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Jonathan Aston added a new dimension to their range of tights in the summer of 2012 by introducing the “JA Collection”

Jonathan Aston added a new dimension to their range of tights in the summer of 2012 by introducing the “JA Collection”. To quote the packet notes; “The JA collection of legwear from Jonathan Aston is specially designed to be of the moment. All the styles and colours have been selected to reflect the current fashion trends”.

At the risk of appearing cynical, we would have to say that we can’t see the difference between this range and their standard output. And indeed quite a few of our partners are not mentioning which styles are in the JA collection. But that may be the point. With designer collections like that inspired by Mark Fast (he is the designer knitwear) coming through soon perhaps JA is looking for an identity for their standard fashion offerings.

Anyway, these are one size tights to fit up to 5’10” and 42” hips, made in Italy. As well as one size there is one colour, nude with a contrast black back seam. A different combination of what we saw when Jonathan Aston last produced contrast seam tights.

JA presents these tights with a white card down the leg to show off the seam detail. But, in the packet, unfortunately, this made it all too clear that there were knitting faults in the sheer material even before we opened the box. Not good at just pennies under £9 a pair.

The design is well considered, the legs are made unshaped with the toe and sole reinforced and in the contrast black colour. An ingenious use of the double layering knitting to add design as well as strength. The reinforced foot runs into a pyramid heel detail that gives a transition to the seam. The seams run to the waistband.

Mostly sheer to waist, these tights have T-band reinforcement in the panty; that is heavier, stronger material either side of the central flat seam, around the lined gusset and as a finger band. The T-band detailing is in the contrast colour, as is the waistband. 

Sizing is frequently the Achilles’ Heel of one size tights. At first, we thought JA had failed to put the idea off with this style. However, with patience, we did manage to get our test pair to fit a model right at the top end of the size range. See our page How to Put Your Tights On for details of how.

Once on all our previous doubts were dispelled. The knitting faults were thankfully not visible on the nude material. The seam ran straight and was very well defined; the contrast detailing in the panty was a suitable alternative to panties. Only one grumble remained, the reinforced toe was longer on one foot than the other. But we would wear this style with closed-toe shoes anyway.

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