Red or Dead Billy Tights

Red or Dead Billy Tights

A pair of tights that gives the impression of a pair of Capri length leggings worn over sheer tights are certainly not a new idea, but we would not in any way call it a vintage look. Actual Capri pants for women have not been around long enough yet to be vintage. However long the look has been around, we have loved it from the beginning. Many brands have adopted the concept, and it seems a universal success.

Red or Dead Billy Tights come in 3 sizes to fit heights and weights up to 6‘1” (185cm) and 198 lbs (90 kg), although not both at the same time. Black is the usual colour for this style. But Red or Dead have broken the mould by giving the option of lilac. These are very much tights of two parts. The lower legs are entirely sheer and around 20 denier. There is no shaping and no reinforcement at the toe. The main body of the tights is matt opaque. Aside from a strengthened strip on either side of the flat seams in the panty and around the gusset of even weight and finish to the waistband.

Sizing is accurate for length, but there is a little more room in the panty of the largest size than the chart suggests. The lower leg is a delight, sheer, smooth and soft. If ever Red or Dead made a sheer to waist in that weight and finish, we would buy it. The opaque top seems more than 40 denier to us. Maybe more than 50, possibly even 60! There’s a matt finish with good even colour. From just below the knee to the start of the sheer part of the leg, there is a floral pattern running around the leg. Fashionable, flattering and affordable, this is a must-have style!

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