Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights

Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights are super thick! At the time of writing, winter is starting to take England in its icy grip. We were delighted to receive a packet of three heavy opaque styles of tights from UK Tights. We had to do a double take when we saw this style noted as 600 denier!


Gatta Rosalia 100 Denier Tights

Gatta Rosalia 100 Denier Tights are fun and affordable! Among the thickest tights, we have ever reviewed, this is a 100 denier style is something we hope has the same quality that all other Gatta products have produced so far.


Gatta Patty Ann Tights

Gatta Patty Ann Tights are perfect for Halloween! Black semi-opaque tights with grey and green stripes are not something you see every day, undoubtedly eye-catching legwear. Aside from the colours, there is little remarkable about these tights on the first inspection; at first!


Gatta Noelia Tights

Gatta Noelia Tights are incredible for their price! If you were to survey all the tights sold you would probably find that two types stood out regarding quantity sold, one of these would be 20 denier sheers with 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra. So how do you make your sheers stand out from the crowd?


Gatta Nasty Tights

We have said a few negative things about particular tights styles in the past, but we have never gone so far as to call a style “nasty”. Of course, a word can have many meanings, and one definition of “nasty” we found in an urban dictionary is “to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing”…So are these tights nasty or “nasty”?

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights are stretchy and durable! There is an almost velvet texture to the finish of these tights thanks to the microfibre used in their manufacture. The microfibre also makes these tights look far more opaque than their 40 denier description would have us expect.


Gatta Lilli Ann 17 Tights

Gatta Lilli Ann 17 Tights is a great pair of essential tights! When looking at tights from Gatta, it is essential to remember that the number is a style number within a range and not a denier as it frequently is with other brands. So Gatta Lilli Ann 17 tights are 40 denier and not 17.


Gatta Laura 40 Tights

Gatta Laura 40 Tights are the number one tights you need! The look on the leg is stunning; our test pair came in “beige” this was a much deeper and richer tan than this name suggests. The colour is perfectly even, and thanks to the vibrant colour and high denier minor skin imperfections are easily concealed.


Gatta Jungle 10 Tights

Gatta Jungle 10 Tights are delectable! Wow! We were not expecting what we saw when we opened the packet. We love the pattern on the leg and the weight and finish of the legs! Sizing is on the generous side, yet is very accurate, and we can’t fault the level of fit and comfort either.

Gatta Glossy Ann Tights

Gatta Glossy Ann Tights

As the pattern is added to what is, in essence, a pair of sheer to waist matt tights the fit and comfort levels are outstanding, and the panty looks and feels far better than the boxer style top it visually resembles.