Red or Dead Addy Tights

Red or Dead Addy Tights

Regular visitors will have noticed something different about this review in the pictures down the right-hand side; behind each picture is a larger image allowing you to see more detail.

This particular style from Red or Dead comes in the full range of three sizes. But just the one colour, black with light grey stripes. These are high-quality tights made with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The toe is of the same weight and finish as the leg, but at 40, the denier can’t be called a sandal toe. The toe detail is slightly immaterial anyway, as the styling dictates more substantial footwear than sandals.

The stripes are woven in and run from the ball of the foot to the waistband. Running the stripe to the waist means that they sit perfectly straight on the leg, and you can wear with your very shortest skirts or shorts without the effect being spoiled. A nice piece of detailing that only you and your very closest friends will see. The stripe detail is repeated around the panty just below the waistband.

As you will see from the pictures, the fit is perfect, and the leg’s finish is very even. Sizing is accurate, and the stripes remain clear and distinct even when the tights are stretched. At 5’10”, Stacey is right on the borderline between medium and large sizes, and the medium size may have been a marginally better fit, but you will agree that these are very stylish tights indeed.

This is a unique design that really should be in your wardrobe. As we review the rest of the Red or Dead range, we will add more photo galleries to show them in detail. Let us know what you think.

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