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Hue Lacy Sheer to Waist Tights

Hue sheers are the most innovative sheer available to modern women! Up to the minute, styling and all-day comfort combine for a look that’s rights for any occasion. Three distinct categories offer what you need for everyday wear.

SLEEK CONTROL – The latest developments in control
PRETTY DETAILS – Pretty feminine touches
FASHION CHIC – Today’s hottest trends

Sometimes, you see something, and you immediately think “that looks expensive”. That was our first impression with these tights from Hue. The impression continues as you handle the delightfully smooth soft material.

Being more objective, these are nicely made tights, but in common with most, if not all, US-made pantyhose the seams are not flat. The seams are however of very high quality. There is a lined gusset, and the legs are shaped a little at the heel. The toes are lightly reinforced with a high-quality seam.

There are three sizes, both two and three stretching to the same height, size 3 having more scope for width. We tested size 2. The length did not look very generous for tights to fit up to 6’0” tall, but there was enough stretch just to fit a 34” leg. We would suggest that unless you are a very slim size, three may be a better fit for the tall wearer.

Once on the leg the reinforced toe blends in entirely. The sheer finish from hip to toe flatters the legs, the even colour in the black pair tested added to the look of class. Designing a lace pattern into the transition band between sheer legs and waistband is an excellent detail, turning what is virtually a practical detail into a visual design feature.

All in all, they are tights that we adore. When you consider the price of $12.00 for two pairs, they are excellent value.

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Hudson Tradition 20 Tights

Although a number of our partners stock the Hudson brand, we have only seen this style on sale in stores in Germany. Given the range of sizes available, we will be reviewing both size 4 (44-46), which is the largest gusseted style and size 6 (52-54).

As soon as you open the packet you are transported back several decades. The look and feel of these tights are straight from the 1980s. The shaped, reinforced heel adds to the sense of tights from decades past. But the quality reinforced toe let you know that more modern design and technology is in play. The panty has raised seams and an unlined gusset (size 4), which together with the boxer styling with the slightly darker “shorts” design take you back to the 80’s again.

The knit is relied on as much as the Lycra to give stretch and fit. Sizing is accurate to generous, both fit and finish are good with perfectly even colour.

The look and feel on the leg is far more stocking like than most tights. An impression that the reinforced heel emphasises visually. Although a style aimed more at the more mature lady who remembers wearing tights in the 1980s and perhaps wants the look of stockings from an earlier age, these tights would look good on anyone. Although detailed in some ways like supermarket tights, they are in another class in terms of quality.

We like them, as there is nothing quite like nostalgia!

Size 6 can only be described as “big”. No longer than the size four but very generously proportioned in the panty and styled with a comfort gusset (triangular rear panel). Much to our surprise, despite the low Lycra content and the comfort gusset, the fit in the seat was not bad. Much better than most other styles we have tried with this type of gusset. Unlike with the smaller size where we thought the sizing was on the generous side, it is perfect. Well done to Hudson for managing great fit through accurate sizing rather than through lots of Lycra stretch.

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Hudson LillyPut 20 Denier Tights

If you are familiar with the story of Gulliver’s Travels, you will know that Lillyput was the home of the little people. Whether Hudson had this tale in mind when they named this style we do not know. But it did come in the smallest packet we have seen in a long time; just 8.5x11x2 cm. What we like about this packet sizing is that it allows a lady to carry a spare pair safely in her bag. The packet opens by cracking it in two, just thing how you break a biscuit and you get the idea. Fold the two halves back, and the tights are there ready.

The tights take a bit of unfolding, but once you are done, you can see that they are very plainly designed with straight legs and a boxer style panty. The panty has an unlined gusset and well made but not flat seams. There is no reinforcement other than a finger band to give a sharp transition to the waistband.

The real stand out feature (aside from the very cool packaging) is the available colour range. Our friends at UK Tights stock bright red, ivory, white, and pale blue.

Sizing is accurate, but you should know that the Large size is only design for up to 5’8” (175cm). And the 3% Lycra in the mix provides excellent fit but not very much stretch.

The colour is entirely even on the legs and, in the case of our red test pair, vibrant, even if the fabric is quite sheer. The transparently reinforced toe is nothing of the sort; it is a standard reinforced toe, so no wearing with open shoes.

An excellent choice if you like a splash of colour from your sheers but a little overpriced for the style of construction used.

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Hudson Light 8 Tights

On the whole, the German’s are an incredibly logical nation. So it is bizarre to be commenting on Hudson’s latest sheer tights, the naming of which seems completely illogical. You see we would expect ‘Light 8’ to be eight denier and ‘Ultralight 10’ to be ten denier; but oh no, Ultralight 10 are 16 denier, and these Light eight tights are 17 denier. The only logic is that the Ultralight tights are lighter than the light ones.

As for first impressions of the tights, the look and feel from the packet put us very much in mind of Falke Shelina, and indeed these tights are intended to give the same effect. There are other similarities: unshaped legs, sandal toe, sheer to waist, gusset, flat seams in the panty. Hudson also included T-band detailing for strength and durability.

So very similar but in terms of fibre different to the 100% Nylon Shelina we reviewed some years ago; the latest Shelina is 60% Nylon and 40% Polyurethane but still Lycra free. Hudson uses 6% Lycra for stretch and fits and a significant amount of polyurethane. The polyurethane is included here as in other summer tights to provide a cooling effect and a more oiled bare leg look.

Light 8 is perhaps a misleading name. But not unreasonable as they have a look and feel that makes 17 denier quite hard to believe considering Falke Shelina is only 12. Sizing is accurate, but the length in the body is not generous. Not a hipster style, but there has been a conscious decision to keep the waistband low.

Overall these are excellent tights that look and feel superb and are very reasonably priced.

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Hudson Glamour 20 Tights

This style is revised for 2008 with the addition of flat seams and a £1.00 on the price. We are delighted at the change of details. It seems Hudson read our reviews and take heed!

So how are they? Well, we were a little surprised to see that on the card they do not appear at all glossy, but that was soon forgotten when we felt how smooth and soft they feel.

Detailing is excellent from the flat toe seams, through the sandal toe, around the shaped heel up to the sheerlegs. The panty section is well detailed too, flat seams and a cotton gusset with no reinforcement except a deep finger band giving a transition to the deep waistband.

Fit and finish are excellent, and the sizing is spot on. Colour is perfectly even. At first, the finish on the legs is less soft than expected. But, curiously, they soften after around 30 minutes of wear.

Hudson uses the word ”shining” to describe this style, rather than the “glossy” used for its predecessor. Both words mean much the same, but the tights are neither; what we have is a smooth matt satin finish. Not quite what we expected. But a very classy finish in the style of the Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights that are Helen’s current favourites.

So Hudson, if you are reading this, great tights that are a significant improvement on the previous style in terms of detailing, but could we have a more glossy version, please?

The border is a somewhat literal translation from German. What they are trying to say is that these tights have a deep waistband to give better fit and comfort. Fit is well covered by having six sizes from 0 to 5

Our test pair in size 4 should fit up to 5’9” and 85kg.

First impressions are excellent, even on the card, you can see that the material has a remarkable finish and subtle shine. In hand, they feel soft and smooth.

Fully shaped leg and sheer to waist construction add to the impression of quality.

Unusually for tights with this feel of quality, the panty area does not have flat seams.

The waistband is on exciting construction with a standard 2cm deep waistband on top of a second elasticated band also 2cm deep but half the thickness. The label is a nice touch, although the washing instructions are perhaps unnecessary. Hopefully, none of our readers tries to iron their tights.

Once you have these tights on, you can see that they have a sandal toe. Surprisingly, this feature is not noted on the packet as it widens the range of shoes you can wear these tights with. Fit is excellent from hip to toe, the sheer gusset helping fit significantly at the top of the leg, and the waistband is preventing rollover. 

A smooth, lustrous finish to the leg, look and feel very classy.

Importantly these tights are available in navy blue. If you need good quality tights and a reasonable price, then try a pair of these.

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Hudson Colonial Leggings

We must be honest and say that we guessed the denier of these leggings as there was nothing on the packet or the web site to give us a clue. They have the same look and feel as other soft matt 40 denier tights we have seen.

To our surprise, the construction of these leggings was not entirely on par with other Hudson hosiery we have looked at in the past. In particular, we were surprised to see raised seams in the panty area; there is at least a lined gusset for comfort. The waistband was also quite simply-designed. On our test pair, the two sides did not quite line up over the central seam. Like the waistband the cuffs that sit below the knee are the simple fold over and sew type, they are at least better finished than the waistband.

The pattern is printed on to the plain leggings using a contrast colour. On the upside the fit is excellent, the sizing is spot on, and the design looks highly effective.

The focus of these leggings is the look. Our tip for getting the most out of them is to pair them with nude sheers; at least until your legs have a perfectly even summer glow of their own. On the subject of sunshine hosiery of this weight and length is excellent sun protection.

Capri length and footless semi-opaque black hosiery were much in evidence among the spectators at Wimbledon this week. Whether driven by fashion of the practicalities of sun protection in the unusually bright weather we don’t know, but the look was most effective, particularly the Capri length.

Perhaps a little overpriced for what they are but real fashion must-have. Matt opaques black pantyhose in the summer, who would have thought it?

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How To Put Your Tights On

If you are a regular hosiery wearer, then it is easy to forget how tricky it was to get your tights on the first time you tried. With tights coming back into fashion in a big way, and more young women than ever starting to wear tights the question of how to get them on is an important one particularly if you are one of those younger women who have a mother who went bare-legged and hasn’t caught up with fashion yet.

Many premium brands of hosiery include instructions on the card insert around which the tights. The example above is from Gerbe. Unfortunately many of the cheaper brands, and it is these that most new tights wearers will try, don’t have any instructions.

The instructions are similar to those above, but we would like to add a few pointers of our own.

  1. Before even opening the packet, check your hands and feet for rough skin and sharp nails. Use a suitable quality nail file on any uneven nails, on hands and feet.
  2. Use so foot cream on your feet if you have hard skin. If it is very bad, see a chiropodist. You should do this even if you don’t plan to wear hosiery; you only get two feet, look after them!
  3. If the skin on your hands is rough and dry, or you can’t get rid of the sharp edges of nails then buy some hosiery gloves. These are thin cotton gloves that cost about the same a good pair of tights. They will quickly pay for themselves.
  4. Make sure you have the correct size before opening the packet. Most companies will do exchanges but are less likely to if the package is opened.
  5. Take the tights from the packet, check them for caught threads, snags and holes. Yes, a tiny percentage of tights arrive with faults, particularly at the cheaper end of the market.
  6. Gently stretch the tights.
  7. Put them on as per the instructions above.

If you find that the tights don’t come up to the tops of your legs properly, do not pull them! Roll them back down to your ankles and gently stretch them up over your legs again.

Hot top for tall girls: Should your tights come up short a second time don’t worry. Wait with them pulled up as far as they will go and allow your body heat to warm the material evenly. After a few minutes roll the tights off and start again at the toe, you should find you have gained several inches of stretch.

If you do get a run/ladder putting your tights on then keep the ruined pair for practice. It will soon be second nature.

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Hosieree Love Tights

Irresistible and ultimate in softness 20 Denier Seamless tights with microfibre for a sensational seductive appearance and exceptional fit.

It has a broad stylish elastic waistband for a perfect fit.

Can be worn under close-fitting garments as nothing shows through the legs. It can also be worn lower on the hips.

Hosieree haven’t told us who in Europe makes their tights and pantyhose for them. But we would bet good money, that the country of origin is Italy.

As with other seamless tights, these don’t look their best straight from the packet. They look hardly long enough to reach your knees. The material is soft though, and the deep ventilated waistband promises to hold them in place whether you wear it at hip or waist level.

As you start to put them on, you, see that there are lightly reinforced toes, not quite sandal toes but sheer enough to wear with open-toe shoes.

Lots of strength and stretch is evident as you pull them up to your legs, even if you are taller than the size chart suggests they should fit your legs. The panty section is not very deep, and the hips may be the place to settle the waistband unless you have a tiny bottom. Look and feel is excellent, smooth, soft and matt. 

In terms of design, there is a marked similarity to Ose Angel Seamless Tights. The two fine lines in the crotch area remind us of Wolford Fatal Tights. Wherever and however, the design was influenced, it is great to see a new maker producing a seamless design. Always the most desirable tights.

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Hosieree Affection Tights

We only noticed when we came to review these tights that US-based brand Hosieree called these “tights” rather than “pantyhose” which we would have expected from an American company. The clue may be that these tights are from a US-based brand, but they are made for them in Italy.

Hosieree specialises in European made hosiery, their “own brand” and others.

It is evident as soon as you open the packet that these are tights made to a very high standard. The legs are smooth soft and sheer, shaped at the heel and finished with smart reinforced toes that feature a “rip-stop”.

The brief is a piece of engineering, finished with excellent quality flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. It features a diagonal tummy control panel to lift and flatten the stomach. The waistband is detailed at the back to ensure a snug but not constricting fit. The control top is not all function over form though; it is designed to have a high leg with a very pretty scalloped lace transition from control top to the semi-sheer leg. The lace pattern slims to almost nothing at the gusset and hip.

The sizing is spot on, and the fit is near perfect from hip to toe. There is enough length and stretch in the body to allow you to settle the waistband where it is most comfortable. The control panel works without squeezing.

The look on the legs is excellent with a classy matt finish, and the feeling is quite smooth and soft. Certainly suitable for any time of day. The lace panty is styled in such a way that there is no need to wear underwear.

We would highly recommend these tights!

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Hanes Silk Reflection Luxury Pantyhose Collection

We love the packaging of these pantyhose (pantyhose, not tights as Hanes are from the USA). A classically simple picture of the hosiery on the front and a full description and size chart on the back.

The good impressions continue inside the packet, soft, smooth hosiery and instructions for putting on your new sheer hosiery printed on the card.

The sheer of the legs are finished with an elegant sandal toe and have been shaped at the heel. The top of the leg runs high up onto the hip. The hi-cut panty carries a stunning floral lace design and is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. There is a Hanes label to show you which is the back and which is the front and although the label has no size shown on it the sizing is coded into the waistband several small ridges on each hip… three for size E-F as reviewed.

Hanes sizing differs from European sizing in that there is no overlapping on the size chart. Sizes A-B and E-F are designed for ladies up to 5’7 with the swap over for weight being at 140lb. Size C-D covers the middle of the weight range 120-160lb but is sized taller, up to 6’0”.

“Soft as Cashmere”, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The look is as soft as they feel, the cosmetic finish making these tights near invisible on the leg with a perfectly even colour. Stunning for 20 denier hosiery.

The pretty panty comes high on the body for a very comfortable fit. You may want to consider wearing some other underwear, as is relatively see-

The light control panty is so light that it is just not worth the name; it just hugs your curves and fits nicely.

The sizing is far more generous than the size chart suggests, there is lots of stretch and strength to cope if you are taller. Our tip would be to buy based on weight alone.

Maybe not quite “Luxury Hosiery – Perfected” but very close indeed. Fantastic value for the price.

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