wide rear central panel, or comfort gusset as some other brands call them, the larger size 5 extends this to 14cm.

At ten denier, it is no surprise that these tights feel very light out of the packet, just how bright they are you fully appreciate when you open them out, they are super delicate and sheer to waist. The only hint of reinforcement between the sandal toe and the finger band is a narrow band against the flat seams in the panty and the central rear panel.

Take care to stretch these tights slowly and evenly up your legs, and you will be rewarded with a perfect skin-tight fit and an instant tan on your legs. The look is not one of hosiery at all; you really would need to be quite close to see the material. You, of course, will know they are there, though. If you cross your legs (and you most likely will), your secret will be out to anyone close enough to hear as these tights make the most delightful swish.

Well made and deceptively firm, we have no hesitation in recommending Cecilia de Rafael Miami Tights.

Pricing may fluctuate depending on where you live, these are Spanish made, but we sourced them in the USA and reviewed them in the UK. Whatever your local price they are worth a try for this summer.

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Cecilia de Rafael Marfil Tights

CDR Marfil Tights are high quality, with a low price tag!

Much as we like fashion tights, we also do love it when sheer tights arrive for review. Here we have ten denier tights made in Italy for a Spanish brand. We would hope this means they looked to Italy for exceptional quality.

There are five sizes to choose from with the largest aimed at heights of 180-190cm and weights of 80-90kg, which is kinda big; 190cm is 6’3”, and 90kg is just under 200lb. The four smaller sizes all have a cotton lined gusset; the most substantial size has a comfort gusset to give more width in the waist and hips.

Sheer to waist, these tights are made with lightly reinforced toes, some shaping at the heel and flat seams in the panty. There is a narrow strip of reinforcement on either side of the panty seam and a finger band to give a strong transition to the broad waistband (4.5cm thick). In size 5, the V-shaped comfort gusset is the same weight as the reinforced strip and finger band.

Double coated Lycra 3D fibre is used, and this produces tights that feel far stronger than most ten denier sheer hosiery and offer a considerable resistance to stretching, almost too light support levels.

The resistance to stretching translates into a phenomenal fit, so these tights cling to every curve of your leg. The lightly reinforced toes look entirely sheer once on so you can wear these tights with strappy sandals for a bare-legged look.

Perfectly even colour and an entirely matt finish add to the impression of quality and sophistication.

Sizing is spot on, and even the Large size with its comfort gusset fits and feels just right.

There is a slight roughness to the surface, but that does help to remind you that you are wearing tights; who but you will be running your hands over them anyway?

Excellent tights that given the recent price increases from other brands are a great value.

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Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Tights

CDR Hyde Park Tights are the way to go!

There was a time when hosiery meant stockings and stockings intended a seam down the back of the leg. Back then the seam was a necessity; now even though tights, pantyhose and stockings can be made, and frequently are made, without a seam, the seam still appears as a design feature from time to time. We love seamed tights, partly because of the way they look and somewhat because they vary so much that we always have plenty to write about. So how about this style from Cecilia de Rafael?

No too many clues from the packet, but we do like the fact that there is a full range of five sizes to fit heights up to a lofty 190cm and weights up to 94kg.

As for details, there is a very light reinforced toe, lower denier than the rest of the tights but with double the stitch density giving a more sheer effect. Shaped at the heel but not enhanced. Sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty. Smaller sizes have a cotton lined gusset, the largest size, as tested, has the comfort gusset/rear panel. The seam runs all the way from just behind the toe to the waistband.

The worst thing that can happen with any seamed hosiery is a crooked seam. No such problems here set the seam centrally under your foot, and as you smooth the tights up your legs, the seam will run perfectly straight. The comfort gusset in size five does cause the seam to deviate outwards at the very top of the leg but that should we a fact concealed under your skirt.

Sizing is spot on and fit is excellent, compromised on the largest size by the comfort gusset. Most ladies will only need sizes 1-4 so not a real issue.

20 denier with an even colour density throughout, an excellent background for showing off the seam. The seam is well defined and as close as you can get to a good seam in an averagely priced pair of tights. Just one tiny issue; a short but clear line between sandal toe and foot over the toes. An excellent example of seamed tights at a sensible price.

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Cecilia de Rafael Gemini Tights

CDR Gemini Tights are a real gem!

Wow! unusual first reaction, brought on in this case because our preconception when opening a pair of 20 denier matt tights is that ‘they should be black or a shade of brown and not have a hint of purple’. While contemplating our reaction to the colour, we realised that we were running our fingers through the material. It was so smooth and soft it took a while to register!

Focusing on the construction; these are sheer to waist tights that are shaped at the heel and finished with pure reinforced toes. The toe detail is interesting because it looks sheerer than the leg rather than darker or heavier, there is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toe going up into the leg.

The panty is finished with good quality flat seams; there is just the narrowest band of reinforcement either side of the seams, contiguous with the finger band. Being a size four, our test pair has a comfort gusset (7cm wide full at the waist) rather than a cotton lined gusset; the larger size 5 has a more prominent comfort gusset (14 cm wide at the waist). The waistband is about 3cm thick, the only clever thing about it is the knitted in size code made up of vertical stripes on each hip.

The quality of these tights is apparent as soon as you start to put them on, not only is the heel-shaped but the leg narrows at the ankle to ensure a perfect fit and provides just a touch of support.   Sizing is spot on, with enough stretch and strength to allow you to take a few liberties if you can only find a size that should be too small for you according to the chart.

The finish on the leg is called “matt” by the makers, but you have to realise that their glossy tights are very glossy, so these matt tights have a luxurious satin sheen to them. Smooth and soft to the touch they feel as good as they look.

And that initial reaction to the colour? Forgotten, in fact, once stretched on a leg the purple is much diminished giving a just a hint of extra colour to what is mostly a mid brown.

Perfect tights for any occasion and highly recommended in any colour.

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Cecilia de Rafael Fusion 12 Summer Tights

CDR Fusion Summer Tights are great for the summer!

The “Fusion” name come from the use of Lycra Fusion fibre, which is designed to prevent runs forming. The prevention of runs is vital in sheer summer tights like these, which intend to give a tanned bare leg look (more on that later).

The styling here is pretty typical of summer tights; sheer to waist with sandal toes and flat seams in the panty. Where things differ slightly is that CDR (Cecilia de Rafael) have shaped the heel somewhat to proved fit and put a comfort gusset in the XL size, size 5.

The shaped heel aside, there is a lot in common with Falke Shelina at first, but the feel on the leg is entirely different thanks to the fibre mix and the use of Fusion. There is a harder feel to the surface and lacking the polyurethane of the Falkes. There is also none of the crisp feels either.

The fit is excellent, as is the evenness of the colour. The sizing is generous thanks to a tremendous amount of stretch, which is handy as it both means they will fit tall girls and those more fully in the hips can stay with size 4 and a lined gusset rather than go for size 5. Sizes 4 and five are intended to fit similar height ranges up to a tall 185cm or 190cm, but size five caters for about 10kg more. Our test suggested that size four could cover the range of size 5, ideal if you don’t like the comfort gusset, but it has to be said that for once comfort gusset was quite comfortable.

So does fusion work? Our sample arrived with a hole in the foot, so we will see what a day if wear does.

Well after a very comfortable day, during which these tights were primarily forgotten, we are pleased to report that the tiny run at the site of the hole hadn’t moved at all, so the Fusion fibre worked.

Altogether perfect tights at a very sensible price and the first tights to fit in two categories, Summer and Ladder Resisting.

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