Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 Tights

Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 Tights

The fashion at present is for the bare-legged look provided by ultra-sheer tights, but with the summer bank holiday in the UK at the end of this week. The autumn will soon be on us, and we will be looking towards heavier hosiery.

30 denier is a very versatile weight, a little warmer than a sheer but not so heavy as a winter opaque. Interestingly, these tights follow the recent trend of using microfibre in lighter hosiery. The first thing that struck us about these tights was the waistband, deep and textured and most reminiscent of the type used on seamless tights. Not a massive surprise as Pierre Mantoux make two seamless styles.

The panty below the deep waistband features the T type reinforcement of a finger band and strengthening either side of the central seam and around the cotton gusset; all vert narrow, just enough to improve durability without spoiling the sheer to waist effect. Note that the largest size has a comfortable rear panel rather than the cotton-lined gusset. The legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe detail.

Stretching the material for a close inspection, you are struck by the velvety softness, the strength and the stretch. The stretch is just as well as for large tights our test pair looked small. The card on which the tights arrive very helpfully contains instructions on how to put them on. In an era when many women are coming to lighter weight hosiery for the first time is very sensible.

Follow these instructions, and you will find that the sizing is accurate, the fit is like a second skin, and these are very comfortable tights indeed. 

Our main complaint about microfibre hosiery has been getting the colour even on your legs. An issue with all weights but most noticeable with the more sheer styles. Hallelujah, Pierre Mantoux has made microfibre tights that look fantastic, just perfect even matt colour from hip to toe.

The semi-opaque weight is very flattering, scarcely any heavier than some sheers. It gives much better coverage of any blemishes on your legs. Beautifully made tights at a very sensible price. Stock up now before everyone starts buying them!

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