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Nude Barre Crystalized Fishnet Tights

We have seen many fishnets tights over the years but not at the eye-watering price of €95 or nearly £60. So, why are these so expensive?

We have seen many fishnets tights over the years but not at the eye-watering price of €95 or nearly £60. So, why are these so expensive? Well, first off, we have the attention to detail in the packaging. Open the packet, start to open out the tights, and out falls a small card with washing instructions and a soft satin drawstring bag to keep your new purchase in.

The attention to detail extends to the tights. Hundreds, no make that thousands of crystals have been individually glued to the surprisingly soft fabric. Starting just below the gusset, the crystals are applied all down the leg to the ankle, where they continue just down the front of the foot. The positioning is perfect. Even if you have pretty big feet, the crystals should stop above the top of your shoe.

Two issues plague fishnet tights. They are frequently uncomfortable at the toe, not a problem here, though. The makers cleverly use a more delicate net in the toe portion. So the feel is more like plain tights but without giving up the fishnet look. Two, they are often untidily finished in the crotch area, but not here. Nude Barre has included a proper cotton-lined gusset which is sewn into a very high standard of quality.

The waistband is the standard narrow elastic waistband commonly found on fishnets. But we can tell Nude Barre didn’t just buy in fishnets to embellish with crystals as the waistband carries its name. Also on the waistband are a tiny pattern of pink and blue studs spelling “DB”. We have no idea what that means, but it handily marks the back of the waistband.
Just a little confusion here as the packet of our tights came marked with an “L” for large. So based on this chart, how big should they be?


Anyway, we tested them on a tall model, 35” leg and found that they fit perfectly with both gusset and waistband correctly placed. Lycra fishnets give great scope for stretching, so no fit problems.

One tiny flaw with our test pair was that one toe seam was not properly finished. But I am sure that after reading this review, they will sharpen up inspection, and your tights won’t have this flaw. Among the very best fishnets we have seen without crystal embellishment, you have a unique piece of hosiery art with crystals.

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