Pinstripe Flower Tights

Gipsy Pinstripe Flower Tights

Gipsy Pinstripe Flower Tights are super classy! The packet design allows you to see pretty much what you are getting, so few surprises are opening the packet. Only when you open these tights out, do you see the flat seams and shaped heels that reveal the quality.


Gipsy 40 Denier Colour Opaque Tights

Gipsy 40 Denier Colour Opaque Tights are the new standard for affordable tights! As for wearing them. Well first off these tights are way too strong to write off after just one wearing, it is strength and stretch in abundance.


Gipsy 100 Denier Colour Opaque Tights

Gipsy 100 Denier Colour Opaque Tights are a staple product you need! We don’t usually comment on the colour of the tights that we review. Focusing instead on quality, sizing, fit and value for money. But, in this case, we feel justified because the colour is an integral part of what these tights offer.


Gerbe Sun Satin 10 Tights

Gerbe Sun Satin 10 Tights are fantastic! Even on the card, these tights look of high quality. Soft and smooth to the touch with a fully shaped heel, flat seams and a silk gusset. The detailing is interesting as the larger sizes have two seams at the rear with the silk gusset being V-shaped. Rollover is not an issue with this design.


Gerbe Soie 50 Tights

Gerbe Soie 50 Tights really missed the mark this time. No, you did not misread the fibre mix, these are 100% silk tights. Gerbe makes these tights in just four sizes; 1-4. As soon as you open the packet you can see these tights are different; the whole surface texture is just different.

Satin Man Tights

Gerbe Men Satin 8 Tights

Gerbe Men’s Satin 8 Tights are great for men! Tights for men are not something you see every day, indeed this is only the sixth fashion style that we have ever seen and three of those were unisex styles from Levee who went into administration last week!


Gerbe Gardenia Tights

Gerbe Gardenia Tights are classics! We have another from the Gerbe 2004 fashion collection. Indeed, one of the more extreme designs, based on 15 denier sheer to waist tights with all the usual high quality features you would expect from Gerbe. Apparently, they did not adhere to the “more is less” theory of design.


Gerbe Futura 40 Tights

Gerbe Futura 40 Tights are the best of the best! Just when it looks like Autumn is about to burst into life here in England, the weather forecasters are talking about snow at the weekend. So time to put the sheers back in the drawer for a few weeks to get the opaque tights out.

Gerbe Fox Trot Tights

Gerbe Fox Trot Tights

Gerbe Fox Trot Tights are great but risky…We had expected a 40 denier semi-opaque with an appliqué design. But what we found on opening the packet was a full lace garment. A real throwback to the 1980s designed wise but created with Gerbe flair and modern techniques.