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Hudson Glamour 20 Tights

This style is revised for 2008 with the addition of flat seams and a cotton gusset and £1.00 on the price. We are delighted at the change of detailing, our review of the older style below picked up on the lack of flat seams. It seems Hudson read our reviews and take heed!

This style is revised for 2008 with the addition of flat seams and a £1.00 on the price. We are delighted at the change of details. It seems Hudson read our reviews and take heed!

So how are they? Well, we were a little surprised to see that on the card they do not appear at all glossy, but that was soon forgotten when we felt how smooth and soft they feel.

Detailing is excellent from the flat toe seams, through the sandal toe, around the shaped heel up to the sheerlegs. The panty section is well detailed too, flat seams and a cotton gusset with no reinforcement except a deep finger band giving a transition to the deep waistband.

Fit and finish are excellent, and the sizing is spot on. Colour is perfectly even. At first, the finish on the legs is less soft than expected. But, curiously, they soften after around 30 minutes of wear.

Hudson uses the word ”shining” to describe this style, rather than the “glossy” used for its predecessor. Both words mean much the same, but the tights are neither; what we have is a smooth matt satin finish. Not quite what we expected. But a very classy finish in the style of the Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights that are Helen’s current favourites.

So Hudson, if you are reading this, great tights that are a significant improvement on the previous style in terms of detailing, but could we have a more glossy version, please?

The border is a somewhat literal translation from German. What they are trying to say is that these tights have a deep waistband to give better fit and comfort. Fit is well covered by having six sizes from 0 to 5

Our test pair in size 4 should fit up to 5’9” and 85kg.

First impressions are excellent, even on the card, you can see that the material has a remarkable finish and subtle shine. In hand, they feel soft and smooth.

Fully shaped leg and sheer to waist construction add to the impression of quality.

Unusually for tights with this feel of quality, the panty area does not have flat seams.

The waistband is on exciting construction with a standard 2cm deep waistband on top of a second elasticated band also 2cm deep but half the thickness. The label is a nice touch, although the washing instructions are perhaps unnecessary. Hopefully, none of our readers tries to iron their tights.

Once you have these tights on, you can see that they have a sandal toe. Surprisingly, this feature is not noted on the packet as it widens the range of shoes you can wear these tights with. Fit is excellent from hip to toe, the sheer gusset helping fit significantly at the top of the leg, and the waistband is preventing rollover. 

A smooth, lustrous finish to the leg, look and feel very classy.

Importantly these tights are available in navy blue. If you need good quality tights and a reasonable price, then try a pair of these.

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