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Sisi Fascino 20 Tights

Sis Fascino 20 Tights

Of course, we are used to seeing a new style of tights almost every day, but it is pretty rare for us to come to a brand for the first time. This is the first style that we have looked at from Sisi, and we come to it at a point where the packaging, if not the tights, is changing.

The packaging carries all the information we would hope to see, detailing and sizing both in words and pictures and a helpful note to let you know that the Fascino style is available in 8 denier, 15 denier, 20 denier, 40 denier, and 70 denier.

First impressions are excellent. Sheer to waist with shaping at the heel and a sheer sandal toe describes the leg. The panty has very good quality seams, but they are not flat. There is no reinforcement in the panty or around the cotton gusset. The only heavier material between the toe seam and waistband is a narrow finger band.

An exercise in minimalist simplicity with no label, motif or pattern to be seen. The feel in hand is smooth, soft and quite light for a 20 denier tight. Stretching these tights to put them on, you can feel the stretch of the Lycra and, for the first time, see the silky sheen of the finish.

The sizing is accurate, and the fit is very good indeed. We got two surprises once these tights were on, though. The seams did not appear flat on the first inspection but flattened when stretched. Secondly, the area around the gusset is very lightly reinforced. The satin finish flatters your leg and is an excellent compromise between a matt/powder finish and full-on glossy.

Our only disappointment is that we can’t buy these tights in the UK. They are nicely made, nicely designed and of good value.

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