Glamory for Men Classic 20 Tights

Glamory Mens Classic 20 Tights

Glamory for Men Classic 20 Tights should not be worn.

Tights for men do not come in for review very often, so they always pique a good deal of interest. In this case even more attention than usual as there is a rumour that these tights are Levee WoMAN tights reborn.

We quite deliberately did not refer back to our previous review of that style before writing this one.

Although these are tights for men the sizing is defined using lady’s sizing so large is German 44-46, and this is equated to UK dress sizes 16-18. Well, we are all for unisex pantyhose. But most men know their height, waist and inside leg and only a select few know their dress size. Those few are not the target market for tights for men.

Anyway, we know from experience that size L is the right size in other styles and brands for our webmaster.

So first impressions? Well frankly not great, there is a slightly rough and cheap feel to these tights that puts us in mind of the very worst Chinese made supermarket tights. Sure they have been shaped on board, and they have flat seams in the panty, but there is just no sense of quality.

A boxer style brief is usual on men’s tights, but usually, it is quite substantial too, filling in for underpants, here though is darker without feeling or looking more significant.

As for wearing them. Well, in the end, we didn’t as they were too short for our reviewer’s legs! Grab any other 44-46 tights from our collection and the fit is perfect Glamory has sizing issues. There are sizes up to XXXL. Hopefully, the makers can provide some accurate sizing details based on waist and leg measurements, until then it will be a sizing lottery.

All in all a huge disappointment, not least because of our high expectations.

Whatever the origins of these tights they are most certainly not the old Levee WoMAN designs reborn

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