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Aristoc Cable Opaque Tights

Aristoc Cable Opaque Tights are perfect for those cold winter nights!

If you see a pair of cable knit tights called “Aristoc Soft Tights” on the front of the packet, pick them up and turn them over and in small print on the back label, you will see they are called Cable Opaque Tights. We have no idea either; it is just the way they are labelled.

The paper wrapping does not quite qualify as a packet, but mainly serves to keep the tights on the little hanger with which they are supplied and to give somewhere for the size chart, fibre composition and washing instructions. There are just two sizes both intended for heights of 4’10 to 5’10” (147-178 cm) with Small/Medium catering for hips 34”-42” (86-107 cm) and Medium/Large covering hip 42”-48” (107-122 cm).

Construction is quite straightforward but of good quality. The straight legs are finished with a plain toe detail and the panty section, which has a ribbed texture, is finished with flat seams and a plain gusset.

Considering the fibre mix in the yarn, it is surprising that one does not get an impression of socks when handling the tights,  as they have the feel of soft regular opaque tights. The knit and the fibre combine to give it plenty of stretches as well.

We have been critical of Aristoc sizing in the past, but with this style, it is full marks. They will comfortably stretch to cope with a long leg (34”) but don’t take any liberties with hip measurements as the styling is quite slim. If you are at the lower end of the height range, you may find the Medium/Large size a bit long even if you do need that size for your hips.

The cable pattern is attractive and being vertical accentuates the curves of your legs and makes them look slimmer too. Take care to get the lines running perfectly vertical though, as when they are twisted, they can look just plain wrong.

Very warm and cosy, and comfortable we might add. As winter tights they keep you warm in style. These tights are an excellent choice.

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Aristoc Bodytoner Shorts (Bodyshorts)

These Aristoc Bodyshorts are good, but not perfect.

Please note:  There are shorts, not tights.

A note on sizing…The Aristoc Bodytoners and Bodyshorts range are sized quite differently to regular tights. All sizes are designed for heights 4-10” to 5’10” with only your hip measurement/dress size determining the size you require. You may find that although you usually wear large tights, you can wear the Small/Medium in this range.

These shorts are slightly different in that there are three sizes rather than two, Small/Medium for hips up to 42”, Medium/Large for hips up to 48” and X-Large for hips up to 54.”

There is not a lot we can say. These are nicely made shorts that are both comfortable and smooth as they are described. The wide band at the end of each leg ensures a smooth transition without bulging. Nice and soft to the touch.

Better, by far, than the Aristoc Waist Toner, and an excellent alternative to the control top tights in the range if you prefer not to have to get a new control top every time your ladder a sheer leg. Shorter in the body than the Aristoc Hourglass Toner Tights which provide better shaping overall.

Our tester preferred to wear these shorts over her tights rather than under. Without other underwear to get a perfectly smooth silhouette under tight fashions.

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Aristoc 15 Denier Ruched Backseam Tights

Aristoc Ruch Backseam are an unlikely great product!

There is no clue when you open the packet that these are anything other than standard sheer tights. It is only when you unwrap them from the card do you notice that the unshaped legs have a stripe around 1cm wide, running from heel to waistband.

Construction is sheer to waist with sandal toes, straight legs, flat seams in the panty, and a cotton lined gusset with a plain waistband.

There are just two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large both designed for heights 4’10” to 5’10” with only the hip measurement differentiating.

Stretching these tights out to put them on you are struck by the fact that the material feels a little coarse. On the leg, the finish of these tights is more of a delicate tulle than a sheer. The sizing is accurate, and there are enough strength and stretch to go a little beyond the suggested sizing if you need to.

Take care if you have a sharp nail though, as while the material is durable, the individual fibres are not and it is easy to catch and get a pull, which will spoil the good, even colour or even cause a hole. On the upside, these tights seem resistant to runs. The fit is excellent, and the seam runs straight and right (on the leg it is between 1.5cm and 2cm wide depending on your leg shape). Unlike many “false” seam designs, it works.

A great alternative to traditional seams and everyday sheer that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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Jonathan Aston Animal Backseam Tights

Jonathan Aston Produce Another Great Quality Product!

We were not quite sure what to expect from an “animal backseam”, but it soon became apparent when we opened the packet. Consider a standard seamed stocking and then replace the sole, heel detail and seam with a pattern rather than a plain colour and widen the seam by a factor of about five and you start to get the idea. The pattern on this Jonathan Aston product repeats in the finger band that provides a transition from the sheer body to the waistband.

The seam detail aside, the construction is what you would expect of a quality sheer tight. The straight legs are finished with a sandal toe detail, and the panty has both flat seams and a lined gusset.

There are two sizes, and the sizing is entirely accurate. The weight of the material feels heavier and stronger than the ten denier description would suggest and there are enough strength and stretch to go a little beyond the recommended sizing. These are well fitting and comfortable tights.

Our test pair was in the purple shade pictured. However, there is alternative to black. The colour is perfectly even and, unusually for sheer tights, is quite vibrant too.

Of course, the main design feature of these tights is the seam and heel detail. The heel detail sits well even if you have larger than average feet and we had no problems getting the seam to sit and stay straight. Jonathan Aston calls the design animal, but we are not sure what animal they had in mind. To us, it looks far more like a kind of camouflage pattern; either way, it looks good.

Jonathan Aston continues to produce tights that combine imaginative design and high-quality manufacture.

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Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Tights With Lycra

These Jonathan Aston Tights with Lycra are an unlikely treat!

These are one size tights, so if you are at the extremes of sizing, a Large or Small fit could be an issue.

Construction is quite basic and straightforward, sheer to waist with straight legs, a lined gusset and raised seams in brief. Probably not of the same quality as the Jonathan Aston Gloss Opaque Tights.

The 7% Lycra in the fibre gives a reasonable level of stretch so that even a 34” leg was covered comfortably.

Once you have them on you can see that the panty section is different knit to the legs. This is only an issue if you plan to wear these tights with a very short skirt or shorts.

The fit is perfect, and it has to be said that these are some of the softest tights we have ever tested. They look good too with, primarily, a matt finish. The Lycra also gives a little sparkle in direct sunlight.

Made in a range of colours for Autumn/Winter, there is bound to be a shade that suits your outfit and taste.

We set out expecting not to like these tights, but in the end, we found that there was nothing to dislike and would highly recommend them. We would still buy the gloss opaque in preference as the price is only a little higher, but this style has a far more extensive range of colours.

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Luisa Maria Lugli 20 Denari Tights

Luisa Maria Lugli 20 Denari are a must-wear!

It is not often that we approach a pair of tights with no idea what to expect, but this is a fantastic sample we have seen from Luisa Maria.

The packet notes fill us with hope, and it is good to see a brand still using four sizes rather than the increasingly common 2. The large size has a comfort gusset/back panel rather than the cotton gusset of the smaller sizes.

First impressions are excellent, and these 20 denier tights feel light, smooth and soft. Detailing is good too, with a sheer reinforced toe and a run stop so that holes in the toes don’t become ladders in the leg. The legs are shaped at the heel.

Sheer to waist construction with flat seams in the panty. There is just a narrow band of heavy material to give strength around the seams, which is contiguous with the finger band. In the large size, the rear panel is the same heavyweight. The waistband is quite deep at 3.5 cm.

The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to go beyond the suggested sizing, but note that both the medium and large sizes are recommended to fit heights up to 5’8”. If you are tall or very long in the leg then sadly these tights are not for you.

The fit is excellent, and the finish is flawless, smooth to the touch and just a hint of shine to catch the eye. It is indeed a brand we want to see more of!

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