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Leg Avenue Back Seam Garter Belt Stocking

Regular readers will know that there are a couple of things that worry us; are suspender tights or stockings? We are reviewing these tights/stockings on our site just in case you disagree with what we say. Following on from this, are they the best of both worlds or the worst?

Our second area of concern is with “one size” hosiery, which as cynics may say come in two sizes, too big and too small. So how are these? Unlike some suspender tights, these are not knitted in one piece with open crotch and sides. They are made as seven pieces, two lace top legs, four lacy straps and a deep lacey waistband, all sewn together.

The packet gives no idea of denier, but we would estimate that the legs are around 12 denier. The legs are made entirely straight and look very short, but despite having no Lycra, there is lots of stretch. Sizing is very generous. You can go way beyond the suggested maximum weight of 160lb. We would recommend that if you are much less than that or short, then the sizing will be too generous.

The legs feel soft and fit well, although the lack of Lycra meant there was a slight sag during the day. The detailing is good, a sandal toe means you can wear with an open toe shoe, the seam sits straight, and on the natural colour pair we tried is very subtle. The lace top and suspender straps won’t embarrass you should someone see them. The one disappointment was the waistband that we could not get to sit flat. Sexy and fun and less effort than real suspenders.

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Le Bourget Valmont Tights

Tights with a fantasy stocking design rather than tights trying to fake the look of stockings have been one of the massive hits of 2010 with more and more styles appearing from a range of manufacturers; this is Le Bourget’s latest design.

As with many of the designs of this type, you get a lot of exclusivity for your money. Only limited quantities are made. The only choice of colour from UK Tights is “Gris Souris” which means dark grey with light grey patterning. There are three sizes available.

Construction is to a high standard with a sandal toe detail, cotton gusset and flat seams in the panty. The waistband is quite narrow and finished with a pretty scalloped edge. The design is what makes these tights stand out. The pattern of spots runs from the toe seam to the faux garter detail at mid-thigh. Above the garter, the material is sheer except for two “suspender straps”. Until you reach an ever so pretty high leg panty design.

You would never mistake these tights for stockings, but that is not the point, what you have is an incredibly pretty and feminine design that manages to be practical too as the panty is heavy enough to make the need for other underwear questionable.

The fit is perfect, and the sizing is accurate, there is enough stretch to take a few liberties with size if you are careful. You will need to choose an outfit carefully to show off the design. Perhaps something with a little more substance than what Stacey wore for out photographs if you are going shopping or to work but these are tights to be bold in.

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Le Bourget Trocadero Tights

For those of you who recognise the name “Trocadero” but can’t place where they’re from, it is the area of Paris bordering the river Seine directly opposite the Eiffel tower. So do these tights of chic Parisian sophistication?

First impressions are excellent, slightly heavier than a 20 denier sheer these tights exude quality and strength. The entirely shaped leg is what we would expect at this price point. The pattern of other sheer and patterned stripes runs from toe seam to waistband with no interruption; the panty has flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset.

There is a finger band to give a healthy transition to the plain waistband and light reinforcement either side of the central seam. Although this has been cleverly incorporated into the design and is a pretty detail rather than a purely functional one.

Our only slight concern from the visual inspection was that even in the largest of the four sizes, the panty section looked quite short and small.
Sizing is accurate but not generous, particularly in the panty which is styled in such a way that unless you have a tiny bottom, the waistband will be on your hips rather than your waist.

Fit is perfect, indeed. We had no problem getting the vertical stripes straight on legs at the very first attempt. The gusset ensures a very comfortable fit. The 5% Lycra does not provide a lot of stretch, but it provides for a wrinkle-free fit.

We love the pattern. The vertical stripes add inches to the length of your leg and at the same time as slimming they emphasise your curves too. A very stylish design that you could wear for any occasion at any time of day. Very well made and comfortable to wear. Certainly worth what until recently we would have called a premium price for tights.

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Le Bourget Perfect Chic 10 Tights

When you use the word perfection in the name of a style of tights, they need to be pretty exceptional, and these tights are. Too many makers think that to be extraordinary, you need to be unusual. But the top makers know that the key is to deliver simplicity expertly. It seems almost unfair to sum these lovely tights up in a single sentence but. Sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset, light shaping of the leg and sandal toes does just that.

That description applies to many styles. Still, it in no way tells you just how good these tights are. The artistry is excellent with all the seams beautifully finished. The reinforced areas either side of the seams and around the gusset are big enough to give strength and durability but no wider than they need to be.

Although only ten denier, there is an impression of strength, and the strength is no illusion either. Two days about the office and they were as good as new at the end. The fit is excellent, and the sizing is spot on. There is a stretch to go beyond the suggested maxima, but for optimum comfort stay close to the recommended sizing.

The look on the leg is gorgeous with a soft sheen, more subtle than a satin finish but no a barely-there look. So Perfect Chic? There is no such thing as the perfect pair of tights, but there is a look on your leg that cannot be bettered and these tights deliver that look. The packet says “Soyeux & Elegant” which means silky and elegant. Essentially, these tights summed up in two words.

One other thing, Le Bourget present their Perfect Chic Tights in a plain packet in the box. Very classy and ideal for storing the tights in afterwards.

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Le Bourget Lutecia Tights

Less than three weeks to Christmas and the party season will soon be upon us. Time to be thinking about what to wear. The classic little black dress and black heels combination take some beating for sheer glamour. But plain black tights somehow fail to add that final magic touch. These chic tights were born to finish the look and make your legs stand out from the crowd.

Very carefully packaged on a card in a packet in a bag in a box, you get a feeling that you are getting class and quality for your money. The tights add to that sense of class and quality. Sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty and just the narrowest of T-band details to provide maximum strength with either side of the seams. There is a reinforced sole and heel with just a hint of shaping at the heel. And lightly reinforced toes too (not entirely invisible).

Le Bourget make these tights in a full range of 4 sizes to fit heights up to 6’1″ (185cm) and weights up to 184lbs (83kg). Sizing is accurate, and the 22% Lycra in the fibre ensures a perfect second-skin fit. The finish on the leg is quite smooth and soft to the touch. You may find yourself taking longer than is strictly necessary to smooth them on your legs! The look is quite glossy with excellent even colour; as sheer tights, these are the equal of the best from Falke, Gerbe or Wolford.

What catches the eye, of course, is the design at the ankle. A classic pyramid heel topped with five tiny pearls and a delicate lace bow. No printed on bow here, it’s the real thing. The seam is a delight, not a genuine three thread seam but a well defined knitted in design that ran straight from heel to upper thigh first time with no fiddling or adjusting. The only question here is who will be bagging our test pair for the Christmas party.

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