Oroblu Repos 70 Tights

Oroblu Repos 70 Tights

We liked the Oroblu Repos 40 tights, and this 70 denier version certainly matches the former for the volume of information on the packet. These tights do, too; support, massage, aromatherapy, brew tea, wash the dishes (well, not entirely; we made the last two up to see if you are paying attention!)

There are five sizes available from Small to Maxi via Medium, Large and Extra Large; and three colours, Black, Music (purple, which is right on trend for the season) and Nude. We tested the Large size in black. 

First impressions. Well, there is none of the weight that we would expect of 70 denier tights. You would almost swear you had 40 denier semi-opaque sheer to waist tights in your hand. Both from the look and the weight. While considering the unexpected look and feel, another sense was awoken, smell. Not an easy scent to fully identify, but there is undoubtedly some lavender in there. Although thankfully not enough to make you smell like an old lady.

Detailing is of outstanding quality. Reinforced toes with a run stop detail from stopping holes spreading into the legs, legs shaped at the heel, sheer to waist, flat seams and in the most petite four sizes, a cotton gusset. The deep waistband is above a very narrow finger band. And there are little reinforced areas on either side of the panty seams.

You first become aware of the graduated compression when you start to bunch up the tights to put them on; it is almost unnoticeable at the top of the thigh but so strong at the ankle that you won’t get hands and foot in there at the same time. Our tester had to revise their tried and tested method of putting on tights and use just thumbs to stretch the material over their feet.

Fortunately, these are very strong tights made of suitable quality stretch fibres, and they will take some rough handling. All that stretch and strength means you get a perfect fit, and you can take a few liberties with the sizing too, but our advice is to take care to buy the right size for you if you can to avoid being overly constricted. 

There is not much support in the panty, but the lower leg compression is quite fierce but refreshing. Your legs will feel different within minutes. The look on the leg is that of a semi-opaque, and the colour is even if you take care to smooth the material evenly. Close to the heavy fibre is quite visible, but the finish looks smooth from a few steps away.

If you like slightly heavier hosiery and you are on your feet a lot, these are the perfect tights for you. They feel like they will forever be good value.

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