Pretty Polly Absolute Legs Mock Hold-Up Tights

Pretty Polly Absolute Legs Mock Hold-Up Tights

This is the first style we have looked at from the “Absolute Legs” range launched by Pretty Polly at the end of the summer of 2009. As with all the recent new designs from Pretty Polly, they persist with the two size policy. S/M if you have hips up to 42” (107 cm) and M/L if you are bigger. Both sizes cater for heights 5’0” to 5’10” (152 to 178 cm).

When you first open the packet, there is no real hint that these are other than standard 40 denier tights. Except perhaps they feel a little lighter. It is only when you unfold your black opaque tights and see sheer “nude” material that you realise where the lost weight went.

We haven’t seen any tights like these before. The 40 denier opaque leg is completely straight and finished with a non-reinforced toe. A few inches below the gusset, there is a step change to the more sheer (20 denier) nude material. Close inspection reveals that the inside of the lower leg is a mix of black and nude, so clearly, there is a clever knitting pattern at work here where the nude and black are knitted together with only the black showing on the outside. The black stops to give the transition the nude top without any need for a seam. A similar process appears to have been used to create the lace panty design.

The panty has an outstanding quality flat seam, but much to our surprise, given the care put into the design elsewhere, there is no gusset. These are gorgeously soft tights that are a delight to handle, put on and wear. There is a definite sheen to the finish from top to bottom. Despite the limited range of sizing, you should have no problems getting a pair to fit. There is plenty of stretch.

The fit is good, too, although a small gusset maybe would have made it better; perhaps the gusset was omitted to maintain the impression that the panty design is a pair of panties. There is no doubt that the design does succeed in creating the look of hold-ups and panties in a pair of tights, some lace design at the top of the mock hold up part would have added to the illusion and perhaps made this design a classic.

Trasparenze use the same manufacturing technique to make their Trasparenze Mantegna Tights. These do have the design at the top of the leg but are a bit over the top in other areas. We do prefer the shaping of the panty detail on this design.

Our one gripe about what is otherwise a very clever idea well executed is that our test pair had two obvious manufacturing faults, one so bad that you didn’t even need to stretch the material to see it. These smart and sexy tights should be a must-have for this season and every other season. If only Pretty Polly can get the quality 100% right, 100% of the time.

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