Pretty Polly Secret Socks Sheer Tights

It is great to see a piece of actual British invention. Still, the innovation is quite hard to see too. So setting aside those initial negative thoughts, what are these tights like? Well, they are, in essence, a pair of mixed weight tights not unlike what we have seen before except that rather than mimicking a pair of hold-ups.

Pretty Polly Italia 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights

We have reviewed these tights twice in the past, once in the packaging below and once after the newer packaging above was introduced. The last time we looked, we said, “These tights are just a repackaging of the earlier design”.

Pretty Polly Absolute Legs Sheer Tights

When we first saw the name of these tights, we were a little perplexed. How could tights be both sheer and opaque? Then we realised that Pretty Polly had made tights that look one way from the front and another from the back.

Kunert Fashion Seamed Sheer Tights

Even before you open the packet, these tights stand out from the crowd. Firstly because of the pink seam and partly because of the inclusion of polypropylene in the fibre.

Charnos Run Resist Sheer Tights

Sheer tights that won’t run or ladder are the “Holy Grail” of pantyhose, and about as likely to ever be found as the cup from the last supper too, but that does not stop hosiery makers at least trying to limit the damage caused by broken threads.

Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

Levante has a reputation for making some great fashion tights, but they also produce some great sheer tights, sometimes with a twist. In this case, the twist is to combine sheer sandal toe legs with a heavy bikini style brief designed not as a control top but as a holding top.

Hue Lacy Sheer to Waist Tights

Hue sheers are the most innovative sheer available to modern women! Up to the minute, styling and all-day comfort combine for a look that’s rights for any occasion.

Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights

Golden Lady Sheer Nude Seamless Tights are legendary! Fact; seamless tights are expensive to make and costly to buy. Err, someone forgot to tell, Golden Lady because here we have a seamless sheer at just £5!

Givenchy Body Smoothers Sheer to Waist Tights

Givenchy Body Smoothers Tights are fantastic stockings! Total Control hosiery offers control and support in either the panty, the leg or both. Givenchy Body Smoothers massage and tone the leg letting you feel energised and revitalised all day long. A Luxury for your legs.

Couture Sheer Shine Tights

Oh dear! The description on the box sounded great, but the tights are just not as described. One small issue is that at the time of writing the only colours available are smoke and cocoa; there is no black and no natural shade.