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Max Mara Tulle Tights

Extreme micro-net tights, sheer to waist with flat body seams and a deep waistband. Made with a fully shaped leg. Smooth and soft to the touch.

Sizes 1-3 has a gusset. Size 4 has a comfort gusset (rear panel). Sized up to 185 cm (6’1”) and 95 kg (200 lb). Length does not look overly generous, but the high Lycra content and net construction provide plenty of stretches. Fit is excellent from hip to toe.

We found that the comfort gusset in the largest size gave a slightly loose fit in brief if you are tall and slim and prefer a more snug fit go for size 3.

The feel on the leg is not soft, but it is softer than the previous version below. The look on the leg is much like 30 denier matt tights with the net effect scarcely noticeable. Great even colour.

Sheer tulle pantyhose made with double covered Lycra. Remarkable fit and feel: invisible from waist to toes, with ultra-soft and ultra-flat waistband, flat seams, cotton gusset. A touch of elegance and refinement for legs.

These tights are, as the name indicates, a very fine micro-net. They are sheer to waist and are made with a shaped heel and a sandal toe.
As one would expect from Max Mara, these tights are made with flat seams. There is a gusset in smaller sizes. The larger sizes have a rear panel for a better fit.

In hand, the feel is quite hard and coarse. Sizing is quite generous so unless you are very tall or very wide XL will be too big. While putting them on, the impression is one of the fishnets, slightly looser than sheers, but once on the feeling is of wearing sheer hosiery. Feel much better on the leg than in hand.

Fit is perfect from hip to toe. Long body and deep waistband prevent rollover and ensure comfort.

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