Red or Dead Gladdis Tights

Red or Dead Gladdis Tights

The beautiful Gladdis tights by Red or Dead are simply sensational. The delicate lace print cascades down to the ankle on either side of the leg. This creates an idyllic piece that can be worn with almost any outfit. A catwalk favourite, lace hosiery is an essential investment piece that looks fabulous and brings a touch of class to your outfit. The elegant and stylish design combines high fashion in a traditional approach. A perfect acquisition that is set to leave your legs looking fabulous!

We were a little critical of one of the other Red or Dead styles for only being made in one size. But we ended up loving the fit, as well as they look. So we did not make the same mistake again. These are one size, and we expect they will fit as well as the others. Only two colours are available black and brown, as modelled by Stacey for our photo gallery below. We are told that these are 40 denier tights, but they look and feel far more sheer than that as you take them from the packet. Much more like 20 denier. As you will see from the close-up photographs, the look on the leg is very sheer too.

Construction is sheer to waist with straight legs, sandal toe, cotton-lined gusset and flat seams in the panty. There is just the narrowest of reinforced strips on either side of the seam in the panty to give extra strength. The delicate floral lace pattern runs the full length of the leg, hip to toe on the outside and toe to gusset on the inside.

Sizing is quite generous, amazingly so for one size tights, an average leg up to 34” can be easily accommodated. Fit is very good indeed, with no bagging or sagging and a high degree of comfort too. The colour of the sheer material is perfectly even, and the pattern is distinct. That said, if you stretch these tights to the maximum, the pattern does not look its best. These tights score because they combine the classic, timeless style that will look good years from now with up to the minute fashion for this season. They will also work with a range of outfits on women of any age. Brown is our colour of choice, but you really should buy one or the other.

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