How to Put Tights On

How To Put Your Tights On

If you are a regular hosiery wearer, then it is easy to forget how tricky it was to get your tights on the first time you tried. With tights coming back into fashion in a big way, and more young women than ever starting to wear tights the question of how to get them on is an important one particularly if you are one of those younger women who have a mother who went bare-legged and hasn’t caught up with fashion yet.

Talflife Grey Tribal Tattoo Tights

Talflife Grey Tribal Tattoo Tights

We can only write one review to cover all three of these designs as the tights themselves are the same with just the artwork being different. To write two reviews would be like looking at two Rembrandt paintings and writing at length about the canvass they were printed on.

Summer open toe tights by FALKE

Hair Removal – What method is best for wearing Tights?

What you do with the hair on your legs depends very much on the hand you were dealt with by your genes. Those of you with naturally fair hair and fine hair on your legs can, and probably should, count your blessing and leave well alone. At the other end of the scale, if you have heavy dark hair then you will need a routine to keep it in check