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Max Mara Gibus Tights

We confess to being a little confused by Max Mara packaging as the bottom right of the front says “Premium 13”. We previously took this to be the style name. Still, the sticker with the size and colour also carries the title “Gibus”. As this is the name used by UK Tights and has no other meaning nor reason to be there, we are taking this to be the name.

So to the tights. They are made in four sizes, of which the smallest three have a cotton-lined gusset; our test pair being the largest size (XL) has the comfort gusset detail.

First impressions are excellent. Light and soft with an almost liquid quality as the sheer material flows over your hands. Sheer to waist with just the narrowest of reinforced strips either side of the flat seams in the panty and a narrow finger band giving transition to a plain waistband. Should you ever need to know the size of these tights, there is no label. But feel along the waistband, and you will find several ridges. Count them, and you have your size. The sheer legs are shaped at the heel and finished with a lightly reinforced toe detail.

Sizing is spot on, and we think there is enough stretch to cope with both the maximum height and maximum weight suggested for the XL size. Fit on the legs is excellent, and the colour is perfectly even with a sheer finish. We found that the XL comfort gusset detail made for a slightly uninvolved fit in the seat. Our recommendation is to go for the L size. Unless you need the XL for weight, there should be sufficient stretch in length.

The toe detail is sheer but not entirely invisible in a black pair. That said it is small enough that you could get away with it with strappy evening shoes. There is no stand out details. These are well designed, well made good quality sheers that are on a par with Falke, Kunert, Gerbe etc. Sensibly priced and well worth a try.

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All Reviews Max Mara

Max Mara Freddo Tights

We always see it as a good sign when a maker puts their tights in a beautiful box rather than a flimsy packet, especially so when we are paying a few pence short of £20. In this case, the box is just a heavier packet with real sides.

The simple plastic bag containing the tights on a plain white card is a bit on an anticlimax. But the tights themselves are not. Before you see anything, you feel the smooth softness of the tights. Dual weight tights are very much in vogue at present, and it is clear that Max Mara has not decided to follow the trend but to do so at the pinnacle of quality. The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset (comfort gusset in size 4), the toe is detailed so that from above it is a sandal toe.

The opaque parts of the tights are ribbed. Not like school tights but an excellent ribbing that feels smooth when you stroke with the grain. The fronts of the legs are 30 denier weight given to us in the product description.

Sizing is accurate, but you need to pay close attention to the size chart. A size four is quite a lot bigger tha njbh66n many other large sizes. Don’t just assume that you need size four because that is the size you wear in different brands and styles. There strength and stretch in abundance anyway.

The look on the leg is pure class. The dashed detail just at the edge of the sheer part catches the eye and both slims and adds an air of sophistication. You need to take a little care to get the lines straight.

Combining the warmth of an opaque with the sophistication of a sheer is not easy, but Max Mara has done it. Perfect for a classy night out in your little black dress on a chilly evening. But also quite suitable for wear during the day too. Not cheap tights but the right price for what they deliver.

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