Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 Tights

Pierre Mantoux Flou Tights

We have loved the Pierre Mantoux tights we have seen up to now. But they have all been what could be described as “special”, being either seamless or summer tights with cooling fibres; this is the first standard sheer style we have seen.

First impressions are excellent. Indeed, there is a lightness and softness that belies the 15 denier weight. They feel far sheerer and delightfully soft. Could they have been wrongly described on the packet?

From the very lightly reinforced toes. Detailing is excellent through the shaped heels and up to the ever so classy waistband that carries the Pierre Mantoux motif. Sheer to waist with just the narrowest of reinforced areas on either side of the flat seams and around the cotton-lined gusset. Sensibly, a finger band gives a strong transition from the delicate sheer fabric to the elastic waistband.

A little care is needed with reading the size chart. If you are used to the 1-5 system used by German makers, here the XL size is size IV. We tested the large (III). There are sizes given for Italy, France, Spain, the rest of Europe. The UK and the USA all use similar numbers except for the US system, which uses height, weight and hip measurement.

We said similarly as although the notation is the same and the numbers in the same range. There is no correlation between systems size L (III) being 46-48 in Italy, 44-46 in France, 34-38 in Spain and 36-40 in the rest of Europe; so much for EU standardisation. The UK sizing refers to dress sizes that are most certainly not UK dress sizes!

Based on the US sizing method, the good news is that the sizing of these tights is 100% perfect, and there is enough stretch and strength to go beyond the suggested heights if you need to. Our advice is to work from the US sizing when buying.

The fit and finish are gorgeous. It’s like a second skin in black shows off every curve and contour of the leg with just a slight shimmer. We won’t have a price until our friends at UKTights get their stock in later in the month, but these are high-class sheer tights up there with the best; who cares about the price!

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