How To Put Your Tights On

How to Put Tights On

If you are a regular hosiery wearer, then it is easy to forget how tricky it was to get your tights on the first time you tried. With tights coming back into fashion in a big way, and more young women than ever starting to wear tights the question of how to get them on is an important one particularly if you are one of those younger women who have a mother who went bare-legged and hasn’t caught up with fashion yet.

Many premium brands of hosiery include instructions on the card insert around which the tights. The example above is from Gerbe. Unfortunately many of the cheaper brands, and it is these that most new tights wearers will try, don’t have any instructions.

The instructions are similar to those above, but we would like to add a few pointers of our own.

  1. Before even opening the packet, check your hands and feet for rough skin and sharp nails. Use a suitable quality nail file on any uneven nails, on hands and feet.
  2. Use so foot cream on your feet if you have hard skin. If it is very bad, see a chiropodist. You should do this even if you don’t plan to wear hosiery; you only get two feet, look after them!
  3. If the skin on your hands is rough and dry, or you can’t get rid of the sharp edges of nails then buy some hosiery gloves. These are thin cotton gloves that cost about the same a good pair of tights. They will quickly pay for themselves.
  4. Make sure you have the correct size before opening the packet. Most companies will do exchanges but are less likely to if the package is opened.
  5. Take the tights from the packet, check them for caught threads, snags and holes. Yes, a tiny percentage of tights arrive with faults, particularly at the cheaper end of the market.
  6. Gently stretch the tights.
  7. Put them on as per the instructions above.

If you find that the tights don’t come up to the tops of your legs properly, do not pull them! Roll them back down to your ankles and gently stretch them up over your legs again.

Hot top for tall girls: Should your tights come up short a second time don’t worry. Wait with them pulled up as far as they will go and allow your body heat to warm the material evenly. After a few minutes roll the tights off and start again at the toe, you should find you have gained several inches of stretch.

If you do get a run/ladder putting your tights on then keep the ruined pair for practice. It will soon be second nature.

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