Girardi Satin Tights


Girardi Satin Tights is supreme!

We loved the very first pair of Girardi tights we saw; their Chic Tulle style is a delight. It was mixed feelings when this pair arrived for review. Elation at a second Girardi style to review. But, we were tinged with disappointment that is was a 70 denier style in the English Spring. But of course, we could rely on the English weather to allow us to try them; cold wet and grey.

At a shade under £23, you would expect tights with quality detailing, and quality detailing is what you get. The legs are lightly shaped at the heel and finished with an un-reinforced toe with a flat soft seam. In the panty, you have flat seams and no reinforcement other than a very narrow transition to the waistband. Our test pair came in size 4 and rather than the expected cotton lined gusset we found a comfort gusset (V-shaped rear panel).

There are five sizes to choose from according to the size chart each offering a little extra height and weight over the size below until you get to size five which caters for the same maximum height as size 4. We must assume that sizes 4 and 5 are similar to size 5 having a bigger gusset. According to the size chart, the maximum height and weight for size 4 are 5’10” and 180lb. A quick look at the metric limits and we see 185cm, and 85 kg and the sharp-eyed will have spotted that that equates to a maximum height of 6’1”.

The sizing is quite generous with enough length to fit a leggy 6’1” and plenty of width in the panty. The sizing of size 4 is generous enough to cover the suggested range for size five too. Assuming the generosity of sizing goes down through the sizes, we would look to go to size 3 to get a proper cotton gusset if we were even close to the size boundary.

Sheer to waist opaque tights look way better than those with a reinforced panty, and these do look superb — great opacity without looking bulky. Perfectly even colour throughout and a delicate satin sheen to the finish to make them as suitable for the evening as the office.

Not cheap tights but this are premium pantyhose, and the mid-market brands are not far behind these days. You are getting what you pay for, comfort and class plus a bit of insulation.

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