Girardi Chic Tulle Tights


Girardi Chic Tulle Tights are super comfy!

We are perhaps overdue in reviewing tights from Girardi seeing as they have been making hosiery in Italy since 1954! But better late than never as they say.

The packet notes don’t tell us much about the tights so we have no idea what to expect other than a hint from the denier and the word tulle in the name that these may be some great net tights. We love uncertainty.

The hints were accurate; these are indeed fantastic net tights. Think net curtain or bridal veil, certainly not fishnet.

Detailing is excellent, sandal toe, shaped legs and sheer to waist — flat seams in the panty and a broad plain waistband.

There are five sizes to choose from, and our test pair came in size 4. Sizes 4 and five both fitting to the same height. The maximum height is quoted as 185cm or 5’10”. Anyone quick at maths will have worked out that these are not the same; 185cm being 6’1” and 5’10” being 178cm. As cotton is mentioned in the fibre content we had expected size 4 to have a cotton gusset but surprisingly it has a comfort gusset, and we must assume size 5 has a bigger version of the same.

Combine a net tight with 13% Lycra, and you should get plenty of stretches, and you do so, in fact, both height figures are wrong, these tights will fit a leggy 6’2” (188cm). The weight side of the sizing is generous too so if you prefer a cotton gusset and the size chart suggests size 4 for you then a size three should fit.

The fit is excellent, and the comfort gusset is one of the better ones we have tried. These are very comfortable tights and the more open nature of the knit means they should keep you cooler in warm weather. The thick waistband is a delight, soft, comfortable and practical.

The tulle knit produces a perfectly even colour and a matte finish. From more than a couple of paces away these tights look entirely sheer, and from a few paces more you have an almost bare leg look.

These are the first tight we have seen from Girardi, but we hope they are not the last. Top quality!

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