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Gipsy Pinstripe Flower Tights

Gipsy Pinstripe Flower Tights are super classy!

The packet design allows you to see pretty much what you are getting, so few surprises are opening the packet. Only when you open these tights out, do you see the flat seams and shaped heels that reveal the quality.

The material is soft in hand and has the appearance of something like 15 denier.

The high leg brief has a beautiful lacy border, and the pinstripe motif of the legs is mirrored in the body design. The waistband is finished with a scalloped edge, less classy than the similar offerings from Fogal and Gerbe but a great detail at this price.

Leg length looks pretty good; this is confirmed when you put them on, quite long enough for the longest legs. Good length in the body ensures the waistband sits correctly.

Comfortable tights that fit very well and give a smooth, soft finish between the stripes.

The description on the Gipsy website and the packet don’t adequately describe the design. These are tights with a pinstripe design from the reinforced toe to a “garter” band near the top of the thigh, quite a broad pinstripe with just seven verticals around the leg. On the outside of each leg is a geometric floral pattern that runs up the leg between two of the pinstripes. Above the “garter” is sheer material that goes up to the panty. You would never mistake the design for the real hold up stockings. But these are classy, sexy tights that look good in their own right.

You could wear the ivory colour we tested for a wedding. This is the only colour still available, a pity as they look good in black on our shopping website.

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Gipsy 40 Denier Colour Opaque Tights

Gipsy 40 Denier Colour Opaque Tights are the new standard for affordable tights!

As is typical with the Gipsy tights supplied in open packets there are no packet notes. Just two stickers on a generic packaging giving the denier, style name and colour. There is also a size chart suggesting that “one size” is anything from 5’0” to 5’10” (152-178cm) and hip size 34”-42” (86-107cm).

You can feel the soft material and see the colour if you are buying these tights in the high streets. But they are packaged in such a way that you cannot see how they are constructed. It is no great surprise to find that these low priced & fashion conscious tights are made to the most simple of designs. Straight legs, no reinforced toe, no gusset, raised seams in the panty and a dull “turn over and stitch” waistband.

The focus here has been very much on producing a bright colour to work with one outfit. That said the colour range does include black for everyday wear and white.

As for wearing them. Well first off these tights are way too strong to write off after just one wearing, it is strength and stretch in abundance. The stretch means you can go beyond the suggested maximum height if your legs are no longer than 34” and slim to average, but don’t take liberties with the hip sizing as the panty is not generous.

Fit on the legs is good with no sagging or bagging at the knee of the ankle. The colour of the soft matte finish is perfectly even.

The lack of gusset and the raised seams do slightly compromise fit and comfort. But this is a design that fulfils its requirements perfectly, eye-catching style at a budget price. It is easy to see why it is one of the top-selling styles of the season.

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Gipsy 100 Denier Colour Opaque Tights

Gipsy 100 Denier Colour Opaque Tights are a staple product you need!

We don’t usually comment on the colour of the tights that we review. Focusing instead on quality, sizing, fit and value for money. But, in this case, we feel justified because the colour is an integral part of what these tights offer. And, because our ruby sample is just the most delicious deep shade of red! These tights are eighteen colours, including black.

On a more practical note these tights are also made in three sizes, the Small and Medium covering the same range of heights and weights that the one size of the Gipsy 40 Denier Colour Opaque Tights that we looked at recently, the Large size providing for larger hips. Three sizes are always better than one, and the extra size in the panty of the large size is welcome as that limitation was our only reservation on the 40 denier version.

The construction and detailing of these tights is straightforward, straight tube legs, normal weight and finish from hip to toe, raised seamed in the panty and a simple waistband; the good news is that unlike the 40 denier this style has a lined gusset.

Sizing is accurate with enough stretch and strength to cope if you are taller, right up to a 36” leg. The fit is excellent with remarkably little bunching behind the knee for such heavy tights. Colour is perfectly even, and there is a slight sheen on the finish.

The only improvement we could suggest would be flat seams, but that is being picky particularly given the reasonable price.

The cost of these tights may be one thing that will hurt you. Even as basic black tights they are worth buying for their fit and quality. You will probably need to buy all 18 colours! Of course, if you look at it another way; you could have warm, stylish winter hosiery in every colour you need to match your outfit and mood from now until spring for just about £6 a day!

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